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Holly Poly 2019 Creator Letter

Hello multitudinous creator! So great to have you here! I hope you have a wonderful time with this wonderful exchange :)

Dear creator, I'm sorry for how incomplete this letter is as of the close of signups. I'm going to finish it up as soon as possible and hopefully it won't be more than a few days.
*Update: It's done! Thank you for your patience!

General likes:
H/c, found family, polyamory, happy endings, fluff, friendship.
AUs: Mundane, sports, workplace, pack (with or without werewolviness), magical realism.
I'd love to read the thing you've been working on but haven't had an excuse to finish.
Opt-ins: Background relationships.
While I enjoy stories about infidelity, including in poly relationships, I’d like some sort of resolution to any fics that contain infidelity; that is to say, the story doesn’t end with the infidelity on-going and unaddressed.
Kinks that I like are on this page

General prompts:
Characters going to the gym or exercising (or talking about or referencing such)
Characters buying or exchanging or thinking about gifts
Characters cooking or planning meals, characters smoking or drinking
Someone taking care of their partner after a battle: getting their favorite food, a massage, renewing ice packs, changing bandages, putting on music or scents they like
Spending downtime together: a shared hobby, just laying around not getting out of bed, getting groceries
Truth serum
Love languages
Meeting exes

Art likes:
I really like light in artwork, natural or otherwise
I love the color blue. I also really like grayscale works.
I like realistic body features, like body hair, wrinkles, birth markes, tan lines, etc.
I'll adore art from G to E
If there's a new style or technique you've been dying to try out, do it now!
Art DNW: For manips, I don’t want photos of actors when they are not acting as their characters, or at least groomed/dressed in a similar style to their characters.

Do Not Wants:
Explicit sex unless specifically requested for the pairing. Otherwise, please fade-to-black for sex scenes at or soon after the point where pants come off. Any sexual or foreplay activites before that are still totally fine; my limit is the point where sexual fluids get involved.
Psychological horror, body horror, or psychological torture being thoroughly described in the text. A character dealing with trauma from them is fine.
Descriptions of physical torture that go on for more than a few lines.
RPF in general.
Use of the words 'cum' in any context, 'broken' when referring to people (i.e. 'broken by his experiences,' 'just as broken as me'), anthropomorphizing adjectives for genitalia (i.e. 'proud cock,' 'needy hole').
Apocalypses or dystopias.

Holly Poly specific notes:
There are a lot of ways to be polyamorous, and I love all of them! In my prompts for individual relationships below, I may prompt specific configurations, but I'd be more than happy to recieve anything on this list, or any other forms you might think of:
Established multi relationship, all partners equally involved.
Established couple or threesome meeting/inviting a new partner.
Established couple or threesome who have a single agreed-upon exception with another person.
Established couple or threesome having a one night stand or fling with another person.
Established V threesome.
Established multi-party relationship where not everyone is involved with everyone else.
Established relationship that is not working in its current configuration and needs to be adjusted.
Open relationships, semi-open relationships, closed relationships.
Sedoretu, or modified or queered or augemented sedoretu.
People who are not yet in a relationship/are in the early stages of a relationship having discussions about what they want it to look like.
One person pining after an established couple and trying to get invited in.
One person involved in a polyweb or polycule trying to get involved with a segment they're not already involved in.
Any sort of AUs where three- our four-person relationships are the norm or the expectation, or where closed partnerships aren't the sole culturally-approved method of having a relationship.
A couple who have an arrangement with another couple.
An arranged marriage between more than two people, or between two people when one or both parties is already in love.

There are also a lot of ways to love people in general, and I'd love to see any of these explored if they pique your interest. If they don't, that's fine!
Any exploration of how differently-oriented people within a relationship make it work- ex., an asexual person and an allosexual person loving each other, a demisexual person getting to know their lover's new partner, a straight or gay person entering a relationship that involves someone of the gender they're not attracted to, coming out to someone you're already seeing, having identity struggles or epiphanies that would seem to contradict the current relationship.
I'd love to see any LGBT+ headcanons you may have.
Polyamory or kink and how they fit into LGBT spaces.

Last note! (Probably.) I don't mind for this exchange if all of the characters tagged in the relationship don't appear in the fic. If I prompt, for example, Tony/Pepper/Steve and post-Civil War, it's totally fine to have a fic where Pepper and Steve run into each other and talk about that relationship while Tony's elsewhere, as long as the requested relationship is still shaping the story.

