Lilac (meatball42) wrote,

Hockey Holidays 2020 Letter

Hello writer!

What a joy to find a fellow fan. I hope you have as much fun writing this as I will reading whatever you cook up. Don't feel too much pressure to cleave to my prompts on this, I'm happy to get anything for these ships and I think the best fic comes when the author's having a good time, so do whatever inspires you!

General likes:
H/c, found family, polyamory, happy endings, fluff, friendship.
AUs: Mundane, sports, workplace, pack (with or without werewolviness), magic, creature.
Anything about scents, whether that's ABO-style scent-marking, more general scents on peoples' clothes or when near their skin, or the scents of things in the standard environment, like nature or food or fabrics.
I'd love to read the thing you've been working on but haven't had an excuse to finish.
Opt-ins: Background relationships, infidelity, first or second person POVs, A/B/O that isn't just a sex scene, identity headcanons, issue!fic.

General prompts:
Characters going to the gym or exercising (or talking about or referencing such)
Characters buying, creating, or exchanging gifts
Characters cooking or planning meals, characters smoking or drinking
Someone taking care of their partner after a long day, a battle, or another physically or mentally stressful event: getting their favorite food, a massage, renewing ice packs, changing bandages, putting on music or scents they like
Spending downtime together: a shared hobby, just laying around not getting out of bed, getting groceries
Love languages
Previous relationships (platonic or otherwise) being relevant to the characters
Cultural exchange- languages, food, music, holidays, Important Stuff, unimportant stuff, anything :)

Hockey-specific likes:
I like that hockey has a lot of magic or creatures AUs, so if you're looking for something a bit off from the standard universe those would be great. I'm also a fan of more hockey-specific AUs like hockey gods or kneeling verse. I also like AUs that involve the team as an in-group of some sort. Those include team soulbonds, werewolves, anything with a strong focus on group hierarchy, basically anything that has team members looking to each other for socializing and support. Some of my favorite things about hockey fics are those that focus on the idea of bonds between teammates, how the specific set-up of a hockey careers can lead to both strong relationships with people, places, and organizations, and then sudden changes in circumstance.

In general for hockey fics, I tend to assume that RL romantic partners and children are ignored. My prompts won't include these peoplem but if you want to write fic that includes these people either as individuals or as a concept for whatever reason, I don't have a problem with that.

I feel like all of these people must be in pain all of the time? Like even if it's what you've been doing your whole life, and even actual injuries or strains aside, a heavy duty workout can leave you with soreness or pain in various muscles or joints, especially if you're further on and that knee has been bugging you for years, for example. Anything regarding that, from physical therapy to a hot bath, massages, how that lifestyle would interact with D/s arrangements, like what does it even mean to be a part-time masochist in a contact sport? Just thoughts I've been having lately.

A broad DNW on anything related to suicide, from a character contemplating suicide or having ideation, to jokes like 'I'd rather die than...'
Chronic conditions or illnesses.
Significant inclusion of characters over 60. In contexts/universes with beyond-human-lifespan characters, please use your best judgement.
Themes of mourning for a dead person.
Firefights, guns beyond what is baseline necessary for realism in the canon.
Head or eye trauma, with the exception of concussions.
Use of the word 'broken' when referring to people (i.e. 'broken by his experiences,' 'just as broken as me').
Anthropomorphizing adjectives for genitalia (i.e. 'proud cock,' 'needy hole')
Use of the spelling 'cum.' It is fine to use 'come.'
Apocalypses or dystopias.


Ships are not listed in any particular order.

Marc-Andre Fleury/Alexander Ovechkin: I just love the energy and spirit these two have and would love to read literally anythng about them, from a secret friendship to lovers fic while Flower was in the Metro to a Uni AU where they're both foreign exchange students in the same program. Anything about friendly competition would be great, or pranks/teasing/banter. An AU where Washington took Geno first and Ovi came to Pittsburgh would be a lot of fun. I'm really into the goalie nesting trope and anything for that would be cool. I also love random AUs, like have you ever wanted to write a lifeguard AU? Competitive eating AU? YouTubers, stand-up comedians, polticial commentators, I'm here for it. Mundane AUs are also great. Basically anyhing, especially if you feel like including a few of my likes <3

Marc-Andre Fleury/Claude Giroux: Again I just loves these guys. Any Metro rivalry stuff would be awesome, especially secret friendship or relationship when things were still particularly contentious between the teams. Goalie nesting here would also not go awry. If it's something you're comfortable writing, I'd love to see some French Canadian bonding, or perhaps that shared culture (or not? smaller cultural areas sometimes have deeper cultural rifts, and idk how French Canada works) would just increase any Friendly Disagreements that might be going on. For these two I'd like to see them being sweet to each other at some point, if you can fit it in, I just think they deserve it :) I also have a hankering for some sort of trade fic- maybe Vegas offloads Fleury's contract by trading him to a contending team that wants that strong veteran presence to back up Carter Hart.

