Lilac (meatball42) wrote,

Yuletide 2020 Letter

Hi Yulethor,

I hope your year has been well, and that your holiday season is happy and peaceful. I encourage you to have fun with my requests and not worry about sticking too hard to them. I'll love anything for these fandoms and characters, so just write what makes you happy.

The easiest of my requested fandoms to get into are The Breakfast Club and Goalie Gab. The Breakfast Club is a movie and is movie-length. Goalie Gab is a YouTube channel with videos ranging from 5 minutes to 15, and one of them is enough to pretty much give you the gist. (Maybe not just the first one.)

General likes:
H/c, found family, polyamory, happy endings, fluff, friendship.
AUs: Mundane, sports, workplace, pack (with or without werewolviness), magic, creature.
I'd love to read the thing you've been working on but haven't had an excuse to finish.
Opt-ins: Background relationships, infidelity, first or second person POVs, A/B/O that isn't just a sex scene, and identity headcanons, issue!fic.

General prompts:
Characters going to the gym or exercising (or talking about or referencing such)
Characters buying, creating, or exchanging gifts
Characters cooking or planning meals, characters smoking or drinking
Someone taking care of their partner after a long day, a battle, or another physically or mentally stressful event: getting their favorite food, a massage, renewing ice packs, changing bandages, putting on music or scents they like
Spending downtime together: a shared hobby, just laying around not getting out of bed, getting groceries
Love languages
Previous relationships (platonic or otherwise) being relevant to the characters

Yuletide note: You do not have to include all the characters I have requested in your fic.

A broad DNW on anything related to suicide, from a character contemplating suicide or having ideation, to jokes like 'I'd rather die than...'
Chronic conditions or illnesses.
Significant inclusion of characters over 60. In contexts/universes with beyond-human-lifespan characters, please use your best judgement.
Themes of mourning for a dead person.
Firefights, guns beyond what is baseline necessary for realism in the canon.
Head or eye trauma, with the exception of concussions.
RPF when not specifically requested.
Use of the word 'broken' when referring to people (i.e. 'broken by his experiences,' 'just as broken as me').
Anthropomorphizing adjectives for genitalia (i.e. 'proud cock,' 'needy hole')
Use of the spelling 'cum.' It is fine to use 'come.'
Apocalypses or dystopias.


Fandoms and ships are not listed in any particular order.
[Goalie Gab]

Goalie Gab (YouTube RPF): Goalie Gab is the name of a YouTube channel run by a guy named Evan (aka Goalie Gab) who uploads videos of him being hilarious while playing in beer league hockey games in, I want to say the Greater Toronto Area? He's very funny and shows off some of his personality, both during games and in some of the more recent, 'hockey has been cancelled so let's just have fun' videos.

Evan (Goalie Gab): Really just going for something light-hearted here. Gen or friendship only please. I have a few prompts below, but really anything light-hearted will make me happy.

Evan's team wins their league! Their reward is probably like. A couple cases of beer, I don't actually know what a beer league is, are they not sponsored by beer? Whatever, and then they get drunka nd celebrate.

For some reason (promotional? He won a lottery?) Evan gets to meet a player! Maybe a Leafs or a Ducks player, or one of his favorite goalies.

Mock-commentation of a real game, or a fake real game. Or, to shake things up, commenting on something else, like a death metal concert.

Bringing in a Hockey RPF trope, what does goalie nesting look like in beer league? Or, if there are other Hockey Fandom tropes you like, same question.

He does kinda ping my gaydar, but you don't have to include that xD

I'd also just love, like, a five times fic, or any collection of fun little things relating to anything from the videos. OCs more than welcome!

[Pittsburgh Penguins RPF]
Pittsburgh Penguins RPF: I'm a new hockey fan, just started watching this past year, so my prompts are going to draw from this past season, but if you want to set the fic in, for example, 2017-2018 when Jarry was up in Pittsburgh, that's totally fine. Or whenever else you like! I'm not opposed to WBS fic if that's where the muse takes you. I'm open to ship, gen, friendship or ensemble fic for this fandom.

Tristan Jarry: I have this headcanon of Jarry as a kind of Machiavellian evil, manipulative but angelic of face. I think it's the eyebrows and the rosy cheeks. So I'd love to see a fic where he uses that innocent guise to work situations around in his favor, however that may be. And as a goalie who's already been hopped on the depth chart once, he has the motivation. If you want to write shippy fic in that vein, I like reading about relationships that aren't happy-fluffy, maybe even unhealthy. Manipulation of an SO would be great, or manipulation to get someone to date him.

If that's not doing it for you, that's totally fine! I'd love to see pretty much any kind of fic for Jarry, he has so little fic D': I fell in love with the goalie nesting trope, and there's only one fic for him in the tag! And it's a good one for sure, but it only made me want more. Aside from that, I like fics about people with injuries getting cared for by friends/teammates, and also just anything about the pressures of being a goalie in Pittsburgh, with... all of that. Anything looking at the team cultures would be cool as well, especially witht he goalie's slightly different perspective.

Brandon Tanev: Tanev is my favorite player. I love how energetic he is on the ice, I can always pick out his unique skating style, he gets lots of breakaways despite being unable to finish any of them. I like that he was undrafted, I like everything I've read about his work ethic, he's actually not fall-asleep-boring in interviews, he's got a great smile... sorry I forgot where I was going with this.