Fandoms, characters, and prompts are in no particular order:

[Jane the Virgin]

Jane the Virgin

Michael Cordero Jr./Petra Solano/Rafael Solano/Jane Villanueva: I love all of them! The show going back and forth on who is meant to be with whom gives such whiplash, but I have the solution: The answer is all of them. Some themes that are made of win for this ship: Sedoretu, class issues, body issues, finding ways to show they care, scheduling facetime. I'm cool with keeping the canon growth of Mateo and the twins or just, handwaving those characterizations. Or, like, handwaving the kids, tbh. A fic where Jane meets the new owner of the hotel and it's her old crush, and does not get impregnated would be fine. A specific aspect I'd be interested in is how Michael would get along with Petra and Rafael, since he had relatively little time with them, but I'm 100% ready for any character or plot focuses.
Please no Montana!Michael! Either pretend that whole thing didn't happen, or have him magically become Miami!Michael again when he recovered his memories.

Petra Solano/Rafael Solano/Jane Villanueva: Maybe Jane didn't get with Rafael after breaking up with Michael, she got with Rafael and Petra. Or, maybe just Petra. Or she ended up staying with Rafael and Petra after Michael's death and just... never left. Or they have a drunken night together while the kids are all at sleep-away camp. I'll love anything for this ship set at any point in the canon or any canon divergence. I'll especially love any sign of Jane and Petra being friends.

[Deadpool (Movieverse)]

Deadpool (Movieverse): Likes for this fandom would include Vanessa having Shadowcat powers, someone trying (flip a coin on whether they succeed) to cook a romantic meal, or holiday celebrations (with or without a smut montage)

Vanessa Carlysle/Nathan Summers/Wade Wilson: Three crazy, non-conventional people. Anything about what a relationship between them would look like, whether that's domestic, dealing with issues that come up relating to work, planning for the future, in the middle of Deadpool 3, or whatever you come up with.

[The Good Place]

The Good Place: I'm fine with a canon-compliant fic set at any point in the show, canon divergence, or any sort of AU or fusion you'd like, including mundane AUs.

Tahani Al-Jamil/Chidi Anagonye/Jianyu Li | Jason Mendoza/Eleanor Shellstrop: The dream team! I love the way they come together consistently. Sometimes they dislike each other or are jealous of each other, but they never seem to outright hate each other. And most of the time, they get along and become friends. I'd love to see the reboot, or the AU, or the continuation of their time in Australia, where their relationship gets to develop further into love. I also love shenanigans, miscommunications, or wacky things happening as a result of whatever plot is going on for this ship. Ideally, I'd like something at a canon level of light-hearted, with a happy ending, however that looks. I also don't need for all of them to be involved with all of the others.
Once the study is over, they all just... stay in Australia. For entirely unrelated reasons, of course.
A soulmate-at-first-touch AU
Chidi's thoughts on the ethics of polyamory
Pregancy scares or actual pregnancy. Kidfic would be cool as well!

[Harry Potter]

Harry Potter: I've seen up to the Order of the Phoenix for movies, so you're welcome to reference past that if you'd like, but most of my knowledge is from the books. For each of these ships I'd enjoy either fic set before James and Lily died, or AU where they did not die.

Sirius Black/James Potter/Lily Evans Potter, or Sirius Black/Remus Lupin/James Potter/Lily Evans Potter:
In an everyone lived!AU, raising a child (or more than one child!) in a poly household.
If you go for the hip that includes Remus, Remus getting lots of love.
Dating conventionally as teenagers is hard. How many ways can three/four people screw things up?
Class issues
Accepting families, not-so accepting families
AUs where magic interacts with relationships, like your magic has an affinity for people you're compatible with, or when people are in strong relationships their magic also strengthens
Any magical worldbuilding that you're interested in!
Any identity headcanons you have are welcome!

[Avengers Academy]

Avengers Academy

Captain America/Falcon/Ms. Marvel: I really love the cuteness of Sam and Kamala, but who doesn't love Steve and Sam? I'd love to see a V relationship based on Sam, or maybe something that starts as a V maybe shifting? as Steve and Kamala get to know each other better.
Teengers/young adults figuring out polyamory for the first time.
Steve has already been confused by the way people date and talk about relationships in the future. Sam's new idea is the strangest thing yet... but maybe not unwelcome.
Dating one person was already a hard sell to Kamala's parents, but dating two guys? Maybe she just... won't tell them. No way this could go wrong.
Odin doesn't mind supervising young Falcon and Ms. Marvel's dates, but he'll admit he doesn't understand why Captain America is spending these dates with them, lately.

Captain America/Iron Man/Tigra: Steve/Tony is Avengers Academy is traditional, but when Tigra showed up on my campus and asked Steve out, I was sold. I love her and how she makes Steve, who is usually focused on training and a little stand-offish and awkward, okay with being flirty and even blushy.
Tony's had a thing for Steve for a while, but now Steve has been snapped up by the new supermodel superhero on campus. Is his window of opportunity closed for good?
Steve has been pining for Tony for ages, but he's decided to put it behind him. He's happy with Tigra, but she's noticed that his feelings for Iron Man aren't just what one feels for a teammate.
One their first date, Steve tells Tigra he's already in a relationship. She doesn't mind at all.
Steve/Tony/Tigra/Pepper sedoretu?

