Lilac (meatball42) wrote,

Yuletide 2019 Letter

Hello Yulethor! So nice to meet someone else who also adores at least one of these little fandoms.

I am Meatball42 here on LJ, on AO3, and on tumblr, and if you have any comments or clarifying questions regarding this letter please feel free to anonymously comment here or send me an anon ask on tumblr.

This letter is currenty in progress. complete!

General likes:
H/c, found family, polyamory, happy endings, fluff, friendship.
AUs: Mundane, sports, workplace, pack (with or without werewolviness), magical realism
I'd love to read the thing you've been working on but haven't had an excuse to finish.
Opt-ins: Background relationships, infidelity, first or second person POVs, A/B/O that isn't just a sex scene, and identity headcanons, issue!fic.
Kinks that I like are on this page. If you're writing for a ship I haven't opted into explicit sex for but feel like writing kink, I do love non-sexual kinks as well.

General prompts:
Characters going to the gym or exercising (or talking about or referencing such)
Characters buying or exchanging or thinking about gifts
Characters cooking or planning meals, characters smoking or drinking
Someone taking care of their partner after a battle/other physically or mentally stressful event: getting their favorite food, a massage, renewing ice packs, changing bandages, putting on music or scents they like
Spending downtime together: a shared hobby, just laying around not getting out of bed, getting groceries
Truth serum
Love languages
Meeting exes

Do Not Wants:
Explicit sex unless specifically requested for the pairing. Otherwise, please fade-to-black for sex scenes at or soon after the point where pants come off. Any sexual or foreplay activites before that are still totally fine; my limit is the point where sexual fluids get involved.
Psychological horror, body horror, or psychological torture being thoroughly described in the text. A character dealing with trauma from them is fine.
Descriptions of physical torture that go on for more than a few lines.
RPF in general.
Use of the words 'cum' in any context, 'broken' when referring to people (i.e. 'broken by his experiences,' 'just as broken as me'), anthropomorphizing adjectives for genitalia (i.e. 'proud cock,' 'needy hole').
Apocalypses or dystopias.

Yuletide-specific notes:
You do NOT have to include all of the characters I have requested in your fic.

Fandoms, characters, and prompts are listed in no particular order:

[Avengers Academy]

Avengers Academy

Requested characters: Captain America, Tigra, Winter Soldier

What is this fandom? Avengers Academy was a mobile game that was for some reason categorized as a city-builder, but it was really about collecting characters? Anyway that's not important, because what mattered in this fandom was the great character design, the fun animations, the excellent writing, and the high school/college (little bit hand-wavey) setting that leaves it ripe for the imagination. Although the game has ended, there are play-throughs on YouTube, a variety of tumblrs that stored screenshots, and if there's something you're looking for from this fandom I will personally do my best to find it for you, just lmk.

Accessing the canon: Unfortunately, the game closed down earlier this year. This Google doc has links to screenshots of either the personal storylines or the costume storylines of almost every character in the tagset, and some events stories for context.

General likes about the fandom: The fun and clever writing, the character design, the actions, the willingness to develop new stories for classic characters, the game mechanics, the school setting. In general, I'd love to see details about game mechanics or themes relating to 'day-to-day life' on campus in a story. References to game events or events mentioned in stories would be cool as well. But I also really love the characters I've requested, and would be very happy to recieve a fic focusing on their experience. I also love a lot of characters who aren't in the tagset, so if Red She-Hulk or Melinda May was your favorite AvAc character, I'd love to see what you want to write for them!

Captain America: Steve is very, very focused on training to become the best he can be but he also has a good sense of humor and strong relationships. If you're into gen, I'd love to see something to do with the many costumes he's had, some of which have pretty substantial stories behind them! Like the Gladiator costume, for which he spent years in another dimension. What does that do to his sense of time and his relationships with his friends? Or, something about him balancing schoolwork with training and finding time to bond with his teammates. Particular people I'd like to see Cap written with platonically are Wasp, Black Widow, Taskmaster, Agent 13, Winter Soldier, or Captain America 2099, but as I said in general likes, feel free to write about whoever you like, and I'll definitely enjoy it.

