Lilac (meatball42) wrote,

DC/Marvel Exchange 2021 Letter

Dear creator,

This better be the greatest thing you've ever made or I will cry

General likes:
H/c, found family, polyamory, happy endings, fluff, friendship.
AUs: Mundane, sports (if you write me a hockey AU I'll marry you), workplace, pack (with or without werewolviness), magic, creature (especially incubi/succubi).
Anything about scents, whether that's ABO-style scent-marking, more general scents on peoples' clothes or when near their skin, or the scents of things in the standard environment, like nature or food or fabrics.
I'd love to read the thing you've been working on but haven't had an excuse to finish.
Opt-ins: Background relationships, infidelity, first or second person POVs, A/B/O that isn't just a sex scene, identity headcanons (especially asexuality and polyamory), issue!fic.

General prompts:
Characters going to the gym or exercising (or talking about or referencing such)
Characters buying, creating, or exchanging gifts
Characters cooking or planning meals, characters smoking or drinking
Someone taking care of their partner after a long day, a battle, or another physically or mentally stressful event: getting their favorite food, a massage, renewing ice packs, changing bandages, putting on music or scents they like
Spending downtime together: a shared hobby, just laying around not getting out of bed, getting groceries
Non-sexual intimacy
Love languages
Previous relationships (platonic or otherwise) being relevant to the characters
Cultural exchange- languages, food, music, holidays, anything :)

Art likes:
I like it when art uses a color pallette and puts it on the side? I really like sky-like palettes, like blue-yellow-grays, or earth-like pallettes like red-brown-dark green.
For solo requests I'm totally down with an action pose or something of a character looking cool or heroic, or similarly just of them being comfy and happy, or doing something they find fun.
I don't go for wallpapers but I don't have anything as a lockscreen at the moment so if you like doing that sort of thing I'm totally here for it.
I'd love to see a new style you're working on that maybe you haven't mastered yet, or just whatever kind of materials/style you have the most fun working with.
Any sort of words or symbols in art is cool with me- speech bubbles or floaty things or sound effects are all awesome.
I don't super like manips that use images of actors when they're not being their characters, unless they still *look* like they're in-character.
I'm very down for AUs in art- if you want to, for example, create Jan and Natasha as teammates on a competitive chess squad I would cry with joy.

A broad DNW on anything related to suicide, from a character contemplating suicide or having ideation, to jokes like 'I'd rather die than...'
Chronic conditions or illnesses.
Significant inclusion of characters over 60. In contexts/universes with beyond-human-lifespan characters, please use your best judgement.
Themes of mourning for a dead person.
Firefights, guns beyond what is baseline necessary for realism in the canon.
Head or eye trauma, with the exception of concussions.
Use of the word 'broken' when referring to people (i.e. 'broken by his experiences,' 'just as broken as me').
Anthropomorphizing adjectives for genitalia (i.e. 'proud cock,' 'needy hole')
Use of the spelling 'cum.' It is fine to use 'come.'
Apocalypses or dystopias.
Mafia or mob AUs.


Fandoms are in order of how they are in the tagset. Ships are in order of, like, the alphabet probably. Or how they are in the dropdown it depends.
/okay i lied the movies are at the bottom because they occupy large brainspace
//or something else idk anymore the point is it's not in order of preference

[Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes]
Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes: This show is like 40 episodes and it's on Disney+ and the episodes are short, like 20 min. If you can't get Diseny+ but want to watch the show, like, comment and I'll see what I can do. I don't have it personally but my roommate does and I can hold her dog hostage. Also one time I made a god-awful list of like vimeo and youtube for where to watch and it got Jossed like amonth later  but if you're poor and desperate like I was maybe you can use that.
//oh my god here it is. I didn't check this before linking again so like go witht he grace fo your God.

Carol Danvers/Jan Van Dyne (EMH): Jan was sooo happy to finally have another woman on the team! Maybe she was sick of the sausagefest, or maybe she's been over-compensating with Hank. I don't mind if you retcon her relationship with Hank, break them up, make them open, whatever works for you.
Jan thinks it's really hot how fast Carol can beat her when they spar.
Carol's been in the military all her life, and she's never experienced anything like this tiny woman dragging her out shopping with all the force of a drill sergeant.
After so long working with mostly men, Carol is just as happy as Jan to get to partner with another woman.
Due to some unequal practice, Carol and Jan break off from the Avengers in protest. Unexpectedly, their two-woman team is wildly successful.
Working on how their abilities and fighting styles mesh.

Clint Barton & Hulk (EMH): I love how Clint and Hulk have this great relationship, and meanwhile Clint and Bruce get along like a cat and a dog. (Actually this is the only iteration of Hawkeye I see as a cat person instead of a dog person, huh.)
Prompts: Ugh my prompts are so subpar, but basically anything you want to write for this ship will make me happy.
How did Bruce and/or Hulk feel about the team after being freed from the shock collar in S2? Did their long imprisonment affect the way they felt about Clint and/or the team?
Hulk POV is also sweet. As is any addition whatsoever of Betty Ross to this universe, as a ship or a mention.
Clint picks Bruce for Secret Santa. Not Hulk, Bruce. His quest to find an even okay present.
Hulk tries to flirt. Needless to say there are mixed results.