Kate Bishop/America Chavez/Singularity: Singularity's introduction in this game was the first time I'd heard f her, but I immediately fell in love with her character and storyline. I'd love to read something about her learning more about Earth, friendship, teamwork, romance, punching things, or whatever! I'm down for established or recently together America and Kate, or a story about all of them coming together, or an established threesome. I'd love to read something explicit for this ship that isn't just PWP. Some exploration of what sex means to a sentient universe would be cool.
Kate or America (or both!) has a crush on Singularity, but doesn't know how to bring it up.
They've just gotten together after a long time pining, and they're so happy! But Singularity looks so lonely...
Established threesome: Singularity is in love! Now to figure out this sex thing.
Some things are better with three.
Fighting together is different now.

Captain America/Ghost Rider 2099/Winter Soldier: I just love Ghost Rider 2099, okay? The second I heard his voice lines I was gone. Is it possible to have a crush on a voice? Because I do I think Bucky does.
Steve and Bucky have been together forever, never even looked at anyone else. But now Bucky's watching this guitar-playing cyborg all the time... how do they deal with this?
Kenshiro said to Spider-Man 2099 at one point 'Standing in the rain is my favorite hobby." He and Bucky share hobbies! Isn't that cool?! (Steve doesn't think so)
It's normal for Steve or Bucky to date a girl every so often. Is it different now that Bucky's interested in another guy?
Steve isn't happy about Bucky's crush on his fellow band member. That is, until he sees Kenshiro's motorbike.
Ghost Rider 2099's AvAc wiki
All of his voice lines!
Pre-invitation story (Relevant content from 0:35-2:45, which includes Bucky)
His R1 story if you want to see it (relevant content from 2:30 to 5:45)

[Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes]

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes: This series is going to Disney+ In November, so it's harder to find it at the usual sites. I've compiled a list of episodes in the best quality I could find if you need/want to rewatch and episode or 48. Find it here! (Below the Avengers Academy links)

Bruce Banner/Clint Barton/Natasha Romanov: I adored Clint and Hulk's friendship on this show, but Clint and Natashas relationship, from close partners to nemeses back to friends was more compelling than any MCU romance really cool. Why not have both! Feel free to use either Hulk or Bruce in your writing, however you prefer it, or both. And also don't feel pressured to write to one of my prompts, I realize they've gotten a little complicated.
Clint's on a rebound, it's clear to see. But will anyone take him up on it? Or will friendship help fill in the hole of hurt he's feeling?
Natasha is surprised (not that she lets it show) when she joins the team to be the recipient of two shovel talks: a loud, angry, green one, and a quiet one that sounds more like begging her to treat Clint right. Clearly, she must take control of the situation.
Clint has picked Hulk, and he's not the kind of guy to go back on a friendship. But Natasha and Hulk don't get along, while she's struck up something with Bruce that neither of them want to give. Can they find any compromise?
When Natasha joins the Avengers, she and Clint get together again. But Hulk's treatment at the hands of Ross is causing problems that will take both her and Clint's abilities to solve.

Clint Barton/Steve Rogers/Janet Van Dyne: I loved Clint and Jan relaxing by the pool. I think Steve could use some of that light-heartedness and relaxation. I'm fine with explicit fic for this ship!
When Steve even looks grim and focused on his birthday, Clint and Jan take it upon themselves to make him have some fun, or so help them!
The last thing Steve expects when he goes to take a dip on the rooftop pool is Hawkeye and Wasp... enjoying themselves there. But when they invite him to slide in with them, he can't say no.
They've been going out on three-person dates for a month before Steve finally notices.
When Steve and Jan announce that they're dating, Clint is surprised and hurt, which neither he nor Jan were expecting. Luckily, Steve isn't a possesive kind of guy.
Steve insists he's happy with Clint, but when pressed, he admits that he misses women. Luckily, Clint's old friend-with-benefits is more than willing to help out her teammates.

James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers/Tony Stark: This canon has such interesting implications for this ship because Steve's relationship with Bucky was closer to that of the comics than the movies: the last time Steve saw Bucky, he was a teenager. I think this could lead to an interesting dynamic when the team becomes aware of his identity.
Steve's quest to save his old sidekick is totally reasonable. But when Tony looks at the Winter Soldier, he sees a grown man from Steve's time, who fights like Steve and will probably relate to him better than Tony can.
When Bucky starts to remember himself, he's different. He's a long way from the kid Steve knew. But can Steve see him that way?
Bucky doesn't remember anything from before his time under the Red Skull's command. But he knows what he wants.
After so long dancing around asking Tony out, Steve is dismayed when the newly recovered Winter Soldier gets there first!