If you are interested in writing a shippy story, characters I would tend to ship with Steve would be Black Widow, Maria Hill, Tigra, Agent 13, Sif, Winter Soldier, Hellcat, or Captain America 2099. I'd love to see something very high scool/college (however you see it, I don't have a preference) for a shippy fic, or something about training together or being teammates. I'm also fine with explicit fics for het ships with Steve. I also have a few prompts for poly ships with Steve at my Holly Poly letter, if that's something you're interested in.

Tigra: I didn't really expect to like Tigra when I first recruited her, but I found I did like her confidence and personality. I also thought it was a lot of fun how she persued Steve and convinced him to go out with her, which he ended up enjoying. I would love to read more about their relationship. What kinds of things do they do together, for dates or just hanging out? Do they have a group of friends who they spend a lot of time with? Are they still dating by the time the Academy closes? Do they see a future together? I think it would be really cool to read about them living together. I'm also fine with explicit fics for this ship. I also have prompts for a Captain America/Tigra/Iron Man ship here.

If you'd prefer to write gen, I'd love to see Tigra finding friends on campus, either with main storyline charactes or your favorite events characters. What do they do for fun at Avengers Academy? How do their lives here relate to their lives off campus? How does Tigra go about maintaining her modelling career as an Avenger?

Winter Soldier: I totally love the emo punk rock design they gave Bucky in this game! His shitty lyrics are one of my favorite things in the game. I'd love to see anything about his various bands, how they succeed or fail, whether people actually let him write the songs or not. Is he actually a good guitar player, or musical writer, and it's just lyrics and singing that he's bad at? Or does he suck at everything, but people are happy to see him enjoying something because he's such a sad sack most of the time? Show me his friends supporting him, no matter what! If you happened to get the Marching Band or Winter Winter Soldier outfits, I'd love to read anything pertaining to those, especially with how just extremely rainbow the latter costume is.

I'd also love something shippy for Bucky! Characters I ship him with are Black Widow, Captain America, Gamora, Spider-Gwen, Nico Minoru, Adam Warlock, Captain America 2099, and Ghost Rider 2099, but I'm also very open to whatever characters you'd ship him with! I think there's a lot of potential for fun fic with Bucky's memory issues and his musical inclinations, and also how he can be unexpectedly sympathetic to characters who might not otherwise befriend him. I'd also love to see any sort of poly ships for Bucky of whoever you think would be fun, and I have prompts for a Captain America/Winter Soldier/Ghost Rider 2099 ship here. And I'd be fine with explicit fic for het ships for Bucky.

[Jane the Virgin]

Jane the Virgin

Requested characters: Petra Solano, Rogelio de la Vega

What is this fandom? Jane the Virgin is a 5-season long show that is based on the telenovella- Spanish-language soap operas characterized by high-key drama and lots of fast-paced twists and cliffhangars. The protagonist, Jane is accidentally artificially inseminated with the sperm of the owner of the hotel she works at, which kicks off a long journey of romance, crime, suspense, and familial love with a rich supporting cast.

Accessing the canon: Jane the Virgin is on Netflix.

General likes about the fandom: The dramatic elements, especially with the relationships, how things can turn around so fast, and how the stories of one character affect the story of another character who may have been completely uninvolved. I'd love something embedded in the canon for this show, or a divergence AU, or something further afield like soulbonds or daemons or Hollywood. I'm halfway through season 5 right now, but will definitely finish the show before reveals. If something in the canon contradicts something I've written here, please deal with it however you want. I won't let it affect my enjoyment of the story. I finished before signups closed, which I didn't expect, but feel free to have at the canon!

Petra Solano: Petra has a huge characterization arc over the course of the show, and I loved her at every stage. She was my favorite as a manipulative, selfish Slytherin, and as a loving mother and a good friend (who is still sort of a manipulative Slytherin, but much less selfish!). I've really liked her relationships with Rafael and JR and would be very happy to see anything poly for Petra as well. I want to see her trying to be a good partner in terms of relationship staples, like meeting the family, getting anniversary or birthday or Christmas gifts, planning a vacation or a special occasion for her lover(s), or coming up with a way to support them in one of their endevors. Whether or not she has success at this is up to you! Petra as a bride (when she actually wants to be) would also be really cool to see.