Clint Barton/Natasha Romanoff (EMH): Their plotline was so fantastic to me. The lying and betrayal, the way they understand each other, the way Clint stands up for her even after everything, that last scene in the alley... *sighs* You can't really go wrong with this one. Prompts:
Now that they're back together, it's still hard to overcome the pain her last mission caused.
Natasha calls for help and Clint ditches the Avengers. Mixed reactions from his teammates.
Natasha gets a shovel talk when she joins the Avengers.
Living and working together as Avengers is different from anything they've done before: shifting a relationship from partners to teammates, having to rely on multiple parties rather than a small team.
For some reason, they try to go on a 'normal' date. It goes about how you might expect.
Clint really does understand why Natasha did everything she did, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to get over it.
They were in a relationship before her mission, but now they have to start from the beginning again.
The other Avengers accept Natasha as one of their own before Clint is ready to forgive her
He stays angry until it starts to look like she’s moved on from him. (That may have been her plan all along.)

Jan Van Dyne &/ Any (EMH): Jan is just amazing on this show. She threw herself into super-heroing so hard, she has so much energy and passion, she is willing to give people the benefit of the doubt and exten the hand of friendship. I'd love to see her building a relationship with anybody on this show, whether that's romantic or not. If you watch this show and you want to see

Maria Hill/Any (EMH): I really liked Maria's portrayal in this show, although she was set against the team on several different occasions. Some things I like about her are that she's Latina, she's angry, and she's belligerent and critical, an undeniable smart and capable. She seems to actively hate Tony Stark, yet she has no trouble fighting alongside him when civilians are in danger, and she shouts at him even while she saves his life. A woman getting to be belligerent and intelligent and disagree with people and not be portrayed as a villain, just opposed to the heroes? Beautiful. I'd love to see her paired with any of the women on this show, whether it's romantic and lovely-dovey or fraught and difficult, public or secretive, committed or off-and-on or anything.

Natasha Romanoff/Jane Van Dyne (EMH): Jan was so excited to have Carol on the team; how does she react to getting a third!!! woman on the Avengers?
Things are icy when Natasha joins the Avengers, mostly because Clint isn't happy about it and the rest of the team is stands by him. Jan tries to figure out whether her loyalty to her teammate comes first, or whether she ought to side with a woman who's basically been cast as the villain for doing her job.
Everyone thinks Natasha and Clint are a couple. Jan is privately (and dramatically) devastated and pining.
Natasha joins the Avengers with no?!?!?! cute?!?!?! outfits?!?!?! Even for an undercover agent, it's horrendous. Jan fixes it, though.
On their first date, Natasha isn't sure what persona she's supposed to be using.
Since the team still doesn't fully trust her, Natasha decides it'll be easiest to win the trust of the bubbly Wasp.
Officially black-balled by SHIELD (for now, at least) and working with a team highly unlikely to backstab her, Natasha relaxes for the first time in several years. So much so that she... develops a crush?

Simon Williams & Any (EMH): I love the story arc for this character so much, and I wish we could see what they would have done with him in a third season! I'll take literally pretty much anything for this, but mainly my idea is to see him start to fit into the Avengers team. Does someone in particular befriend him? Maybe Jan? Is there anyone he doesn't get along with? How do he and Tony repair the rift between them so that they can work together? I'd love any one-on-one ideas, or a team dinner or anything, or a five times fic, that would be stellar, like five Avengers Simon liked/didn't like +1, etc.

Steve Rogers/Tony Stark (EMH): This version of Tony is so much nicer and friendlier than the MCU version, but there are still hints of the unhappy backstory that has made him a popular woobie in MCU fandom. I haven't read much A:EMH woobie!Tony, and I'd really like too! Especially since he seems like he wouldn't complain much, which would just make it sadder! :') And what with the Skrull Invasions, the planet hating him afterwards, getting mind-controlled by the Purple Man, Bucky's mysterious reapparance as a mindy-windy asshole, Steve's had a rough time of it. Though, he also seems a lot more balanced in EMH than in the MCU, more capable of acclimating to his situation without getting twisted all around by the new century. Any sort of shippy H/C for him would also be great.
This is one of the few ships I could go for some solid fluff for, as well, or maybe like light H and then fluffy C. Or just like H/C in general. Or they adopt a puppy, basically I love this ship you can't go wrong. Prompts:
Tony is determined that his team of misfits and strays is going to have a fantastic Christmas. [optional: This goes pear-shaped in several ways.]
Sex pollen aftermath or cuddle pollen.

Vision & Any (EMH): I adore Vision's origin story in this canon. I love that he was made to serve Ultron and did, but decided by himself that he wanted to be different. I also love how he quickly adapts and works against and with the Avengers in Emperor Stark and how cute he is when Clint and Carol tell him not to call something easy. I'd love to see anything about him learning how the Avengers work as flawed and human individuals, any of his conclusions about humanity or other races, any basic living things like figuring out food as a cultural artifact when he doesn't need to eat and also his density is variable. I want to see him making friends with this group, however this looks for them.