James "Rhodey" Rhodes/Steve Rogers/Tony Stark: Although I feel that Rhodey's characterization during his three episodes of EMH is pretty similar to his characterization in the MCU, Tony and Steve do have quite different characterization between canons. I think that a less prickly Tony and a more open-minded Steve might bring in some possibilities for this OT3 that wouldn't exist in the MCU.
Who better to show around a newly defrosted Captain America than a current military man? At least, that's what Rhodey desperately argues when the Avengers retrieve Steve.
Steve has been trying to figure out if Tony likes men for a while. When Rhodey shows up and he and Tony are clearly in a relationship, he realizes that he never had a shot. Unbeknownst to him, Tony has been waiting to make a move until he and Rhodeyc ould make it together.
Steve has been trying to figure out if Tony likes men for a while. When Rhodey shows up and he and Tony are clearly head over heels for each other, but unwilling to make a move, he realizes that he can put his tactical skills to use and make everyone happy.
When War Machine joins the Avengers, he and Captain America hit it off immediately, leaving Tony feeling somewhat left in the dust. But Rhodey won't make a move on Steve out of deference to Tony, Steve won't make a move for the same reason, and Tony figures that they've laid claim to each other before he could try. What will bring this stand-off to an end? (Bonus points if it's Natasha.)



Jonathan of Conté/Thayet jian Wilima/Raoul of Goldenlake and Malorie's Peak/Buriram Tourakom: I think there are a few ways to play this ship within the canon that could be really interesting! Are some customs of the Tortallan or Saren or K'Miri people that helped shape the relationship? And how do those customs look to people not from that culture? Or, are they keeping the relationship secret, or is it an open secret in Tortall? Does it affect diplomacy or governance? And of course, sedoretu is always an option.
It takes Jonathan a few years to notice that for his wife, something is missing.
Tortallan royalty is expected to have a royal upper marriage and a noble lower marriage to support the throne. Historically, the lower marriage has been chosen from the highest nobles in the land. But this, as with many other things, is a change the new regime will make,
Raoul and Buri had something unspoken for a long time, because of the implications.
They're not in love, but they are friends, and this is the best choice for everyone.
As progressive as they've managed to push things, there's no way Tortallan court would recognize a full K'Mir marriage. But, unofficially, everyone knows not to mess with the Commander of the King's Own or the co-Commander of the Queen's Riders.
It can be hard to balance official duties with what they want.

Alanna of Pirate's Swoop and Olau/George Cooper/Jonathan of Conté/Thayet jian Wilima: When I first read the books I thought it was sad that Alanna couldn't just have a relationship with George and Jonathan. And now, I think the same! But I also really like Thayet. So as with the above ship, I'm interested in how this relationship factors into Tortallan court politics—is it official, an open secret, an actual secret, a non-issue—but also just how it works for them within the relationship.
Living at Pirate's Swoop and spending the holidays in Corus.
George stays out of daylight politics as much as he can, mostly to avoid the clothes and the manners. Some days he regrets getting involved with royalty.
Thayet grew up expecting to deal with one husband. In Tortall, apparently, she's expected to be wife to three.
Some days, all George and Thayet can do is take their tea into another room and let their spouses shout each other down.
When the relationship comes to light, some of the nobles protest the Crown Prince of Tortall being raised withint a K'Mir-style family.

Alianne Cooper/Nawat Crow/Dovasary Balitang: I just want to see Aly and Nawat supporting Dove as ruler, whatever that entails.
Aly and Nawat notice that Dove is looking run-down in a way they are perfectly positioned to fix.
Officially, Dove and her advisors are looking for a suitable husband for her. Unofficially, Dove is crow-married.
Dove goes to bed with a headache from a particular political snarl. By the time she wakes up, her personal team has taken care of it for her.
Dove's birthday is full of pomp and circumstance and official celebrations and unofficial events that are very public. It's not until a few days later that she gets to celebrate with her family.

[Marvel 616]

Marvel 616

James "Bucky" Barnes/Felicia Hardy/Natasha Romanov: Gotta love gray-morality ships. I have some prompts here, but honestly there are so many possibilities for these guys, so I'd love to read whatever you come up with as well. I'm also open to explicit fic for this ship.
Felicia's a contact for a mission... who sticks around a little longer.
Bucky knows that Natasha's seen other people in the years since they've been together... but he can still be surprised.
Honeypots get dicey when everyone involved is used to being double or triple agents.
There's a rule: whoever loses whenever they encounter each other has to pay for the drinks.
One of these days, Felicia will become a good guy again... or the Black Widow and the Winter Soldier will become bad guys again.
Felicia, Natasha, and Bucky are happy... but none of their friends think its' going to last.