If you don't feel like writing shippy, then I'd be happy to see her dealing with issues at the hotel, spending time pampering herself, spending time with her daughters, or working on making or keeping a friend (something she struggles with a lot in canon!). Something else that would be cool, for a shippy or gen fic, would be Petra getting a pet.

Rogelio de la Vega: Ahh, Rogelio. What is not to love about Rogelio de la Vega?! I love his drama and his puppy dog looks and his Twitter and his sincere love for his fans. He is truly a family man who is happy providing for his family and is happy when they're happy. I also like how romantic he is and how he really did want to end up with Xo and believed it was fate. I would love to read about him going on his honeymoon or a vacation with Xo, or maybe even taking the whole family (whoever that includes xD ) on a vacation after the closing of a successful show. Rogelio going on some sort of game show or reality show would also be awesome. I also love the idea of him with a fluffy animal, or two, or twelve, you know. Or doing crafts with Matelio or finger-painting with Baby. Basically, I want to see him being happy with people he loves! That being said, less happy interludes and Rogelio making bad choices are also great.

[Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse]

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Requested characters: Aaron Davis, Blond Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy, Miles Morales

What is this fandom? Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is an animated movie that clocks in just under two hours. It is completely distinct from the MCU except for some easter eggs. The story follows young Miles Morales (seriously he's in middle school) as he is bitten by a radiaoactive spider and gains spider-powers, just in time for a criminal enterprise to crash his universe into several others. Miles has to learn how to use these powers so he can several other people, all their own universe's sole Spider-hero, and save the planet. This movie won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature due to its fantastic writing and editing. Even if you're not thinking about writing it, I hope you watch it!

Accessing the canon: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is on Netflix.

General likes about the fandom: While I adore this movie for its animation and music and the immense playfulness and freedom with which it explored a genre which cinematically has gotten a bit bogged down in recent years, it's the characters and their relationships that really elevate it. I also loved the way the story felt firmly embedded in the setting, how the world felt well-rounded due to the huge number of visual contextual details. It really lends itself to stories that explore how these characters relate with their settings and each other.

Aaron Davis: Aaron was a really interesting character to me. I think a lot of us had that cool older relative or family friend growing up who we admired, and maybe age altered our perspective of them. I would like to read a fic where Aaron didn't die. Maybe he wasn't working as Prowler, or he specifically wasn't working for Fisk. How would his relationship with Miles change as Miles grew up? How would Aaron's perspective on his work change if he had close family again? I also have a little headcanon that Aaron and Jefferson worked together before Miles was born. What does Aaron think about the paths he and his brother took, especially as they relate to each of them having a family? I think it would be cool to see Aaron having his own family, and how that would change him.

Alternately, I'd like to read a fic where Fisk's shot didn't kill Aaron. Would he be convicted for his work as Prowler? Does he have connections that would get him out of it? Maybe he would end up on the run? How would any of these scenarios affect his relationships with his family?

Blond Peter Parker: I really, really dug the way Peter seemed to want to work with Miles immediately. Maybe this was the world where Mary Jane's husband agreed with her about having kids. I'd love to read a fic where his death was faked, and after he recovered he reached out to mentor Miles. (That would explain why May didn't seem too sad about his death.) Peter B. didn't really know how to train someone as Spider-Man, but I think it would be fun to read about a Peter who had been imagining having a kid or a side-kick to teach all about being a hero. Bonus points if they do have or adopt a kid and Miles gets to be an honorary big brother. It would also be interesting to contrast Miles' relationship with an enthusiastic mentor (and MJ?) with his relationship with his father, who obviously loves him a lot, but has trouble connecting with him.