Bobbi Morse/Jan Van Dyne: Yo I forgot to nom this ship but I found I had prompts for it, so here:
These two never met in canon that I remember, but I thought Bobbi had a lot of gumption, and if there's anyone who would appreciate a stylish female superhero who just loves beating up bad guys, it's Jan.
Bobbi gets assigned to assist the Avengers on a mission and by the time it's over, she and Jan are inseparable.
Bobbi is Clint's plus-one to an event, but she ends up with Jan by the end of the night.
SHIELD throws some sort of event to help reduce recent tensions with the Avengers; nothing is going well until someone catches Mockingbird and the Wasp making out in a closet.
Due to an Avengers mission crossing a SHIELD mission or some other miscommunication, the Wasp and Mockingbird end up fighting. Jan is torn up over her crush on a villainess, until the truth comes to light.
[Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow]

Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow is a 78-minute-long animated movie which follows the children of the Avengers who were raised by Tony Stark in isolation for a decade after Ultron killed their parents and took over the world. Despite that description, it's a kids' movie that's fun and heroic and has some good relationships and world-building.

Accessing the canon: The film itself- hosted right here. (It seems like the kind of place to clear your cookies after using, maybe)

General likes about the fandom: I loved the general conceit of this movie, and it's the one exception to my 'apocalypse/dystopia' DNW, though I'd prefer that the fic not focus on the depressing elements of the canon like how many people died. Focusing on rebuilding efforts and changes in culture is fine, though. But the family vibe of the movie was great, and the way the kids learned about their parents as legends was really interesting. It's even cooler to me post-canon, when they have the opportunity to meet their parents and learn about them for real, not just through Tony's eyes.

Torunn: I really liked Torunn's story, where not only did she not know her parents, she didn't know her culture, and she tried to copy as much as she could from what Tony could tell her. I think it would be really cool to see her post-series, maybe able to talk to Asgardians or visit Asgard, but choosing to remain on Earth, and having to pick which elements of her cultures she wants to keep. It would also be cool to read about how her relationships with her father or mother develop now that she can speak to them. Does she fit right in as a worthy warrior in her own right? Or are things more difficult? Does she wonder why they never made contact with her before? Does she have trouble identifying with Asgard even when she's welcomed into it? I'd also like to see how her relationship with Tony is affected by the new revelations, or moving forward. How would getting to know her parents affect her relationship with the man who raised her and her siblings?

I'm fine with shipping, especially exploring how romance would affect the other changes in Torunn's life, but please keep it PG or set a few years later if you do decide to ship the kids. I'm also fine with shipping the ones who grew up together, though preferably also aged up a few years and maybe with some time apart. Also, please don't copy the thing where 12-yo Francis kept calling Torunn beautiful, I would really only like that ship if he were to grow out of that.

[Deadpool movies]
Deadpool (Movies): Likes for this fandom would include Vanessa having Shadowcat powers, someone trying (flip a coin on whether they succeed) to cook a romantic meal, or holiday celebrations (with or without a smut montage)
Vanessa Carlysle/Nathan Summers/Wade Wilson: Three crazy, non-conventional people. Anything about what a relationship between them would look like, whether that's domestic, dealing with issues that come up relating to work, planning for the future, in the middle of Deadpool 3, or whatever you come up with.

[Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse]
Spider-Man: Into the SpiderVerse:

Aaron Davis & Miles Morales (ItSV): Aaron was a really interesting character to me. I think a lot of us had that cool older relative or family friend growing up who we admired, and maybe age altered our perspective of them. I would like to read a fic where Aaron didn't die. Maybe he wasn't working as Prowler, or he specifically wasn't working for Fisk. How would his relationship with Miles change as Miles grew up? How would Aaron's perspective on his work change if he had close family again?
Alternately, I'd like to read a fic where Fisk's shot didn't kill Aaron. Would he be convicted for his work as Prowler? Does he have connections that would get him out of it? Maybe he would end up on the run? How would any of these scenarios affect his relationships with his family?

Aaron Davis & Jefferson Davis (ItSV): Related to the above. Aaron is a really interesting character. How did he get to where he is? I have a little headcanon that Aaron and Jefferson worked together before Miles was born. What does Aaron think about the paths he and his brother took, especially as they relate to each of them having a family? I think it would be cool to see Aaron having his own family, and how that would change him. I'd love to see a fic set post-series, where Aaron doesn't die, and the choices he makes moving forward, maybe trying to reconcile with his brother a little. Or something set pre-movie would also be awesome.

Solo: Miles Morales (ItSV): Miles was such a loveable protag, especially when those particular aspects of him being a young teenager came out, like being uncertain about approaching girls, missing going to school with his friends, not wanting other kids he knows to see him being driven to school by his dad, or hugging his dad at the end in his Spidey suit. I would love to read something about him growing up and the changes he goes through in perspective and maturity. Outsider POV would also be cool for this, or one or both of his parents. I'd also be interested in reading about how his relationship with them changes, as it already was in the movie, including or not including the specific issues with him being Spider-Man. I would also love to read something about Miles being LGBT and having to do even more work on his identity and how he relates to his parents or other people, especially when he's already somewhat isolated as Spider-Man.