James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers/Natasha Romanov: What a great ship! Natasha and Bucky's relationship is so sweet, in spite of everything they've been through, and Steve has good friends and has lots of faith in his teammates but seems to find himself alone in bad circumstances a depressing amount. He might be a lot more stable and feel a lot more secure if he had some strong support more consistently at his back.
Stability finally comes to the American superhero community when these three [under whatever cape names] start to run things as a triumvirate- in the light or in the shadows.
Steve and Bucky are open about their relationship, at least within their tight-knit community. Natasha doesn't want anyone to know she's involved, too.
"So when's it my turn to be Captain America?"
Any two taking care of the third after a hard battle or mission. Or, one taking care of the other two after the same.
Any or all of them: the side they never show to anyone else.
Natasha's amnesia storyline: She remembers being in a relationship wth Steve, but not with Bucky.
I'd also love to read this ship in any sort of Mundane AU, or an AU where they have different positions within the 616 universe.

James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers/Tony Stark: I like all of these characters for very different reasons, but Steve and Tony's constant push and pull is one of my favorite things in the comics. I also really like Bucky's sense of humor. I'm open to explicit fic for this ship.
Tony and Bucky got closer despite themselves after Civil War. Tony's amnesia changed things, but not irreparably. Steve's return throws everything into flux.
Steve and Tony are on-again-off-again. Bucky takes his shot with Steve during one of the down times and, as with any of his shots, lands it perfectly. What happens when Tony comes knocking again?
One of Tony's guilty-pleasure fantasies is Steve and the Winter Soldier together. Steve's aware of it, but he has no intention of doing anything about it until he notices how Bucky's eyes are lingering...
One of Tony's guilty-pleasure fantasies is Steve and the Winter Soldier together. Steve's aware of it, but he has no intention of doing anything about it until he can't think of a birthday present for Tony...

James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers/Natasha Romanov/Tony Stark: I love all of these characters and the various complicated relationships between them. I'd love to read something where not everyone is together, or maybe not together yet, but they are all aware of the others' partners and maybe have an uneasy aceptance of it. I don't need them all to be in the fic, but I'd like for the arrangement to be a point of uncertainty or relevance to whatever plot you like. Feel free to incorporate one ro more of my prompts for the above ships. I also think it would be cool if the arrangement as it stands was manipulated by one fo the people in it to get two or more fo the others to be friends again, or maybe even to make different choices in the world outside, or for the greater good. Though I usually love happy endings (and am still a-okay with one for this ship!), I'm also open to something a little more open-ended or murkier here. I'm also open to explicit fic for this ship.
Two of your partners aren't talking to each other (or are actively fighting).
Having one relationship that you know is solid makes it a lot easier to take chances.
Feeling left out in a poly relationship.
Having somewhere you belond, no matter what else is going down.
Leaving the rest of it at the door.
Someone who has been playing their cards close to their chest finally tells their partners' what's going on... and finds the issue fixed by the time they wake up the next morning. Okay, maybe it's not quite that fast... or maybe it is.)



Petra Solano (Jane the Virgin)/Rafael Solano (Jane the Virgin)/Trish Walker (MCU): I'd love an explicit fic for this ship, I just think they're all super hot :D As far as plot goes, I'd love something where Trish goes to Miami to get away from it all and stays at the Marbella.
Trish succeeds in staying under the radar, and notices/is noticed by the couple that owns the hotel. Does she have a Florida Fling? Or is she tempted to stay longer? Either way is great!
Trish's visit gets noticed by the media and is good attention for the hotel. Rafael and/or Petra are very willing to befriend their celebrity guest for the publicity.
Perhaps something that involves Trish's abilities? I don't want something that goes the way of her canonic storyline towards the end of JJ season 3, but perhaps the public assumes her presence at the hotel is a sign of Bad Things Happening there. Sudden need for a fake dating scheme so that the hotel's reputation isn't damaged? Or as a cover for her actually investigating something going down there? Or, the relationship is a secret for some reason, and a possible investigation is actually the cover!
Trish knew Rafael from their respective party days. Is her visit catching up with an old friend, a hook-up, or reigniting an old flame? And is Petra jealous, or enthusiastic?