Gwen Stacy: Gwen is a stand-out character (okay I realize I'm saying that about everyone but can you blame me?). I was not a Spider-fan at all before this movie, so I was legitimately surprised to see her in the Alchemax facility, and then as Spider-Gwen, and it was AWESOME. Her Spidey story is rough- I can't imagine watching your best friend die at like thirteen or fourteen years old? And it really makes sense that she would have issues with connections after that and stick to herself (or her band!). I would love to see something about her healing from that. Maybe she becomes friends with her bandmates over time, or, idk, gets really into DnD and learns to connect with people that way. Maybe being able to talk about things with the other Spideys helps, or one of them is able to hook her up with a trustworthy therapist in one of their universes. Alternately, maybe she doesn't recovery from it. How would that look for her?

If you're interested in shippy fic, I wouls ship Gwen with Miles or an OC. For a shippy story with Gwen, I would want her relationship to be LGBT in some way (she reads as a little queer to me) even if you just have her identify as bi while she's dating Miles. But I think any relationship she was in would have some elements to balance; not just her work as Spider-Woman, but also her baggage and any secrets she's keeping—or any secrets they're keeping. If she and Miles do try to date, there have to be difficulties dating someone from another dimension, even socially. "I have a boyfriend." "Oh yeah, where is he then?" "He lives in... Canada."

Miles Morales: Miles was such a loveable protag, especially when those particular aspects of him being a young teenager came out, like being uncertain about approaching girls, missing going to school with his friends, not wanting other kids he knows to see him being driven to school by his dad, or hugging his dad at the end in his Spidey suit. I would love to read something about him growing up and the changes he goes through in perspective and maturity. Outsider POV would also be cool for this, or one or both of his parents. I'd also be interested in reading about how his relationship with them changes, as it already was in the movie, including or not including the specific issues with him being Spider-Man. I would also love to read something about Miles being LGBT and having to do even more work on his identity and how he relates to his parents or other people, especially when he's already somewhat isolated as Spider-Man.

If you want to write something shippy, I like Miles with Gwen (eventually) or an OC. Miles/Gwen prompts are above with Gwen, but for a Miles emphasis, I definitely think their traumas would be something they would be bonding over, but also something they'd have to work not to let isolate them.

[Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes]

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Requested characters: Clint Barton, Hulk, Natasha Romanova, Steve Rogers

What is this fandom? Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes is a cartoon that aired from 2010 to 2012 on Disney XD. It has 2 seasons of 24 episodes each, with episodes that are 22-24 minutes long. The team's roster and development mimics the early comics, and many episodes are drawn from various comics. The characterization is unique from the MCU and the comics, though, and creative writing and arcs provide lots of material for fanfics, especially the later episodes.

Accessing the canon: This show will be available on Disney+ in the US as of November 14, but in case that's a no-go for you (as it may end up being for me, we'll see), this Google doc has links to the best versions I could find of every episode, underneath the Avengers Academy links.

General likes about the fandom: I was so happy to see other nominations for this fandom!! This cartoon is a perennial favorite of mind because it just had everything: a broad cast of characters who showed up in at least a few episodes, with lots of room to expand; excellent characterization and even character growth, again with opportunities for more; great dialogue that combined comedic timing excellent voice acting, and solid writing to be relatable, dramatic, and funny, without relying on stereotypes or making some characters randomly behave like assholes; broad, seasons-long arcs, many of which intersected, and again, the show ended with things left undone. There are so many lovelable characters to write, with strong, specific personalities, and people who made bad choices and would make different ones in the future, meaning there's lots of opportunity for exciting fics!

Steve Rogers: I really love Steve in EMH. This Steve is principled and firm in upholding what he thinks is right, even when he's lambasted by the public and separated from his teammates. He's always there to support his friends and is good at seeing what they need, even when other people might not be taking them seriously. He also makes a sincere effort to make up for his mistakes. For a gen/friendship fic, I would like to see Steve getting pampered by his friends- maybe Jan press-gangs him into a spa day, or the team throws him a birthday party. Some h/c for his experiences with the Skrulls or even just support from his teammates while Jameson is going after him in the press would be swell.

If you're in a shippy mood, I have prompts! I definitely ship Steve with Tony in this universe. For them, I'd like to see them realizing (together or separately) that their bond isn't just one of friends. I would also like to see a sex pollen fic for this ship, but one where they were able to fight off the effects before they did much more than kissing. How would they deal with that? If you like Steve/Bucky, then this canon has implications closer to the comics than the movies: the last time Steve saw Bucky, he was a teenager. How does their relationship change once Bucky is saved from mind control? I'd also be down for reading a fic where Jan realizes she could do better than Hank and asks Steve out, or where he ended up on a mission-date with Natasha.