Solo: Gwen Stacy (ItSV): Gwen is a stand-out character. I was not a Spider-fan at all before this movie, so I was legitimately surprised to see her in the Alchemax facility, and then as Spider-Gwen, and it was AWESOME. Her Spidey story is rough- I can't imagine watching your best friend die at like thirteen or fourteen years old? And it really makes sense that she would have issues with connections after that and stick to herself (or her band!). I would love to see something about her healing from that. Maybe she becomes friends with her bandmates over time, or, idk, gets really into DnD and learns to connect with people that way. Maybe being able to talk about things with the other Spideys helps, or one of them is able to hook her up with a trustworthy therapist in one of their universes. Alternately, maybe she doesn't recovery from it. How would that look for her?

Miles Morales/Gwen Stacy (ItSV): I think a relationship between Miles and Gwen would have some fun elements to balance; not just their work as the respective Spideys of their universes, but also their respective baggage and the secrets they'd been keeping from those around them. If he and Gwen do try to date, there have to be difficulties dating someone from another dimension, even socially: "I have a girlfriend." "Oh yeah, where is she then?" "She lives in... Canada." I also definitely think their traumas would be something they would be bonding over, but also something they'd have to work not to let isolate them.

[Avengers Academy]
Avengers Academy: Unfortunately, the game closed down earlier this year. This Google doc has links to screenshots of either the personal storylines or the costume storylines of almost every character in the tagset, and some events stories for context.

Tigra/Wasp (AvAc): A fashion designer and a model, both superheroes, both main storyline characters... how are there no fics for these two?!?!?
People expected Greer and Jan to be friends... they didn't expect them to be spectacularly gay all over campus.
Greer becomes Jan's muse.
Jan and Greer go shopping together, get their nails done together, spar together, sit together in all their classes, talk about cute boys... yet no one seems to realize they're a couple? Everyone is confused, but it makes perfect sense to them.
Someone says they can't be gay because they're both too feminine.
Greer and Jan are besties... until one night after too many drinks at a Stark Tower party. What will happen now?!
Tigra/Steve/Jan/Thor sedoretu, with a focus on the women in the spirit of the fest.

Pepper Potts/Wasp (AvAc):
Jan is the only one who can make Pepper really leave work for work hours.
Pepper is the kind of person who makes plans and carries them out, so when she is gifted a flying suit, she asks the best flier she knows for lessons.
Jan loved fighting bad guys and coming home to Pepper. She's super excited to have Pepper fight alongside her. But on their first invasion together, she realizes that she's also terrified on the battlefield, for the first time.
Finding the perfect gift.

Ironheart/Shuri (AvAc): These two are sooooooo frigggenn cuuuuuute. If you don't know what I mean LOOK AT THESE (brief) SCREENSHOTS!!!! They are both brilliant and badass and adorable and have cute as hell costumes in AvAc. Literally what is not to like?
They each design their own superhero outfits... what kind of costumes do they come up with for different holidays/events/occasions? (OMG what do they wear to T'Challa and Nakia's wedding?!)
H/C when one of them is hurt in battle.
Working together at the Wakandan workshop thing Shuri has, or in the Stark Tower lab where Riri works.
Passing notes in class
Getting drunk together at a party or the Wakandan embassy. Does T'Challa find out? What about teachers?!
Quiz Bowl!!
They start an African Diaspora Club. (T'Challa has mixed feelings about it, but Nakia has very firm opinions about it.)
Double date!
Captain America/Tigra (AvAc): Steve is a fun character in Avengers Academy, sharing the integrity and determination of versions of him from other canons but also showing a very youthful light-heartedness and joie de vivre. He is very, very focused on training to become the best he can be but he also has a good sense of humor and strong relationships. I didn't really expect to like Tigra when I first recruited her, but I found I did like her confidence and personality. I also thought it was a lot of fun how she pursued Steve and convinced him to go out with her, which he ended up enjoying. I would love to read more about their relationship. What kinds of things do they do together, for dates or just hanging out? Do they have a group of friends who they spend a lot of time with? Are they still dating by the time the Academy closes? Do they see a future together? I think it would be really cool to read about them living together.
I'd love to see something to do with the many costumes Steve has had, some of which have pretty substantial stories behind them! Like the Gladiator costume, for which he spent years in another dimension. What does that do to his sense of time and his relationships?
Something about balancing schoolwork with training and finding time to bond with teammates and each other.
What do they do for fun at Avengers Academy? How do their lives here relate to their lives off campus? How does Tigra go about maintaining her modelling career as an Avenger?
When Tigra put together a cheerleading squad for the end of school event, Steve helped her practice routines. How do these two compliment and challenge each other in their different pursuits?
Black Widow/Winter Soldier (AvAc): Bucky's crush on Natasha was super cute! I imagine that once he gets a bit more level in the brain-pan they become friends. Natasha migth appreciate Bucky's skills in the field, and Bucky would appreciate her giving him the time of day.
Someone gives a shovel talk to a confused Winter Soldier
Bucky starts bringing Natasha captured Hydra agents/other Academy enemies as gifts
Bucky dedicates a song to Natasha. It's an instrumental. She is pleased.
Really anything grossly cute or tropey for this ship.

