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Netflix Originals Exchange 2019 Letter

Hello fellow Netflix subscriber! I'm looking forward to seeing what inspires you in these shows :)

This letter is still in progress almost done finally done, sorry for the wait!

Things I always like:
-People taking care of each other, emotionally or physically.
-Misunderstandings and miscommunication
-Polyamory of pretty much any sort, with a vibranium star bonus for sedoretu. Always feel free to make any pairing I've requested poly.
-Structured kink. Casual kink is wonderful as well, but I like fics about people discussing their play, BDSM worlds, etc. I do not need for fics about kink to also include sex. Kink is great on its own, though if you want to include sex that is welcome! This is a list of kinks I like.
-Crack or crack taken seriously.
-That random thing you've been working on but never had an excuse to finish.
-Any inclusions of: specific recipes or dishes, marijuana, or cats.
-Background characters, friendships, or pairings.
-Happy endings

My favorite AUs:
-Professional workplace AUs of absolutely any stripe. Bonus points if the author has RL experience in said setting
-Sports AUs, especially if the creator knows the sport and goes into detail about it
-Any gender-system-based worldbuildings, including ABO or D/s
-Pack AUs
-Any kind of scent-based biology changes, canon-compliant or otherwise
-Racebending AUs
-Magical realism AUs, especially those where some characters are fantasy creatures; my favorite is incubus or succubus fic

Do Not Wants:
Instantaneous or inexplicably fast attraction/relationship/sex, unless you're intentionally going for PWP.
Psychological horror or psychological torture being thoroughly described in the text, character dealing with trauma is fine.
Descriptions of physical torture that go on for more than a few lines.
RPF in general, including the use of photos of actors for artworks.
Use of the words 'cum' in any context, 'broken' when referring to people (i.e. 'his broken past,' 'How can you love me when I'm so broken?'), anthropomorphizing adjectives for genitalia (i.e. 'his proud cock').

Netflix Originals Exchange notes:
I missed out on nominations for this, so there are a lot of pairings I like that aren't in the tagset, including gen and poly pairings. If I've requested a ship here, please assume that I'm also fine recieving a gen version of the ship or a poly version with whichever characters you'd like! I'm also fine with any background pairings, in the tagset or not.

Prompts and fandoms are in no particular order:

[Voltron: Legendary Defender]Voltron: Legendary Defender:

Allura & Coran & Hunk & Keith & Krolia & Lance & Pidge | Katie Holt & Romelle & Shiro: I like team-building and fluff for this group! Happy ending please, and not too much angst. Please don't feel pressure to include every person equally. If the fic focuses on a few of them and the rest are in the background, that's totally fine.
Throwing a party
Taking a break on a spa planet
Taking care of each other after a battle
Any professional or mundane AU, maybe they're a film crew going out to make a movie on a spooky night in the woods
Mundane AU, going camping

Acxa/Veronica (Voltron): Acxa is a super cool character to me, I love bad guy characters who have moral codes, whether or not they're the same moral code that other people have. I like that she and Veronica didn't get along at first and that there were cultural barriers to contend with.
On a mission together
Different approaches to common issues
Secret relationship

[Nailed It!]Nailed It!: Fandom-specific DNW: Just to be clear, I am not looking for RPF for this ship! I prefer to be immersed in the show, because if it weren't scripted and whatnot, this would be sexual harassment.

Nicole Byer/Wes: I love Nicole and Wes. She is so thirsty, and he seems to have a good sense of humor about it, and about the silly things he has to wear every episode. I also loved the one Holiday DIY episode where Wes wasn't there and Nicole was distraught and started calling the other guy 'Wes Two'.
Their relationship is a secret... technically
A guest judge starts flirting with Nicole
Food poisoning!
Wes brings one of his costumes home after work
One of them tries to apply the cooking skills they've learned from working on the show, for better or worse
Anything fluffy or funny you can think of!


Matt Murdock/Elektra Natchios: I like stories exploring relationships where people love each other, but aren't actually best suited for whatever reason. That's kinda angsty, but this show does invite that sort of thing.
They have very different ideas of 'the perfect date'
Angsty sex
Slight canon AUs
Adding a third person surprisingly makes everything a lot better
Mundane AU: They get married. They both really want it to work.

[Iron Fist]Iron Fist:

Joy Meachum & Ward Meachum & Danny Rand: I haven't seen season 2, so I don't know if this is in there, but I'd love to see something where these three get to bond as friends. Joy and Danny seemed to get along when they were younger, and Danny and Ward seemed to bond over killing Harold, so it would be cool if they could learn to get along and run Rand as a team.
Business lunches
Teaching Danny what shit not to do in a board room
Going on vacation
Having a group chat
It's someone's birthday!