Yeah, anything about Tanev will make me happy! I've read most of the fics in his tag, and they are overwhelmingly (and understandably) Lowry/Tanev fics from his time with the Jets. These are great, and if you want to write Lowry/Tanev set during this season of Tanev's future seasons with the Pens I would be down for that! I'm also 100% here for literally any other ship you'd want to write.

Actual prompts, okay:

I'm not at all superstitious, so if you wrote a fic about him tearing his ACL or something and doing physical therapy for the whole season I'd be happy.

Anything at all with polyamory. If you want a specific idea, I'd love a fic with established Lowry/Tanev, and then Tanev starts dating someone new on the Penguins and how they have to work to make that be fair to everyone.

Does he keep baking in Pittsburgh? Inquiring minds want to know.

If you like AUs:
I like that hockey has a lot of magic or creatures AUs, so if you're looking for something a bit off from the standard universe those would be great. I'm also a fan of more hockey-specific AUs like hockey gods or kneeling verse. I also like AUs that involve the team as an in-group of some sort. Those include team soulbonds, werewolves, anything with a strong focus on group hierarchy, basically anything that has team members looking to each other for socializing and support.

[Minnesota Wild RPF]
Minnesota Wild RPF:

Alex Galchenyuk: I was a fan of Galchenyuk on the Pens and I'm interested in fic about his move to the Wild! Ship, friendship/gen, or ensemble are all okay. Aspects I'm especially interested in would be his acclimation to his third team in a year, anything about his cat, learning the area, and fitting into a new team with its own habits and social mores. Or anything else you feel like focusing on, honestly! I'm not very big on social media, so aside from the team music video I don't have much insight into that area, but if you want to involve anything from those sources that would be cool!

I don't know the Wild very well, so I don't have any strong preferences on other characters to be included. Feel free to choose your favorites, if you'd like! I'm also quite fine with a fic that's from someone else's perspective, say for example, if one of the captains was keeping an eye on the new trade and the story was told from his POV.

The main thing I wouldn't really like for this fandom would be Galchenyuk not getting signed in North America for next season. He doesn't have to stay with the Wild (and I acknowledge he probably won't), but if your fic does go into the future please don't send him to the KHL! AHL is fine. The only other thing I can think of is that I don't want, how to phrase it, untreated angst. Angst is fine, and even would be fun to read for the situation! But I like H/C. Give him a friend or something xD

If you like AUs:
I like that hockey has a lot of magic or creatures AUs, so if you're looking for something a bit off from the standard universe those would be great. I'm also a fan of more hockey-specific AUs like hockey gods or kneeling verse. I also like AUs that involve the team as an in-group of some sort. Those include team soulbonds, werewolves, anything with a strong focus on group hierarchy, basically anything that has team members looking to each other for socializing and support.

[The Breakfast Club (1985)]
The Breakfast Club (1985):

Any character: When I watched this as a kid, I thought it was a funny movie about kids in detention, and watching it as an adult with a social work degree I couldn't see it as anything but an exploration of trauma. Probably says more about me than the movie, but that's the angle I'm looking for with this request. It doesn't have to be explicit, or done very in-depth, but I'd like to see a fic set after the movie, either soon after or in the future, about any of the characters (or more than one, whatever you'd like) coping or learning or growing in some way.

Some ideas:

I realize this is not a popular choice but I like therapy fic! And while that could be sit down one-on-one therapy, it could also be art therapy, or group therapy, or someone out in their life using tools or techniques they picked up from therapy like grounding techniques or reality checking.

Learning to communicate better with a friend, family member, colleague, or SO. If you want to have that friend or SO be one of the other characters in the tagset that's fine with me, but OCs are also welcome.

Being in a situation that reminds them of something from their own childhood or school years, and making decisions based on not fucking someone else up they way they were fucked up.

Raising a kid or kids, and how to do it better. Or maybe one of them becomes a teacher and does that better.

Basically, just anything about how events in the formative years... form people. And how those experiences, for better or worse, can shape their later life.

[Avengers Academy (Video Game)]
Avengers Academy (Video Game):

Steve Rogers: Steve is a fun character. He has a lot of drive and jumps in with both feet to everything he does. He's also a little dorky, but isn't afraid to stand up for himself, but isn't so stubborn as to not take a real criticism when it's given politely or genuinely. He's canonically dating Tigra, and their very limited dialogue got me so invested in their relationship... and of course those plotlines were never continued, and Tigra's own plotline was never continued... basically I suffer. I'd love to see something that highlights Steve's personality in the game, or his relationship with Tigra.

Some prompts:

Steve picks up a hobby. For some reason some people don't think he should be doing it, but he's having a good time, and he's not going to quit just because someone thinks he ought to.

Supporting Tigra's modeling career or her cheerleading squad. Does this mean helping model clothes? Throwing her around in the air so she can practice? Learning how to apply make-up to fur? Honestly I just love the idea of Steve getting really into make-up tutorials.

The twenty-first century can be confusing, irritating, tiring, devastating. Steve is blessed to have the support of many friends. How do they help him and show him they care?

I loved the quirky campus and the campy game mechanics, and all the different animations and buildings and decos. Any inclusion of little fun things like that would be awesome.
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