Lilac (meatball42) wrote,

Chocolate Box 2020 Letter

Hello my dear chocolatier!

Winter is a chill season, so please just have fun with this! Write whatever makes you feel good.

This letter is still in the drafting stage for the moment.

General likes:
H/c, found family, polyamory, happy endings, fluff, friendship.
AUs: Mundane, sports, workplace, pack (with or without werewolviness), magical realism
I'd love to read the thing you've been working on but haven't had an excuse to finish.
Opt-ins: Background relationships, infidelity, first or second person POVs, A/B/O that isn't just a sex scene, and identity headcanons, issue!fic.
Kinks that I like are on this page. If you're writing for a ship I haven't opted into explicit sex for but feel like writing kink, I do love non-sexual kinks as well.

General prompts:
Characters going to the gym or exercising (or talking about or referencing such)
Characters buying or exchanging or thinking about gifts
Characters cooking or planning meals, characters smoking or drinking
Someone taking care of their partner after a battle/other physically or mentally stressful event: getting their favorite food, a massage, renewing ice packs, changing bandages, putting on music or scents they like
Spending downtime together: a shared hobby, just laying around not getting out of bed, getting groceries
Truth serum
Love languages
Previous relationships (platonic or otherwise) coming back

Explicit sex unless specified for the fandom/ship. Otherwise, please fade-to-black for sex scenes at or soon after the point where pants come off. Any sexual or foreplay activities before that are still totally fine; my limit is the point where sexual fluids get involved.
Psychological horror, body horror, or psychological torture being thoroughly described in the text. A character dealing with trauma from them is fine.
Descriptions of physical torture that go on for more than a few lines.
RPF in general.
Use of the words 'cum' in any context, 'broken' when referring to people (i.e. 'broken by his experiences,' 'just as broken as me'), anthropomorphizing adjectives for genitalia (i.e. 'proud cock,' 'needy hole').
Apocalypses or dystopias.
Car accidents (or similar, like spaceship crashing) specifically shattering glass or crushing metal. Okay if referenced, especially if they’re canon, just don’t describe or linger, please.


Fandoms and pairings are in no particular order:

[Harry Potter]
Harry Potter:

Sirius & Harry: Once I was challenged to describe the Harry Potter series in one sentence, and what immediately came to mind was 'Abused child recieves no help.' I'd love to read some AU where circumstances actually let Harry have an adult he can rely on- in person! It's also my personal headcanon that Harry's abusive childhood wasn't really addressed in the series. He probably has some maladaptive behaviors or thought patterns that might be improved with the presence of a consistently present, caring parental figure in his life. I feel like there were probaby a lot of Muggle social norms he knows very differently to others in the Muggle world, that were never touched upon because he was essentially entering another culture in the books.
Prompts: Harry's first time shopping for clothes for himself.
It's hard to get used to asking for things- a broom, more dinner, a treat when they're out.
Family vacation
The way Sirius treats Kreacher brings back bad memories
Harry accidentally breaks something extremely valuable
Getting to order a real meal for himself at a restaurant rather than whatever appetizer is cheapest.
Harry gets a Troll in Herbology one semester
Anything else you can think of!

Dudley Dursley & Dudley Dursley's children: I would love to see something that looks at how Dudley might have grown, or not grown, as a person after the series ends. Any ships are okay, including OCs, and no ship is also okay. If one or more of his children turn out to have magic, I'd love to read something about how he deals with that, but I'd be just as happy reading something about him reflecting on parenting styles and the way his parents treated him and Harry as kids and how that affects how he lives his life. Would Dudley spoil his kids rotten? Has he learned some moderation for himself, or not? Does his partner have a different perspective on parenting? What do they think of Dudley's upbringing? I'll love anything for this group!

[Hockey RPF]
Hockey RPF

Sidney Crosby/Evgeni Malkin: I have only recently gotten into this fandom and don't have any specific prompts as of yet. However, I have several tropes and AUs and things that I have seen in this fandom or would like to see in this fandom, so please consider them as prompts:

AUs: Daemons, D/s, Canon divergence, Any sort of Magic AU, Other sports AU, AU where one or both players has a different profession.

Tropes: Touch starvation, Catpeople, Animal shifters or affinities, Players with any sort of special abilities, Goalie nesting (I know I didn't request any goalies but I love this).

Things: Service D/s specifically, Arguments, Relationship issues, Themes or kinks or authority, trust, or loyalty, Psychic abilities.

I will read explicit fic for this ship, but please no PWP. What that means for me is that one of my listed likes be central to the explicit scenes, like touch starvation or service D/s, or a particlar dynamic in a Magic AU. I would not like to receive a fic that includes one of my likes/tropes, which includes a sex scene that is not relevant to the included like/trope.

I will also love any inclusion of the Penguins ensemble!! Related to my Magic AU like, I like team bonding kinds of AUs, by which I mean ABO or any gender dynamics universe things, or low-level telepathic bonds, or an AU where teams are like clans, or whatever. Or if you don't like those sort of things, any sort of heavy team-as-family vibe is great.

[Avengers Academy]
Avengers Academy



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