Lilac (meatball42) wrote,

Letter for Marvel Femslash Exchange 2021

Please just have a good time <3

General likes:
H/c, found family, polyamory, happy endings, fluff, friendship.
AUs: Mundane, sports (if you write me a hockey AU I'll marry you), workplace, pack (with or without werewolviness), magic, creature (especially incubi/succubi).
Anything about scents, whether that's ABO-style scent-marking, more general scents on peoples' clothes or when near their skin, or the scents of things in the standard environment, like nature or food or fabrics.
I'd love to read the thing you've been working on but haven't had an excuse to finish.
Opt-ins: Background relationships, infidelity, first or second person POVs, A/B/O that isn't just a sex scene, identity headcanons (especially asexuality and polyamory), issue!fic.

General prompts:
Characters going to the gym or exercising (or talking about or referencing such)
Characters buying or exchanging or thinking about gifts
Characters cooking or planning meals, characters smoking or drinking
Someone taking care of their partner after a battle/other physically or mentally stressful event: getting their favorite food, a massage, renewing ice packs, changing bandages, putting on music or scents they like
Spending downtime together: a shared hobby, just laying around not getting out of bed, getting groceries
Truth serum
Love languages
Previous relationships (platonic or otherwise) coming back

Art likes:
I like it when art uses a color pallette and puts it on the side? I really like sky-like palettes, like blue-yellow-grays, or earth-like pallettes like red-brown-dark green.
For solo requests I'm totally down with an action pose or something of a character looking cool or heroic, or similarly just of them being comfy and happy, or doing something they find fun.
I don't go for wallpapers but I don't have anything as a lockscreen at the moment so if you like doing that sort of thing I'm totally here for it.
I'd love to see a new style you're working on that maybe you haven't mastered yet, or just whatever kind of materials/style you have the most fun working with.
Any sort of words or symbols in art is cool with me- speech bubbles or floaty things or sound effects are all awesome.
I don't super like manips that use images of actors when they're not being their characters, unless they still *look* like they're in-character.
I'm very down for AUs in art- if you want to, for example, create Jan and Natasha as teammates on a competitive chess squad I would cry with joy.

Do Not Want:
A broad DNW on anything related to suicide, from a character contemplating suicide or having ideation, to jokes like 'I'd rather die than...'
Terminal conditions or illnesses.
Themes of mourning for a dead person.
Head or eye trauma, with the exception of concussions.
Anthropomorphizing adjectives for genitalia (i.e. 'proud cock,' 'needy hole').
Use of the spelling 'cum.' It is fine to use 'come.'
Apocalypses or dystopias.
Mafia or mob AUs.

This isn't a DNW because Marvel universes are very fighty, so it would be dumb to DNW guns, but I'd appreciate it if you didn't involve depictions of shootouts and generally kept the presence of guns in the work to a minimum.


Prompts and fandoms are in no particular order:

Spider-Man (Video Game 2018)
Felicia Hardy/Original Female Character: Felicia was so good in this game :D She had Peter twisted around her finger every second of the way. I'd love to see either what she's like in a relationship with a non-hero or villain. Is she still as manipulative? Can she let that go in relationships? Or is this one person special in that way? Another idea is whether Felicia was telling the truth about having a child. Is the kid Peter's? Or someone else's? Did Felicia and this OFC have the child together? Or did Felicia get to date as a single mom? Does this woman watch the kid while Felicia's at work? Does she know what Felicia does? So many interesting options!

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Carol Danvers/Janet Van Dyne: Jan was sooo happy to finally have another woman on the team! Maybe she was sick of the sausagefest, or maybe she's been over-compensating with Hank. I don't mind if you retcon her relationship with Hank, break them up, make them open, whatever works for you.
Jan thinks it's really hot how fast Carol can beat her when they spar.
Carol's been in the military all her life, and she's never experienced anything like this tiny woman dragging her out shopping with all the force of a drill sergeant.
After so long working with mostly men, Carol is just as happy as Jan to get to partner with another woman.
Due to some unequal practice, Carol and Jan break off from the Avengers in protest. Unexpectedly, their two-woman team is wildly successful.
Working on how their abilities and fighting styles mesh.

Maria Hill/Natasha Romanov: I really liked Maria's portrayal in this show, although she was set against the team on several different occasions. Some things I like about her are that she's Latina, she's angry, and she's belligerent and critical. She seems to actively hate Tony Stark, yet she has no trouble fighting alongside him when civilians are in danger, and she shouts at him even while she saves his life. A woman getting to be belligerent and intelligent and disagree with people and not be portrayed as a villain, just opposed to the heroes? Beautiful. Meanwhile Natasha's run on the show was fantastic because she did objectively bad things. Helping Hydra! Framing Hawkeye! Yet they were, extremely subjectively, good things. She's actually morally gray, while the worst thing we ever see MCU Natasha do is not tell Steve that Fury gave her a secret mission.
Natasha doesn't like Director Hill, and Director Hill doesn't like her, but you don't have to like your allies, or even your lovers.
Hill is new, but she's one of the few people at SHIELD who Natasha actually likes.
Some days Natasha wants Clint. Other days, she needs Maria.
It's not safe to be in love at SHIELD. That's why nearly everyone thinks that the Black Widow and Maria Hill politely don't get along.
When Natasha joins the Avengers, she thinks Maria won't want anything to do with her anymore.
Maria wants the Avengers tied down, and she knows just the person to help her get that done.
Separating the professional and the personal.