[Netflix Marvel]
Netflix's Marvel Universe

Shades Alvarez/Darius "Comanche" Jones (Netflix Marvel): Ho-ly crap. This ship, oh my god. So much history, so many emotions, so much tension and drama and love and heartbreak! I would like to see something where Comanche lives a little longer and they have to wrestle with the changes in ther relationship that have occured and try to find a way to be around each other. Would Shades have to come to return Comanche's feelings, or realize that he already shared them? Would Comanche hae become bitter or angry? Could they have settled back into the patterns of lifelong friends? How long would that last?

I would love to see something set during their time in prison, or in an AU pocket of time afterwards where they were both out but still had to lay low together. Or maybe Comanche gets out before Shades starts seeing Mariah. Would Comanche have been more forward in his pursuit if Shades weren't already in a relationship/business partnership with a mob boss?

I'm also open to some sort of dual relationsip, whether that's Shades cheating on Mariah with Comanche or them having an agreement for him to have someone on the side. I would love to see an AU where being bi is normal and Comanche can openly play against Mariah- all of their scenes together were loaded and so much fun to watch. I think they're probably both too possessive to go for an equal split of Shades, but if you want to write something along those lines I'll eat it up with a spoon.

Shades Alvarez/Mariah Dillard (Netflix Marvel): I really loved this pairing on the show. The dynamic of two 'bad guys' who seem to sincerely care for each other, but also might have conflicting goals, is very cool. I liked how Mariah was the boss, and Shades deferred to her on that level, but personally they were equals and did a lot of manipulating each other just because they could each see what the other was doing and respected them for it. It was something I've never seen before. If you write during the show, or go canon divergent, or embrace the S2 ending, I'll enjoy it regardless.
Some prompt ideas, please don't feel constrained to these:
Either of them suspects that their partner is cheating
Going out on lunch dates
Shades prides himself on being a gentleman. Outside of the spotlight, Mariah doesn't have much use for being a lady.
They're from different generations, but some things are universal
Someone cooking a romantic dinner
Planning for retirement

Solo: Tilda Johnson (Netflix Marvel): I loved Tilda so much that by the time I finishe season 2 I forgot that she hadn't been in season 1. I'll love reading anything about what you imagine her journey was like before she came back to Harlem, like her distant relationship with Mariah and her warmer relationship with her adoptive family, or how she came to be an herbalist. I'm requesting her individually because I'd love to read anything about her inner world or background or her future that you're interested in writing. I love her relationships with Bushmaster and her mother in the show- how would these affect her in the future? If Tilda had chilren some time in the future, what would she be like as a mother?

In the comics, Tilda is the villain Nightshade. Is that her future in this universe? Or might she go in a different direction? I'd also love to read crossovers with any character you're interested in, especially those who live in shades of gray themselves- the ones I think of immediately are Black Cat, Ava Starr, Black Widow, but really anyone. It doesn't have to be contained to Marvel, either, I just love Tilda and will enjoy reading about whoever you have her meet or know.

Mariah Dillard & Tilda Johnson (Netflix Marvel): Tilda's relationship with Mariah was so beautifully written on the show, loving but also wary and fraught and dangerous. The ending, my lord! How was Tilda feeling when she made that choice?? How did she plan it, why did she choose that method? How did it affect her afterwards, and how did she cope with it? Did it change her, or was she already changed? I'd also love to read an AU, where Mariah went to prison- or didn't! Or had a long, drawn-out prosecution. How does their relationship change? Does it grow sour? Does Tilda become more sympathetic to her mother as time goes on? Does she help her escape?

Tilda Johnson &/ John McIver (Netflix Marvel): I was surprised that these two had so much chemistry! I love that Tilda's willingness to listen to Bushmaster's story and believe it without question won her a lot of respect. I'd love to read something where Bushmaster came to some sort of truce with Luke and stuck around, or where Tilda left New York behind and opened up another storefront elsewhere. Or maybe she just visits Jamaica to study the local herblore.
Tilda's kind of magic isn't what John is used to, and he's fascinated. But he's more fascinated by her.
Tilda is used to seeing people fight and take revenge and kill each other. She's not used to seeing someone voluntarily lay down their arms.
Kindred spirits.
Tilda could always have been a killer; she just needed the right push. Now that she's aware of it, she wants more. John has a list.
Power corrupts.