Natasha Romanova: Ignoring the random occasional Russian accent, Natasha is one of my favorite characters in EMH, for all that she's only in a few episodes. I love how cutthroat she was about putting Hawkeye in prison to get her mission done, but that she still risked it all to save his life. She's also super brave, walking right into the Avengers Mansion and getting strangled by Hulk in order to do what's right. On a gen front, I would love to read about her joining the Avengers eventually and figuring out where she fits with the team. I wonder if she would become friends with Steve or Jan or T'Challa or Carol. I would love to see her building a rapport with any of them, or more than one of them in a more vignette-type fic. I'd also like to see her settling into living in one city for most of the time after going all over the world for SHIELD.

For shipping, I'd ship Natasha with Clint, Maria Hill, Jan, Carol, or Steve. With Clint, I'd like to see something about the strength of their relationship and how it has or has not survived Natasha's mission with Hydra. Any teammates being protective of Clint would also be fun. With Maria, Natasha's joining the Avengers would be an issue between them. How would they deal with it? I'd like to see Jan and Natasha trying to find common ground and getting along better than they expected, or Carol and Natasha mutually agreeing that they don't have time for a relationship and finding themselves with feelings anyway. With Steve, I can imagine them respecting each others' work very much. I don't know who would make the first move, but I could really see them being a power couple. If you'd like more specific prompts for Natasha with Clint, Maria, Jan, or Clint and Hulk, find them here.

Hulk: I find Hulk as a massively sympathetic character in this fandom. From the beginning, he's doing his best to keep a lid on his temper and work with the team, only to get undermined all the time, from Enchantress to Skrull Steve. It would be cool to see some positive experiences with his teammates, especially if they someone appreciating his contributions and efforts. Or, just fun! I would love to read about Jan and Clint and Hulk becoming besties and having a good time and confusing everyone. I could also see Carol being good friends with him if she ever got to spend enough time with him. They both enjoy punching their problems and like people who mind their own business. Training buddies? Post-training meal buddies? Other gen prompts would be Hulk cooking or meeting some young fans.

If you like shipping Hulk, I have some prompts! If you're not really into shipping him, feel free to interpret these prompts as strong friendship. I love Clint and Hulk's relationship on EMH, from the beginning when Clint talked to him like he was just a normal guy he was pissed with and refused to be afraid of him, to Clint insisting he'd only join the team if Hulk did, to them laughing at Tony together. I would love to see something shippy or not about them spending time together after all of the Skrull business was finished and Hulk's name was cleared and reaffirming their relationship. Further Clint/Hulk prompts are here.

Clint Barton: EMH Clint is probably my favorite Clint among my canons, except maybe for what I've read of him in 616, which isn't much. He's stubborn to a fault, but also fun with a good sense of humor, loves playing around and does make friends on the team when things aren't a mess. I loved his friendships with Hulk and Jan. I'd love to see him and Jan having a good time in the city, maybe going shopping, or maybe he's her plus one to some event. I'd love to see what would have happened if Hulk had left the team with Hawkeye rather than stick around with Skrull Steve. I also think Clint would get along well with Steve, as they do in their, like, 2 scenes together. Something that explores that friendship (especially if Steve is on his people-skills that day) would be lots of fun!

If you like shipping, I ship Clint with Natasha and Hulk (individual prompts in those characters' sections), or with Mockingbird, Jan, or Steve. With Mockingbird, I kind of want to see her join the Avengers after the Skrulls get cleared out, and then for them to either disgust the team with their PDA or annoy them all by fighting a lot, or both. With Jan, I would love to see them being attracted to each other, but being worried about team dynamics, especially considering that Jan used to date Hank, or class differences. I can see Clint having a thing for Steve but denying it at every turn until... something. Maybe Steve complimented him and he blushed hard enough to give the game away. Some poly ships I like if that's your thing: Clint/Hulk/Natasha, Clint/Natasha/Mockingbird, Clint/Natasha/Jan, or a sedoretu of the four of them. Specific Clint/Hulk/Natasha prompts can be found here.

[Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow]

Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow

Requested characters: Torunn

What is this fandom? Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow is a 78-minute-long animated movie which follows the children of the Avengers who were raised by Tony Stark in isolation for a decade after Ultron killed their parents and took over the world. Despite that description, it's a kids' movie that's fun and heroic and has some good relationships and world-building.

Accessing the canon: The film itself- hosted on (seems like the kind of place to clear your cookies after using, maybe)

General likes about the fandom: I loved the general conceit of this movie, and it's the one exception to my 'apocalypse/dystopia' DNW, though I'd prefer that the fic not focus on the depressing elements of the canon like how many people died. Focusing on rebuilding efforts and changes in culture is fine, though. But the family vibe of the movie was great, and the way the kids learned about their parents as legends was really interesting. It's even cooler to me post-canon, when they have the opportunity to meet their parents and learn about them for real, not just through Tony's eyes.

Torunn: I really liked Torunn's story, where not only did she not know her parents, she didn't know her culture, and she tried to copy as much as she could from what Tony could tell her. I think it would be really cool to see her post-series, maybe able to talk to Asgardians or visit Asgard, but choosing to remain on Earth, and having to pick which elements of her cultures she wants to keep. It would also be cool to read about how her relationships with her father or mother develop now that she can speak to them. Does she fit right in as a worthy warrior in her own right? Or are things more difficult? Does she wonder why they never made contact with her before? Does she have trouble identifying with Asgard even when she's welcomed into it? I'd also like to see how her relationship with Tony is affected by the new revelations, or moving forward. How would getting to know her parents affect her relationship with the man who raised her and her siblings?

I'm fine with shipping, especially exploring how romance would affect the other changes in Torunn's life, but please keep it PG or set a few years later if you do decide to ship the kids. I'm also fine with shipping the ones who grew up together, though preferably also aged up a few years and maybe with some time apart. Also, please don't copy the thing where 12-yo Francis kept calling Torunn beautiful, I would really only like that ship if he were to grow out of that.

[Church (Short Film 2019)]

Church (Short Film 2019)

Requested characters: Ashivon, Sanga

What is this fandom? Church is a three and a half minute long original animatic set to the song Church by Fall Out Boy, detailing a fantastical world where enslaved demons are used by a 'chuch' to serve as executioners for those who have committed murder. Ashivon is a demon who is enslaved by the church. Sanga is a novitiate of the church who sympathizes with Ashivon and uses her church-given magical abilities to help him. It's got fantastic art and reaelly, really works with the song, and you fall into the world in just a few minutes. There's also a cute little demon boy!

Useful links:
The film itself- hosted on YouTube
Notes on the universe by the creator- on tumblr

General likes about the fandom: I love this animatic for the beautiful art and the breadth of possibilities it offers. ToastyHat, the creator, has pages and pages of notes on how she imagines the canon, but you can feel free to ignore those or incorporate just what you like. For this canon, I'm not really looking for fic set during the animatic, but rather after. Gen or shipfic would be equally great, and I'm fine with keeping Tselah (the little demon) with them, or finding his family or somewhere else safe for him and moving on.

I'd love anything about Sanga's magic or her other skillsets
Tell me about Ashivon's relationship with nature or magic (whether you have him coming from another dimension, or another place on the same planet, etc), either or both of their families.
Them finding somewhere they can live together and trying to set up shop there would also be great.
Either or both of them dealing with trauma from the church, and how they go about that.
Raising Tselah: who knows more about parenting? Or demon children? Are there surprises as little demons grow up?
Any sort of struggles to communicate, either due to language barriers or just having really big things going on that are hard to talk about.
If they do try to have a romantic relationship, do they think about these things in the same way? How do they approach commitment, sex, or homemaking?
Explicit fic for this ship is fine as long as it's not PWP. I would like an explicit fic between these two to include elements like that they're exploring how sex works between them or trying something new.

Yuletide links:
AO3 profile
Admin comm

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