Natasha Romanov/Janet Van Dyne: Jan was so excited to have Carol on the team; how does she react to getting a third!!! woman on the Avengers?
Things are icy when Natasha joins the Avengers, mostly because Clint isn't happy about it and the rest of the team is stands by him. Jan tries to figure out whether her loyalty to her teammate comes first, or whether she ought to side with a woman who's basically been cast as the villain for doing her job.
Everyone thinks Natasha and Clint are a couple. Jan is privately (and dramatically) devastated and pining.
Natasha joins the Avengers with no?!?!?! cute?!?!?! outfits?!?!?! Even for an undercover agent, it's horrendous. Jan fixes it, though.
On their first date, Natasha isn't sure what persona she's supposed to be using.
Since the team still doesn't fully trust her, Natasha decides it'll be easiest to win the trust of the bubbly Wasp.
Officially black-balled by SHIELD (for now, at least) and working with a team highly unlikely to backstab her, Natasha relaxes for the first time in several years. So much so that she... develops a crush?

Bobbi Morse/Janet Van Dyne: These two never met in canon that I remember, but I thought Bobbi had a lot of gumption, and if there's anyone who would appreciate a stylish female superhero who just loves beating up bad guys, it's Jan.
Bobbi gets assigned to assist the Avengers on a mission and by the time it's over, she and Jan are inseparable.
Bobbi is Clint's plus-one to an event, but she ends up with Jan by the end of the night.
SHIELD throws some sort of event to help reduce recent tensions with the Avengers; nothing is going well until someone catches Mockingbird and the Wasp making out in a closet.
Due to an Avengers mission crossing a SHIELD mission or some other miscommunication, the Wasp and Mockingbird end up fighting. Jan is torn up over her crush on a villainess, until the truth comes to light.

Crossover Fandom

Bobbi Morse (Agents of SHIELD)/Patricia Walker (The Defenders): Hot blondes who fight in their own ways, what's not to love?
Trish is determined to be a hero. Bobbi helps her do it without destroying herself.
SHIELD gets reports of a cat-themed hero running around New York. Bobbi is sent to make contact, one way or another.
Bobbi's long-distance, on-and-off lover still thinks Bobbi works for an upper-crust art insurance company. When Trish gains superpowers... things have to change.
Trish has to keep her girlfriend a secret because of publicity. Bobbi has to keep her girlfriend a secret because it's not safe otherwise.

Tilda Johnson (The Defenders)/Wanda Maximoff (Marvel Cereal Unicorn): Wanda's family was torn apart by war, and she volunteered for experiments with Hydra to destroy the man she blamed for it. Tilda grew up with a family who loved and supported her, but she knew her mother, and the more she learned, the more she wanted to get away. But she did love her mother enough to try to build a relationship, only for it to go very dark, very quickly. Now that what was keeping them anchored is gone- for Wanda, her brother and their dream of revenge, and for Tilda, her belief that she could be a healer- what's stopping them from wreaking the havoc that's in their blood?
Wanda researches her roots and meets another witch just beginning to learn her power.
Like calls to like.
Part of Tilda still wants to pretend that she's never killed anyone. Part of Wanda still wants to pretend she doesn't ache to kill again. Together, they're good. For a while.
Tilda makes herself a potion and sees an incredible future.
Wanda knows that the world isn't split between good guys and bad guys. Luckily, she doesn't have to walk in the gray areas alone.

Misty Knight (The Defenders)/Pepper Potts (Marvel Cereal Unicorn):
Misty and Pepper are seated far apart, but they meet at the bar at an NYPD charitable gala. Sensing another woman who's just as Done(tm) as she is, Pepper invites Misty out for stronger drinks somewhere else.
After striking up a casual, polite friendship, Misty doesn't know what to expect when she's invited to 'Girls' Night' at Stark Tower.
When the paps find out that Detective Knight of the 29th is dating The Pepper Potts, shit gets real for a while.
Misty isn't comfortable taking her arm off. This isn't Pepper's first time around a hero with some extra hardware.
Pepper stops in to oversee R&D's tests on a prosthesis prototype, but she picks up more than a progress report.

Wanda Maximoff (Marvel Cereal Unicorn)/Patricia Walker (The Defenders TV): Trish has so much passion for superheroing. Maybe Wanda shares that... or maybe she just knows a good opportunity when she sees one.
Trish will do whatever it takes to help people. Wanda simply... opens Trish's mind to the possibilities.
Trish thinks being a superhero means being alone in the dark. Wanda knows that's not true. You're never alone in the dark.
Trish joins the team and discovers she's not the only one who wants this, as opposed to having it thrust upon them. It makes a surprising amount of difference.
Wanda has a crush on the newest minor superhero in Manhattan long before she becomes a household name.