Jessica Jones/Patricia Walker (Netflix Marvel):  I've always found it very easy to read these two as on-and-off or former lovers who mututally split. I'd love to see something from one of the 'on' phases, or perhaps how that aspect of the relationship affects them during the 'off' phases. Alternately, anything where they get to be two superheroes working together (so like, ignore the last few eps of season 3) would be awesome.
Buying gifts for each other (has always been difficult)
Training together
Secret relationship
Hellcat has some more abilities that weren't shown on the show

[Crossover fandom]
Crossover fandom

Martha Jones (Doctor Who 2005) & Shuri (MarvCinUni): Oh wow, oh wow! Okay bias here because they're both just so smart and pretty, so right off the bat I'm sure I'll like anything created for this pair, but okay down to business.
I would love to see Martha find allies during the Year That Never Was either by passing by/through Wakanda herself, or sheltering there, or getting help while she's elsewhere in the world. Would Wakanda have been active outside of their borders? Or would they have hunkered down and protected themselves? Does Shuri or Martha have opinions about the politics?
I would love to see part of Shuri's exploration outside of Wakanda post-movie involve her meeting people from organizations watching the skies in oother countries. Maybe Martha is still with UNIT, or maybe she meets Shuri through some more secretive methods? Or perhaps they run smack into each other in the middle of a situation!
Really anything you come up with for these two would be amazing, they're both so smart and spirited and composed, I love them :))) The nomination is & but feel free to ship if you like!
Miles Morales (ItSv) & James "Rhodey" Rhodes (MarvCinUni): Spider-Man was the only hero mentioned in the movie, but there are a variety of villains, so you have to assume there are other good guys, too. Maybe they just hang out in Manhattan.
But! I want Rhodey to show up in Brooklyn. Maybe the Avengers do a cursory meet-and-greet with every new smalltime hero, just to establish a relationship? Does Rhodey figure out how young Miles is? Or does the fake deep voice work on him? xD Does Rhodey try and follow Miles home or figure out who he is, or does a hero's respect for privacy win out? How far does that go if Rhodey thinks Miles might be in danger?
Or maybe Rhodey is in Brooklyn for a battle, and they have to work together? Or there's an all-hand-on-deck situation in Manhattan and Spider-Man has to come help out the Avengers. What do they look like in this verse? Go wild xD
Or maybe they meet in their civilian identites. Perhaps Rhodey comes to give a presentation to Miles' fancy new school, or there's a field trip to a science event.
Really I'm up for anything where these two get to interact! Very down for any comics inspiration you want to bring for Rhodey as well.

Bobbi Morse (Agents of SHIELD)/Patricia Walker (Netflix Marvel): Hot blondes who fight in their own ways, what's not to love?
Trish is determined to be a hero. Bobbi helps her do it without destroying herself.
SHIELD gets reports of a cat-themed hero running around New York. Bobbi is sent to make contact, one way or another.
Bobbi's long-distance, on-and-off lover still thinks Bobbi works for an upper-crust art insurance company. When Trish gains superpowers... things have to change.
Trish has to keep her girlfriend a secret because of publicity. Bobbi has to keep her girlfriend a secret because it's not safe otherwise.

Tilda Johnson (Netflix Marvel)/Wanda Maximoff (MarvCinUni): Wanda's family was torn apart by war, and she volunteered for experiments with Hydra to destroy the man she blamed for it. Tilda grew up with a family who loved and supported her, but she knew her mother, and the more she learned, the more she wanted to get away. But she did love her mother enough to try to build a relationship, only for it to go very dark, very quickly. Now that what was keeping them anchored is gone- for Wanda, her brother and their dream of revenge, and for Tilda, her belief that she could be a healer- what's stopping them from wreaking the havoc that's in their blood?
Wanda researches her roots and meets another witch just beginning to learn her power.
Like calls to like.
Part of Tilda still wants to pretend that she's never killed anyone. Part of Wanda still wants to pretend she doesn't ache to kill again. Together, they're good. For a while.
Tilda makes herself a potion and sees an incredible future.
Wanda knows that the world isn't split between good guys and bad guys. Luckily, she doesn't have to walk in the gray areas alone.

Wanda Maximoff (MarvCinUni)/Patricia Walker (Netflix Marvel): Trish has so much passion for superheroing. Maybe Wanda shares that... or maybe she just knows a good opportunity when she sees one.
Trish will do whatever it takes to help people. Wanda simply... opens Trish's mind to the possibilities.
Trish thinks being a superhero means being alone in the dark. Wanda knows that's not true. You're never alone in the dark.
Trish joins the team and discovers she's not the only one who wants this, as opposed to having it thrust upon them. It makes a surprising amount of difference.
Wanda has a crush on the newest minor superhero in Manhattan long before she becomes a household name.

Natasha Romanov (MarvCinUni)/Villanelle | Oksana Astankova (Killing Eve): I have only seen the first season of Killing Eve at the moment, so my prompts are based on that, but feel free to incorporate plots or characterization from the second season, I'm sure I will finish it by the time this exchange opens.
Natasha sees far too many parallels between her and the new assassin who's caught the Avengers' attention. Worse that that, they see the similarities, too. Things Natasha has been keeping hidden start to show.
The one target Natasha never managed to kill turns up on the radar again.
Villanelle's new target is an Avenger. Obviously, Natasha can't let that happen, but it's going to take some creativity to dissuade Villanelle.
Villanelle agrees to help the Avengers on their mission... for a price. And it's not only money.