Felicia Hardy (616)/Wanda Maximoff (MCU)/Ava Starr (MCU): I just love these three so much. Each of them has spent time as good guys and bad guys in their respective areas of the Marvel universe, which means there's a hgue range of ways they could fit together on either side fo the hero/villain aisle. I'm providing some ideas, but if you have something particular in mind I'd love to read that! And I'd be fine with explicit fics for this ship, especially if someone's powers get involved.
Three superpowered women with gray morality meet at the Avengers' training camp. This could end happy or very badly for everyone around them, but it's certainly going to end well for anyone Felicia likes.
Wanda and Ava are the Avengers' version of a black ops team, under Natasha's supervision. They didn't fit in with the main team and they're happy travelling the world together and doing good without having to be public figures. Will the appearance of a mysterious agent in black pull them away from the life they've come to love, or join them?
Felicia decides to pit her abilities against a Witch and a Ghost in a game everyone will enjoy.
Color-themed Avengers Scarlet Witch and Black try to catch the latest super-thief. But can they? And if they do... what then?

James "Bucky" Barnes (616)/Faith Lehane (BtVS)/Natasha Romanov (616): I adored Faith in Buffy and thought she got really mistreated byt he Scoobies and the narrative. I'd like to see something where she's grown up, maybe more stable, maybe not, and encounters two super-spies in the course of her work, whatever that may be these days. If you want to make it a 616 AU Faith and forget the vampire stuff, that's fine, or you can keep it, I'm open. If you want to have Natasha and/or Bucky as some sort of creatures or creatures hunters, that's totally great as well :D
Bucky or Natasha calls in an old friend to help with their current mission.
Someone's ex is in town. This could be the perfect time to catch up... or not.
A new prospective Avengers comes to a party. She wasn't expecting to recognize anyone.
Some people call it the end of the world. Other people call it a Wednesday.

[Marvel Cinematic Universe]

Marvel Cinematic Universe

James "Bucky" Barnes/Natasha Romanov/Tony Stark: I love these three so much and will certainly love anything you come up with for them. I'm 100% here for canon-compliant fics (up until that... wouldn't work for the ship, anyway), canon divergence, canon-setting AUs and mundane/non-canon setting AUs of any stripe.
Natasha and Tony haven't told anyone on the team that they've tentatively started a relationship, which is complicated when Bucky announces he and Natasha used to be in love- which she doesn't remember at all.
Natasha and Bucky are sickeningly sweet in love, but they are for some reason willing to put up with Tony moping around them after he and Pepper break up for the last time. Then, for some reason, they decide to be more proactive in making him happy.
Tony and Natasha both want to ask out the newest Avenger. Bucky doesn't see why he should have to pick just one.
When the 'Rogue Avengers' come back to the States, they set up shop on the West Coast. Tony and Natasha end up the co-leaders of the New York-based Avengers team. How does this new dynamic affect their relationship? And how does the de-pregorammed Winter Soldier, who's been skulking around New York, fit in?
Any modern AU would also make me squee all around town. I have this idea where Natasha is a professional Secret Shopper, anything with that would be amazing.
Sedoretu with Pepper?

James "Bucky" Barnes/Nebula/Sam Wilson: My babies. I love Sam and Bucky's Civil War dynamic, and their Endgame dynamic, so whichever you like better, I'm there. I also love Nebula's character development and would love to see her with a new purpose in life to focus on.
Are these three part of the new post-Endgame Avengers team? Or perhaps working together outside of that. Sam and Bucky pledge to crush Hydra once and for all, and Nebula is more than happy to join them on a killing spree long-term mission.
Bucky and Sam come out of the Snap into a world they don't know. Nebula is suddenly stranded on Earth.
None of them have any energy for lies and dissembling. The truth can cleanse even when it hurts.
Mundane AU about these guys working through their traumas.
Canon or mundane AU with an established couple, and how they go form a pair to a group of three, in any configuration. Probably not the most 'functional' lot, but a lot of potential.
Some sort of dynamics AU, like Pack or ABO or D/s, especially if Nebula's approach is different from the human way, or if Bucky's experience with Hydra/growing up in the 30s gives him a different perspective, or both!

Nebula/Pepper Potts/Tony Stark: I'm seeing something right after Infinity War where Nebula stays on Earth instead of heading into space with Rocket. Nebula's age is not given in canon (I checked) so while I do love the Dad!Tony vibes, I could also see this ship sailing if you make the argument that Nebula is older, she just never got good socialization. Anyway, Some hand-wavey reason for Nebula staying on Earth—Tony wants to hire an expert in alien tech for the Avengers or SI, she's gonna be a consultant for the new SWORD in the MCU, she needs extensive repairs after the torture in Endgame, etc—and there you have it!
Nebula has no idea how to function in a relationship. But that's okay, because Tony and Pepper are still figuring that out as they go. OR, Nebula does have an idea of how to function in a relationship—and it's kinda fucked up.
They're in a relationship by the time Pepper becomes pregnant. How do you deal with that?
The relationship actually works pretty well for them; it's everyone else's reactions that can be hard to handle.
If Tony knew that all he had to do to get Pepper to start training with one of his armors was start dating a blue space assassin, he would've found one years ago.
Pepper isn't sure about dating Nebula at first, but when Tony sells it as being a Sugar Mama to a woman who has never gone on a shopping spree in her life, she's onboard pretty damn fast. Nebula gets showered with love and luxury and is surprisingly okay with it.