The Defenders (Marvel TV)

Patricia Walker/Colleen Wing: I think these two would get along. They both have a strong sense of personal responsibility and a willingness to do things that are hard for the right reasons.
The Hellcat isn't exactly quiet in NYC. Colleen recognizes someone who needs a little guidance; or maybe someone else asks her for help.
Danny and Colleen agree to work with the Hellcat when she targets a mutual enemy. It doesn't go exactly how they expected.
Some days, Colleen doesn't know why she agreed to fill her life with people who punch before they think.

Rule 63 Fandom

Miles Morales (Rule 63 ItSV)/Gwen Stacy (ItSV): I'll love to read anything for this ship, but I nominated it thinking of Miles being a trans woman. Anything exploring being queer while also being superheroes and navigating a relationship between universes would be fantastic. If you aren't feeling that, then any sort of coming of age story or something about growing into a relationship and how that changes as you grow up would be great :)

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Sharon Carter/Wanda Maximoff: Two underutilized, underdeveloped characters. Screw 'Steve and Sharon don't have chemistry,' maybe that's because Sharon doesn't have any fucking lines. Anyway. Let's take these informed abilities and let em play out.
Sharon is used to having a lot of eyes on her, a lot of expectations- for better or worse. She helps Wanda get used to it and focus on being who she wants to be and carving her own path.
When things with the Avengers get too tense, Wanda can always count on Agent 13 to show up with a mission.
Wanda learns sparring from someone who doesn't have superpowers, but does have kind eyes.
Because of her name and her shiny-clean record, people don't realize that Sharon is the kind of person who will charge the Winter Soldier or steal confiscated superhero costumes to get the job done. When Sharon joins the Avengers Initiative, her new teammates mostly don't look past her unsupposing smile. But Wanda has always known that nice-looking women can be the most vicious fighters.
No one who worked for SHIELD got out of it clean, even the ones who weren't Hydra. When Sharon starts working with the Avengers, she sees in Wanda the kind of grit to handle the missions she's used to, not the softball, clean-cut things the Avengers handle.

Sharon Carter/Ava Starr: Two SHIELD operatives with high security clearances, around the same age and employed by SHIELD at the same time. It's quite likely they'd have met; what's less clear is how their different routes to working with SHIELD would have led them to interact. Did Ava believe in SHIELD while she worked for them, and only become soured afterwards? Or was she an unwilling participant from a young age, with study and treatment of her quantum issues held in ransom for her work? Did the pair work together? Was Sharon aware of Ava's history, and how she felt about SHIELD? Were they rivals?
Sharon and Ava were the first participants in a program (polarizing within the upper echelons of SHIELD) to train promising agents starting quite young.
Sharon discovers that Ava had supported Hydra in the takedown. After the fall, when Ava's SHIELD file is revealed along with all the others, she can't blame her.
Sharon was one of Ava's handlers. When the meet after SHIELD falls... are things different, or the same?
They meet up (again?) after Infinity War for... world-saving things.

Shuri/Ava Starr: Two very different upbringings! Shuri grew up with everything she could want, protected at the center of her country. Ava grew up as an agent of SHIELD, wracked with pain every day, her only protection herself and a single father-figure scientist. Can they find any middle ground at all?
When she looks at Shuri Ava sees everything that she could have had if her father's project hadn't gone awry. It makes her angry, it makes her envious, it makes her... covet.
The royal family of Wakanda has a secret project: finding all of the country's children spread out across the world and inviting them back. They don't want to make the same mistake twice. Shuri refuses to let one of her new citizens live in pain. They work together to find a cure for Ava's quantum issues.
A brand new member of the Dora Milaje under Wakanda's new immigration scheme, Ava wants nothing more than to protect the innocence she sees in Shuri; the innocence she never got to have.
On her first (extremely classified) mission outside of Wakanda, Shuri meets a young woman who none of her technology can understand.

Wanda Maximoff/Ava Starr: So much destructive potential here. Both of these women have been through a lot- lots of science experiments, lots of loss. They see the world very differently than the people around them. They'd be very powerful together, for better or worse.
Wanda is the only person who's ever understood how much Ava wants to watch the world burn.
When their two youngest members first start getting close, the other Avengers think it's wonderful. That feeling... changes.
Wanda is learning how to use her powers to interrogate. Ava helps her do it slowly.
Ava is damaged inside. Wanda thinks her powers can help.
The more Wanda overhears Ava's dreams and thoughts, the more she feels like she's going crazy inside her own skin.
Wanda has never really trusted the Avengers, not completely. Ava has never trusted anyone. They do some investigation, and what they find could tear the whole thing down.
Neither thought it was possible, but they help each other heal.

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