Lilac (meatball42) wrote,

Trick or Treat 2019 Letter

Hi Trick or Treater! Thank you for creatings something for me! I hope you have a delightfully spooky time with this exchange.

This letter is currently in progress. complete!

General likes:
H/c, found family, polyamory, Love Languages, happy endings, fluff, friendship.
AUs: Mundane, sports, workplace, pack (with or without werewolviness), magical realism.
I'd love to read the thing you've been working on but haven't had an excuse to finish.
Sprinkle your work with any of the following for a happy meatball: specific recipes or dishes, characters going to the gym or exercising (or talking about or referencing such), buying or exchanging or thinking about gifts, marijuana, or cats.
Kinks that I like are on this page

Art likes:
I really like light in artwork, natural or otherwise
I love the color blue. I also really like grayscale works.
I like realistic body features, like body hair, wrinkles, birth markes, tan lines, etc.
I'll adore art from G to E
If there's a new style or technique you've been dying to try out, do it now!
Art DNW: Use of photos of actors when they are not acting as their characters, or groomed/dressed in a similar style to their characters

Do Not Wants:
Instantaneous or inexplicably fast attraction/relationship/sex, unless you're intentionally going for PWP.
Psychological horror or psychological torture being thoroughly described in the text, character dealing with trauma is fine.
Descriptions of physical torture that go on for more than a few lines.
RPF in general.
Use of the words 'cum' in any context, 'broken' when referring to people (i.e. 'he was left broken by his experiences'), anthropomorphizing adjectives for genitalia (i.e. 'proud cock,' 'needy hole').

Trick of Treat specific notes:
I am super excited about the Battleship Challenge and I would be delighted for anyone to use my requests as an excuse to create pretty much anything for it. My personal favorite squares on the map are:
Works involving at least three individuals in a relationship
Alternate Universes
Works in first or second person
5+1 or variants thereof
Poetry (I especially love haikus and sonnets)
LGBTQ themes
Cats, costumes, holidays (doesn’t have to be Halloween), dubcon

Most of my prompts are assuming gen due to the character matching, but I'm also very open to shipping if that's what you're feeling! I've written a brief comment about my shipping preferences for each fandom. Please don't feel that I'd be less happy with a ship fill than a gen fill, or vice versa!

Fandoms, characters, and prompts are in no particular order:

[Fanfiction Exchanges (Anthropomorphic)]Fanfiction Exchanges (Anthropomorphic)
Chocolate Box, Multifandom Drabble, Trick or Treat, Worldbuilding Ex, Exchange Letters

Are some of these exchanges ecxciteable? Smug? Are some of them friends? Is world-building a daydreamer? Do they chat about good nominations, brag about their favorite rare pairs? Are the exchange letters excited, or tired from being copy-pasted so many times? Do they feel like they are really the ones keeping this whole thing together?
I have no idea how to prompt for this, but I'll enjoy anything light-hearted and fun.

[Avengers Academy]Avengers Academy
Janet Van Dyne, Jessica Drew, Jessica Jones, Natasha Romanova, Singularity, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Winter Soldier

I'm so glad to see this in the tagset! I'll love anything for this fandom, honest.
Treat (fic): It's Halloween! What are people dressing up as this year. Are they under attack? Who's dating whom, and are they matching costumes? The Academy Halloween party and anything that happens there. If you're not in a Halloween mood, I'll take relationship fluff for any of these characters, shipped with whoever you like!

Treat (art): I'd love to see any costume idea you come up with for any character. Or, the latest pet on campus.

Trick (fic): The TimeFog is right there. Anything about amnesia, mysterious appearances or disappearances, strange happenings, voices or spectres. Pranks! Someone claiming they're not scared, but... Something does not have to be very scary to count as a trick for me, I am happy with even mild spookiness.

Trick (art): Maybe someone getting spooked on the path? Or a costume, but spooky? Someone flying in the sky, but is it a student, or something more sinister?

[The Addams Family (TV 1964)]The Addams Family (TV 1964)
Gomez Addams, Morticia Addams, Wednesday Addams

Treat (fic): Anything with any of these characters having a wonderful time being creepy, kooky, myserious &/or spooky. I love all their interpretations of what makes something great :) Pets and plants especially! Or, how they would interact with newer technologies!

Trick or treat (art): Anything fun really, doesn't have to be a masterpiece. I like cute things, and cute things with creepy tones. Full moons, hungry plants, animals, rituals and witchery.

[Brooklyn Nine-Nine]
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Adrian Pimento, Amy Santiago, Doug Judy, Jake Peralta, Kevin Cozner, Ray Holt, Rosa Diaz, Terry Jeffords

I'm down for any ships with these characters.

Treat (fic): Any pranks, candy or sweet shenanigans, or arguments. Maybe someone hosts a Halloween party? What costumes do people wear? Obviouly, anything related to a Halloween Heist is A+.

Trick or treat (art): I'm a big fan of costumes, or someone scaring someone else, or chasing someone in a moon-lit alleyway. Charles's carefully decorated dairy-free nut-free Halloween cake would be great.

[The Defenders]
The Defenders
Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Malcolm Ducasse, Misty Knight, Tilda Johnson, Ward Meachum

I think the only things I wouldn't ship among these characters would be the potential m/m pairings.