James "Bucky" Barnes/Pepper Potts/Tony Stark: I love these characters and I'm down for fluff, or plotty fic, or tropey fic, established relationship or get-togethers, good times or bad times, canon-compliant or AU. Basically anything for them will make me happy!
Each of them has different ideas of what an anniversary celebration should look like.
After SHIELD goes down, the Avengers are able to deprogram Bucky pretty qickly, and Tony and Pepper don't waste any time before getting to know the new hottie in the Tower. But the latest data packet from Hydra's files reveals information that Bucky couldn't remember, and that Tony might have preferred remain in the past.
Pepper and Bucky have their own in-jokes that Tony doesn't get to know.
Tony's new personal assistant is too good to be true. Like, literally, is he a plant?
Tony or Pepper hires an actor to "date" so that they look like they're over the latest break-up. It doesn't quite work out that way.
Pepper doesn't know how her partners will react when she tells them she's pregnant, but she doesn't think it'll be sunshine and rainbows.

James "Bucky" Barnes/Sharon Carter/Sam Wilson: It'll be a year before Falcon and the Winter Soldier comes out, but in the meantime, how great would these three be together? I feel like Sharon has a great mix of competence and caution, and daredevilry and boldness to make a good team with these two. And Bucky and Sam's dynamic looks like it's shifted as of the end of Endgame. With the very little we have to go on what do you think this group will look like?
The Snap has just been undone. That means a whole lot of bad guys just came back to life. These three are in charge of tracking them down before they can get re-entrenched.
Friends with benefits was working just fine before the Snap. Things are different now.
How long is respectful to wait after your friend travels in time and comes back old before asking out their ex? Just hypothetically?
The pros and cons of a V threesome when the two unconnected parties see each other firmly as friends.
They might find it easier to be satisfied with an incomplete sedoretu if Sam and Sharon weren't both secretly imagining Natasha as the Evening woman who'd fit them perfectly. (I'd be down for bittersweet for this fic or not-dead!Natasha.)

James "Bucky" Barnes/Sharon Carter/Steve Rogers/Natasha Romanov: Spy/SHIELD dream team, anyone? Any canon era or AU will do. And sedoretu is a bonus!
SHIELD's mission completion rate has never been higher thanks to the newest STRIKE team. The team members, meanwhile, are just enjoying the feeling that they're finally where they're supposed to be, and with the people they're supposed to be with.
Soulmates AU
Sharon isn't a member of the Avengers, but with as much time as she spends at the complex, she might as well be. And people have noticed.
Nat and Sharon were assigned by SHIELD to keep Steve and Bucky working for the agency, whatever it took. As usual, their mission is running perfectly.
Any sort of get-together fic, including it two or three or the characters are together and looking to add.
It's the annual Avengers family and friends event, which means that it's time, once again, for the epic Agent Widow vs Winter Captain face-off event. There are public prizes for the winner, as well as private ones.

James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers/Professional Dom(me): The premise of this request is about a committed, two-person relationship wherein one or of the participants has needs that can't be fulfilled within the relationship, so they seek outside help. I don't care if it's Steve or Bucky or both who seeks out this assistance, and I don't have a preference for the gender of the person they hire. It can even be another canon character in a complete AU, or just an AU where Steve and Bucky are still as in canon, but (for example) Natasha is a professional Domme. I'm fine with explicit sex for this ship, but equally fine with non-sexual kink. Wherever the story takes you!
They've been wanting to incorporate BDSM into their sex life for awhile, but want an outside spotter because one or both of them has bad triggers.
Some days, Steve wants to be knocked down a peg, literally. Bucky doesn't want anything to do with that, but he doesn't mind Steve getting it somewhere else.
Bucky likes to be tied down and petted for hours on end. Steve doesn't like seeing him like that/is afraid of getting Bucky down only for an Avengers emergency to pop up.
D/s or ABO AU: Steve and Bucky are subs/omegas (or however you feel like setting it up, I'm not picky there). Maybe they used to have a Dom/alpha who died or is no longer available, or they didn't need one (or insisted they didn't), but whatever the case was, they find that they do need one now.