Nicklas Backstrom/Alexander Ovechkin: My particular desire for this ship has to do with the lovely dynamics one might take away from images such as these and such fic (if you feel like reading a fic for research) as this. I'd really love to read service top!Ovi or something along those lines, whether you like to include defined dynamics or not, or a defined D/s or BDSM verse or kneeling 'verse or not. What I find really compelling is the idea of a very extroverted, high-energy person who is entirely dedicated, in whatever way, to the desires/needs/whims of a quieter, less socially outgoing person. It would be great to see that play out in a hockey verse f whatever sort, but I'm also open to any AUs you may be interested in, it's really the dynamic I'm going for. Obviously Washington is a great setting, but if you'd be interested in scene-setting at National competitions, or in Russia, or in an AU timeline of any sort, that would be great. I'm also open to ABO verses or opposing teams or anything like that.

Cale Makar/Matthew Tkachuk: Things I like about this ship: They're both really young (younger than me????), which is cute, and also allows for a particular perspective that my other ships here don't. MChuk's hair, I love it. If you have it being long and puffy and curly I will be happy. Cale's adorbs crooked smile and the way he is SUPER RED FOR NO REASON. I'd love to see something where they maybe train together, or meet at some sort of event or even outside of hockey, something where the conference opponents thing can be acknowledged but is not front and center, and get to know each other/get along outside fo that dynamic. Not so much interested in AU for this ship, but any hockey+ verses like kneeling or winners' room or anything are great. I don't have references myself bc Western Conference isn't my speciality but any RL info you'd like to bring in is totes fine, even encouraged. Offseason relationship , with or without team sanction, would be sweet, and again if you feel like tossing any of my general likes into it I'd be :heart_eyes:.

Tristan Jarry/Brandon Tanev: I'm gonna link to my Yuletide Letter so you can see my ramblings about these two as individuals if that's something you're interested in. I have a real interest into how these two fit into the dynamics of the Penguins team, even more so since I wrote that letter. I'm equally fine with something set during this past season, or something set during the future. Jarry going from a backup goalie on his second long stretch in the NHL to the starter in one year is big. Tanev going from undrafted fourth liner to a $3.5mx6 on a perennially contending team, and originally put on second line before Geno's injury earlier this season, is a big deal. I also have vague ideas about him being positioned to become a leader on the Penguins in the future. That, and I'd love to see some sort of team-oriented AU, whether that's kneeling 'verse, or some sort of team bond, or an ABO thing, or anything else you're into. Tl;dr I'll love anything for this pair (or more than pair? if you want to add Lowry to the mix in any way).

Kris Letang/Matt Murray: I fell in love with this ship from all the angsty fic that was coming out around the time of Flower's trade. I would loe more of that! I would also love anything in a period after that, where people are getting used to the new normal, maybe grieving and maybe learning new and beneficial ways of going about things. Something set more recently, when it's started to become apparent that the team was moving on from Murray as well, would also be interesting. I have a soft spot for these defender/goalie ships, especially the ones that get really into the relationship between the positions in terms of defence. There was that great quote somewhere about how defenders treat their goalies like girlfriends; I woul love to see how that relationship, or that expectation, might be mixed into a ship as potentially fraught as this. Another prompt I've used for this ship is one where Letang is bitter about Murray succeding Flower, or superceding at one may see it, but working with DeSmith or Jarry or another backup and not having that complicated assocaition helps him get over that, and in turn help heal that relationship. Long paragraph aside, I'd also love any sort of goalie nesting for this ship, team bond or teammate bond type things, kneeling verse, etc for this ship.

Tristan Jarry/Matt Murray: Soooo much here. Going back in time to when Jarry was considered Fleury's assumed successor, but Murray came in with Sullivan and hopped hte depth chart. The Murray became the started and Jarry was his backup, but was then sent down for a season in favor of DeSmith, and then was called back up this season and now has the starting job while Murray's been traded to the Sens. A wide variety of setting options with a potential bunch of mixed feelings. It would be cool to see some sort of mix of jealousy or envy or bitterness, when combined with sincere friendship or care or love. And they're the same age, too!Once again, I'm totally here for any hockey-based AU like goalie nesting, kneeling verse, team bonds, and broader ones like D/S, ABO, or soulmates verse. Future fic where they're on different teams and meet up again off-season or at NHL or national team events, or even get traded to the same team again, would also be cool. Inclusion of the dogs would also be great. Lastly, I'm feeling cuddles for this ship? Dunno why.

Tristan Jarry/Kris Letang: Things I like about this ship: They're both hot. Goalie-defender dynamic... honestly that's probably it but why would I need more, those are both solid points. I touched on this in my Murray/Letang section but I would be very interested in seeing something about Letang's extremely mixed feelings on working with another goalie after Flower's draft. Any sort of goalie nesting fic with these two would be A+, but I would also be interested to see Letang acting as a team veteran and having to be nice to a 'rookie' while not necessarily being in the frame of mind to be nice to a new Penguins goalie. Some sort of soulmate/soulbond AU would also be cool, but also I could really go for anything D/s or BDSM or kneeling verse. They both kind of have that look xD Bonus points for defender-goalie flavored service dynamic of some sort.

Tags: category: challenge letter, challenge: other challenge, prompts: hockey rpf

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