Angel Salvadore (X-Men ATM)/Ava Starr (MarvCinUni): Angel gets a bad rep for basically not wanting to die, I feel. And Ava spends most of her movie trying to not die. Both of them might have made different choices if they had been supported, or at the very least not exploited.
People who have never had nothing don't understand self-preservation.
Angel sees the girl flicker, but she doesn't think 'she's like me' until she sees how much it hurts.
They both end up at SHIELD's and/or the Avengers' secret 'training camp' for people whose powers or personalities aren't considered good enough.
SHIELD likes to pair their numbered agents up occasionally to see who's compatible. The trick is not seeming too compatible, because then you'll never see each other again.
Sometimes, it's kill or be killed. They both understand that.

Wanda Maximoff (MarvCinUni)/Angel Salvadore (X-Men ATM): One of the reasons I like Wanda is that you can interpret her character a variety of different ways; I feelt like the movies went for the blandest version. But Wanda volunteered for the experiments that created her powers, along with her brother. Why? Revenge? Ambition? Fear? Did she believe in Hydra's creed? And after the events of Ultron, is she angry about her brother's death? Torn apart by grief? Who does she blame? We never see that in the movies. Similarly, Angel has a whole life that never got explored. Was she kicked out by her family when her wings grew in? Or did she always have them? Did she run away to protect them? Is there anyone she left behind to go with the people she met who were like her?
"People keep dying around me." "That's why I never stay in one place too long."
The kind of power they have is isolating. It's nice to meet someone who understands.
They're Avengers, right? So they should avenge.
Maybe they were meant to be the bad guys. Or maybe they just have to start all over.

[Marvel Cinematic Universe]
Marvel Cinematic Universe

Ava Starr/Janet van Dyne (MarvCinUni): Two very different upbringings! Shuri grew up with everything she could want, protected at the center of her country. Ava grew up as an agent of SHIELD, wracked with pain every day, her only protection herself and a single father-figure scientist. Can they find any middle ground at all? Where do their dreams, goals, desires differ?
When she looks at Shuri- happy family, friends, her talents supported- Ava sees everything that she could have had if her father's project hadn't gone awry. It makes her angry, it makes her envious, it makes her... covet.
The royal family of Wakanda has a secret project: finding all of the country's children spread out across the world and inviting them back. They don't want to make the same mistake twice. Shuri refuses to let one of her new citizens live in pain. They work together to find a cure for Ava's quantum issues.
A brand new member of the Dora Milaje under Wakanda's new immigration scheme, Ava wants nothing more than to protect the innocence she sees in Shuri; the innocence she never got to have.
On her first (extremely classified) mission outside of Wakanda, Shuri meets a young woman who none of her technology can understand.

Brunnhilde | Valkyrie/Ava Starr (MarvCinUni): I love that both of these women have trauma in their past and the movies didn't shy away from showing it having effects on their personalities and the way they view the world. There's a lot fo nuance to each of them and I think it woul dbe cool to see them together, whether that's romantic or not.
Ava doesn't want to be a hero. Brunnhilde can relate.
They both wake up from memories of watching their loved ones die.
Ava has seen a lot of atrocities during her time with SHIELDRA, and she has a list of people who deserve to be torn apart. Brunnhilde isn't fitting in too well with modern Asgardian society. Going on a crusade sounds like a good deal.
Brunnhilde comes across a ghost-girl who's got a familiar relationship with alcohol. Maybe, for Ava's sake, she can be a hero again.
You're not supposed to get a date at an AA meeting.

Brunnhilde | Valkyrie/Wanda Maximoff (MarvCinUni): Brunnhilde has a laid-back personality (aka drunk or Done with this cruel world, however your hcoose to interpret it) that I could see gelling well with a post-Ultron Wanda.
While most everyone Wanda knows is somewhat wary of her powers, Brunnhilde just wants to find out the biggest thing she can blow up with them. It's... nice.
Brunnhilde is the only one who realizes that Wanda's not only mourning a brother.
They get along because Brunnhilde doesn't look afraid when Wanda tries something new and creepy.
Brunnhilde was looking for a pick-me-up, and the sliver of a Midgardian witch is perfect.
Magic is relatively normal on Asgard. Brunnhilde doesn't know why these Midgardians aren't more appreciative of the witch who goes around blessing their rooms/countries.

Maya Hansen/Wanda Maximoff (MarvCinUni): An interesting overlap of the two sides of human testing. Though Maya came to Tony with concerns over AIM's activity, that doesn't mean she was against all of it. There's a lot of gray morality between these two.
There's a new member of the science division at Avengers HQ, and she doesn't seem to have any friends. Wanda introduces herself and discovers they have more in common than anyone expected.
Wanda had more say in the way Hydra's experiments went than the Avengers know. She and Maya get along very well.
The Avengers seem to think that friendship will keep Wanda on the side of the angels. She lets them think that. When she meets Maya, who's in the same situation... it's an opportunity.
What happens when you combine Extremis with the power of the Mind Stone? The world is about to find out.