Nebula/Pepper Potts/James "Rhodey" Rhodes/Tony Stark: I'd love fic set after Endgame for this ship (ignore Tony's death or explain it away as you will), but something where Nebula reaches Earth earlier than in canon would also be cool! Or something set during the five years, because I am rather attached to Nebula's character growth.
On Earth, relationships are set up by moeity. Nebula's never heard of it, but it's far from the strangest planetary custom she's come across. And something about having three other people who are willing and able to love and support her is... nice.
Nebula's expectation for a relationship includes two more people than Rhodey was expecting. Luckily, he has two close friends (who he may or may not have a standing arrangement with when they're all in the mood) who are interested in exploring foreign customs.
Nebula is sent to Earth to marry into the Avengers as part of a truce between her conquest-hungry people and Earth's strong planetary defenses. No one's expecting it to go well, but... they figure it out.
Rhodey and Nebula have started dating, and she doesn't care that he and Tony have been on-again-off-again for decades. But Rhodey's not sure about how he feels when Nebula and Pepper start spending a lot of time together.

Ava Starr/Bucky Barnes/Sam Wilson: Three of my favorite characters! I'd love to see them in a post-Snap world, but I'm also down for canon divergence AUs set at any point, or if you want to just make something up like them all joining a West Coast Avengers team or something.
They each have their own reasons for going after Hydra. Sometimes their goals line up. When they do, they work together, and when the mission's over, they move on.
Ava comes over to the Avengers when Hope and Scott do, but she doesn't join the team. Bucky's in a similar boat. They hang around the compound together and compose thirst tweets for the Avengers as a coping mechanism.
Sam is the leader of the new West Coast Avengers. He's doing a lot more cat-herding than he thought Captain America would have to do, but the job comes with some pretty great benefits: he got to pick at least two members of his team.
The Ghost is one of several suspected Hydra agents that Sam and Bucky are trying to track down. When they find her, she has a fantastical story to tell, and they have a tough decision to make.

Sharon Carter/Pepper Potts/Steve Rogers/Tony Stark: Stony is a big ship in this fandom, and it makes for great fic, but on the whole I tend to think they'd be too volatile to actually make anything work. With Pepper and Sharon, however? Insulation from their personalities and bad decisions? Maybe a four-person relationship would stand a chance! I'm open to explicit fic for this ship as well.
Pepper and Tony have been looking for a third for their relationship for a while, maybe trying and ruling out people over time. They never considered Steve to be a good fit for them, but when he and Sharon get together and make a wonderful couple, they reconsider their options.
Pepper has a subbie girlfriend on the side, and Tony loves hearing about it (and, once in a while, seeing it). When Steve asks Sharon out, Pepper gives her blessing- as long as she and Tony can watch.
A relationship that's worked for several years runs into difficulties when Sharon and Steve want to look into having kids, and Pepper and/or Tony aren't so sure.
A relationship that's worked for several years runs into difficulties when Sharon finds out she's pregnant. Tony, who always swore he would never have kids, may or may not make a rash decision.
Tony and Steve go through cycles of fighting and making up, and it's part of their dynamic and they always make up in the end. Pepper and Sharon have never fought over anything... until now.

Sharon Carter/Steve Rogers/Natasha Romanov: I feel like I don't see a lot of F/F/M ships? Maybe it's just me? Anyway, Natasha and Sharon were both underserved massively by the canon, so I'd love to read anything that grants them some depth and agency and history.
Natasha tries to set Steve up with every available SHIELD agent she knows, and of course the only person Steve seems interested in is Natasha's secret girlfriend.
Steve and Natasha are the ones publically dating, because they're both in the public eye already. But they don't let Sharon feel like she's not as important in the relationship.
Two of them taking care of the third after a difficult mission/battle.
Who is the cook in this relationship? The early bird? The one who's organized? The person who buys Christmas gifts throughout the year, or plans trips, or explains SHEILD's unique retirement plans to teh others?
Sharon's ex shows up, for better or worse.

James "Bucky" Barnes/Pepper Potts/Steve Rogers/Natasha Romanov/Tony Stark: Lots of my fav characters all in one. I don't need for everyone is this ship to be involved with everyone else, or even more than one person, but it would be cool to see how having a group like this would alter team dynamics, or affect the individual relationships involved. As I said in my general notes for this exchange, I also don't need for everyone involved to appear int he fic, as long as the dynamic of the relationship is meaningful to the story.
Tony's throwing a holiday party. It'll be the first time Natasha sees Pepper since they stopped seeing each other. Bucky promises to stick by her side, but Steve isn't sure where he stands.
Steve and Pepper go on a ski vacation together, leaving the other three, who've never spent any time alone together like this, uncertain.
Pepper and Bucky hit it off much better than anyone expected.
Tony and Steve get into another fight, and their partners aren't happy.
The difficulties of co-owning a cat or dog with four other people.

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