Treat (fic): Soft Halloween celebrations, whatever that means for that character. Luke and Misty and Tilda might enjoy Halloween in their communities, seeing the kids trick or treating or going to parties with friends. Maybe Misty's on duty or Tilda has the shop open late with all her spookiest products out or Harlme's Paradise has a contume contest. Maybe Jess actually has a good time handing out candy, Malcolm has friends who host a party, or Ward has a charity event, or something. Someone who was sad in a park is visited by a mysterious and pettable black cat. I'd also love anything about magical rituals, or magic abilities.

Trick or treat (art): For a treat, something fun with costumes or candy. Cats galore. For a trick, a bad guy with dark powers, or the shadows people carry with them.

"Trapper" John McIntyre, Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce, Father Francis Mulcahy, Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan, Maxwell Klinger, Radar O'Reilly

I don't ship much in this fandom, but I'm down for Trapper/Hawkeye or Margaret/Anyone who would treat her nicely. Friendships are most welcome :)

Trick or treat (fic): Honestly anything for this fandom! For treats, I'm imagining shanigans, pranks, dressing up, party games. For tricks, something haunting the camp, or telling spooky stories.

Trick or treat (art): Same prompts as the above? Or, a young animal comes into camp and they have to tend it.

Katy, Wayne, Reilly & Jonesy

I don't have any ship preferences in this fandom other than that I like it when Reilly and Jonesy are dating the same person :D

Trick or treat (fic): Whatever floats your boat here :D I love this show so anything for it would be great. Some costume shenanigans? Maybe a costume contest? Halloween pranks, maybe someone's stealing candy. People seeing ghosts.

Trick or treat (art): I would love to see people wearing costumes, whether they're stupid or good. Maybe a haunting behind the produce stand? Or something scaring the animals...

[Marvel Cinematic Universe]
Marvel Cinematic Universe
Ava Starr, Betty Ross, FRIDAY, James "Bucky" Barnes, James "Rhodey" Rhodes, Luis, Nebula, Sam Wilson, Sharon Carter, Shuri, Wanda Maximoff

I'm a fan of a wide variety of ships, so rather than listing them, these are the characters I don't want involved in shipping: Loki, Strange, Thor, Hela, Thanos, the male Guardians.

Treat (fic): Any of these characters having a good time on Halloween, however that looks to them. If Ava's idea of a good Halloween is sitting on a roof alone, that's fine with me. If Wakanda doesn't have Halloween so Shuri pranks T'Challa and says it's in the spirit of a holiday he's barely heard of, I'll love it. Trick or treating, halloween parties, costumes and costume contests, buying candy, eating candy, getting sick from candy, baking a cake decorated like a spiderweb, bobbing for apples, whatever! Having a good time with friends, family, partners, teams, etc.

Treat (art): Anything Halloween! Costumes, Halloween games, parties, black cats, candy, flying in the moonlight.

Trick (art): Fighting any sort of Halloween creature! Bonus points for picking one off the Battleship list. Or, a character looking haunted by something that may or may not be visible. Characters doing arcane rituals, or evil versions of characters!

[Original Work]
Original Work
Baby Dragon Who Has Everyone Wrap Around Their Finger, Cat Who Sees Ghosts, Dinosaur Ghost, Fire Elemental, Ghost Cat, Ghost Jellyfish, Ghost Mouse, Ghost of Highly Intelligent Octopus that Escaped From Its Tank, Ghost Whale, Greenland Shark, Grizzled Soldier Who Keeps Adopting Abandoned Kittens, Incredibly Long-Lived Deep Sea Sponge, Kitten Ghost, Littlest Sheet Ghost On First Haunting Assignment, Magicshop Clerk Tired Of Dealing W/ People Who Don't Read Warning Labels On Potions, Ordinary Goat Which Through Random Coincidence Is Constantly Mistaken For A Monster, Winter Witch, Giant Spider Who Loves Halloween, Forest Spirit

If you want to make this shippy in any way, you're welcome to.

Treat (art): I'm imagining the cutest version of all of these :D I am also very here for spoopy or spooky. Feel free to add additional characters, settings, whatever comes to mind. For example, if you want to draw a Giant Spider Who Loves Haloween, please feel free to draw in whataver Halloween accoutrements you like best! I'm also totally open to combining prompts. If you want the Ghost jellyfish and Ghost Whale to be friends, that is A-OK :D

[The Ancient Magus Bride]The Ancient Magus Bride
Ruth, Alice, Hatori Chise, Elias Ainsworth

For shipping, I like any of these characters shipped with Chise, including any V-shaped poly ships.

Treat (fic): I really liked the Christmas-themed episode, so anything with Chise picking out presents for people the next year! Any actual interaction with Silky, fun times with any neighbors (or Neighbors), really anything fluffy :) I'd love to read Chise and Alice hanging out again. Maybe Ruth starting to recover a little from losing his sister. Elias learning more about his emotions. Chise having a good time making something with magic.

Treat (art): So many weird and pretty fairies! I'm not big on the random feminine nudity of the anime, but all of the animal-themed neighbors were really cool. Regular animals would also be sweet. Maybe the village celebrates Halloween? What kind of creatures are visible then? I'd also love to see any of these characters in Halloween costumes or trick or treating. This was a last-minute request, so I didn't put in Stella, but if you want to include her in fluffy fic or art, that would be fine as well.

Trick (art or fic): Anything scary or dangerous! This is the only fandom where I'd really go for body horror, since it's canonical. Any sort of hauntings, possession, anything they have to beat or kill or send away. Or just the characters struggling to deal with their own traumas. What kind of things can fairies get up to on Halloween?

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