Nebula/James "Rhodey" Rhodes (MarvCinUni): I loved that these two were put together in Endgame. I think there are a lot of different facets to be explored between them. Nebula has a bloody and traumatic history, but she has recently been on a path toward a different kind of life: one involving close relationships, a new understadning of the universe, and healthy ways of living and looking at things. Rhodey has been career Air Force, but in just the last few years (before Endgame) superheros have appeared, he became an Avenger, and his life turned around. Aliens are new, too. And then, he had a life-changing injury while working as a superhero and had to adjust to a body that worked very differently from how he was used to, and then Stark tech got involved. I would like to see something set after the events of Endgame (though you can change them as much as you'd like, it's the setup and dynamics I like), involving these two building on the camaraderie or friendship that were built in that movie. If you wanted to write gen for this pair, I honestly wouldn't mind, it's their journeys and their dynamics that I'm the most interested in.
Some prompts:
Rhodey is the new leader of the Avengers, and they could use a member/consultant/contact who knows about the wide variety of species and cultue that they may soon meet. Rhodey gets to be the one to make pitch to Nebula. Yay?
Bonding over Tony's death.
The bracers Tony made for Rhodey are in dire need of repair, but no one, not even Rhodey himself, can make sense of the methods Tony used to build them. To Nebula, all of this Terran stuff is child's play.
After all the shit that's gone down, it's really nice to have someone else willing to just race you through the sky.
It's Rhodey's job to make Nebula ready to go in front of cameras as the newest member of the Avengers. He's got his work cut out for him.
Or anything you can think of! Honestly ignore the prompts if you're not feeling them If you offered this ship, write the story/create the art you were thinking of!

Sharon Carter/Ava Starr (MarvCinUni): Two SHIELD operatives with high security clearances, around the same age and employed by SHIELD at the same time. It's quite likely they'd have met; what's less clear is how their different routes to working with SHIELD would have led them to interact. Did Ava believe in SHIELD while she worked for them, and only become soured afterwards? Or was she an unwilling participant from a young age, with study and treatment of her quantum issues held in ransom for her work? Did the pair work together? Was Sharon aware of Ava's history, and how she felt about SHIELD? Were they rivals?
Sharon and Ava were the first participants in a program (polarizing within the upper echelons of SHIELD) to train promising agents starting quite young.
Sharon discovers that Ava had supported Hydra in the takedown. After the fall, when Ava's SHIELD file is revealed along with all the others, she can't blame her.
Sharon was one of Ava's handlers. When the meet after SHIELD falls... are things different, or the same?
They meet up (again?) after Infinity War for... world-saving things.

Sharon Carter/Wanda Maximoff (MarvCinUni): Two underutilized, underdeveloped characters. Screw 'Steve and Sharon don't have chemistry,' maybe that's because Sharon doesn't have any fucking lines. Anyway. Let's take these informed abilities and let em play out.
Sharon is used to having a lot of eyes on her, a lot of expectations- for better or worse. She helps Wanda get used to it and focus on being who she wants to be and carving her own path.
When things with the Avengers get too tense, Wanda can always count on Agent 13 to show up with a mission.
Wanda learns sparring from someone who doesn't have superpowers, but does have kind eyes.
Because of her name and her shiny-clean record, people don't realize that Sharon is the kind of person who will charge the Winter Soldier or steal confiscated superhero costumes to get the job done. When Sharon joins the Avengers Initiative, her new teammates mostly don't look past her unsupposing smile. But Wanda has always known that nice-looking women can be the most vicious fighters.
No one who worked for SHIELD got out of it clean, even the ones who weren't Hydra. When Sharon starts working with the Avengers, she sees in Wanda the kind of grit to handle the missions she's used to, not the softball, clean-cut things the Avengers handle.

Shuri/Ava Starr (MarvCinUni): Two very different upbringings! Shuri grew up with everything she could want, protected at the center of her country. Ava grew up as an agent of SHIELD, wracked with pain every day, her only protection herself and a single father-figure scientist. Can they find any middle ground at all? Where do their dreams, goals, desires differ?
When she looks at Shuri- happy family, friends, her talents supported- Ava sees everything that she could have had if her father's project hadn't gone awry. It makes her angry, it makes her envious, it makes her... covet.
The royal family of Wakanda has a secret project: finding all of the country's children spread out across the world and inviting them back. They don't want to make the same mistake twice. Shuri refuses to let one of her new citizens live in pain. They work together to find a cure for Ava's quantum issues.
A brand new member of the Dora Milaje under Wakanda's new immigration scheme, Ava wants nothing more than to protect the innocence she sees in Shuri; the innocence she never got to have.
On her first (extremely classified) mission outside of Wakanda, Shuri meets a young woman who none of her technology can understand.

Wanda Maximoff/Ava Starr (MarvCinUni): So much destructive potential here. Both of these women have been through a lot- lots of science experiments, lots of loss. They see the world very differently than the people around them. They'd be very powerful together, for better or worse.
Wanda is the only person who's ever understood how much Ava wants to watch the world burn.
When their two youngest members first start getting close, the other Avengers think it's wonderful. That feeling... changes.
Wanda is learning how to use her powers to interrogate. Ava helps her do it slowly.
Ava is damaged inside. Wanda thinks her powers can help.
The more Wanda overhears Ava's dreams and thoughts, the more she feels like she's going crazy inside her own skin.
Wanda has never really trusted the Avengers, not completely. Ava has never trusted anyone. They do some investigation, and what they find could tear the whole thing down.
Neither thought it was possible, but they help each other heal.

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