Misty Knight & Colleen Wing: I did watch the barfight scene! I wish there was more time- more show :'( - to develop this friendship! Whether they ended up going to PI-crime fighters route, or Misty remained a detective, I wish I could watch a whole show of these two.
Setting up an office together
Going out for ice cream
Complimentary skills while working a case
One of them giving the other relationship advice or commiserating

Ward Meachum & Colleen Wing: I feel like these two have the personalities to get along when they're on the same side. It would be cool to read about them bonding over something and becoming friends.
They see each other at a poetry reading (or something, idk)
Colleen teaches Ward some basic self-defense
They have a standing weekly lunch that Danny doesn't know about
It's been a while since Ward has had a real friend, but Colleen is willing to laugh off a few missteps
People assume they're dating

[One Day At A Time]One Day At A Time:

Penelope Alvarez/Schneider: Three cheers for character growth! I started shipping these two as a joke back in season one, and I was amazed by how much it became... not cracky? Bonus points for using Spanish in the fic, including Schnieder's brand of Spanish.
A relaxing evening away from the kids
Lydia tries to help
Penelope agrees to go on a romantic getaway planned 100% by Schneider. She maybe should have seen this coming.
Schneider decides to get a pet for his apartment.
Schneider tries to cook dinner for Penelope.
Or anything that you think would be fun!

Sense8: Any fun with any of the languages on the show and characters' differing abilitiies to understand or utilize them themselves. I haven't seen the Christmas special or season two, but feel free to incorporate stuff from those if you'd like, I plan to watch them soon.

Hernando Fuentes & Lito Rodriguez & Daniela Velasquez: I'm fine with this being any combo of romantic, platonic, sexual, etc. I like that those lines are harder to define on this show, especially with these three.
The lease on the apartment is up. What do they do now?
Dani drops off lunch/papers/birthday cake at Hernando's work, where he is out as gay. What happens next?
Anything about insecurity within the relationship, from anyone, or mistakes or bad judgement calls about being in a relationship with three people.

Wolfgang Bogdanow/Kala Dandekar/Rajan Rasal: Again, I'll like any any combo of romantic, platonic, sexual, etc. What I like best about this ship is how everyone in it struggles to accept unforeseen struggles and unexpected needs of the people they care about.
Going on a date
Differences in cuisine
Both Rajan and Wolfgang really want to have children. Kala isn't so sure. (Or any mix of desires there)
Rajan and Wolfgang meet in person

[Luke Cage]Luke Cage:

Herman "Shades" Alvarez/Mariah Dillard/Darius "Comanche" Jones: I loooooooooved the introduction of Comanche and all the implications for the character dynamics. I wish he could have stuck around longer, but for once I really feel like a show's killing their gay was justified by the narrative. But let's pretend that didn't happen!
Comanche confessed his deception before Shades figured it out.
Mariah is possessive, but she sees Shades and Comanche's relationship as an opportunity for a power play. She is not above playing them against each other or others, or manipulation. It would be so interesting to see her and Comanche compete for Shades' attention.
While I am interested in the dynamics with this three-person relationship, I don't necessarily need to see them all in the story. If you want to tell a story about Comanche trying to sabotage Mariah so Shades will trust him more, but it's told through a confrontation between Shades and Mariah only, that's perfectly fine. Short scenes that are clearly part of a longer narrative are totally fine, even encouraged!
Mariah doesn't get jealous, but Comanche does.
Mariah and Comanche try to top each others' birthday gift for Shades.

Shades Alvarez/Mariah Dillard: I really loved this pairing on the show. The dynamic of two 'bad guys' who seem to sincerely care for each
other, but also might have conflicting goals, is very cool. I liked how Mariah was the boss, and Shades deferred to her on that level,
but personally they were equals and did a lot of manipulating each other just because they could each see what the other was doing and
respected them for it. It was something I've never seen before. If you write during the show, or go canon divergent, or embrace the S2
ending, I'll enjoy it regardless.
Either of them suspects that their partner is cheating
Going out on lunch dates
Shades prides himself on being a gentleman. Outside of the spotlight, Mariah doesn't have much use for being a lady.
They're from different generations, but some things are universal
Someone cooking a romantic dinner
Planning for retirement

Tilda Johnson/John McIver: I was surprised that these two had so much chemistry! I love that Tilda's willingness to listen to Bushmaster's
story and believe it without question won her a lot of respect. I'd love to read something where Bushmaster came to some sort of truce
with Luke and stuck around, or where Tilda left New York behind and opened up another storefront elsewhere. Or maybe she just visits
Jamaica to study the local herblore.
Tilda's kind of magic isn't what John is used to, and he's fascinated. But he's more fascinated by her.
Tilda is used to seeing people fight and take revenge and kill each other. She's not used to seeing someone voluntarily lay down their
Kindred spirits
Tilda could always have been a killer; she just needed the right push. Now that she's aware of it, she wants more. John has a list.
Power corrupts.

[Jessica Jones]
Jessica Jones:

Jessica Jones/Claire Temple: This ship seems like a lot of fun and I'm grateful to the person who nominated it! This is a crack ship,
so please write it however it makes sense to you, but I think they'd have an interesting dynamic because Claire is smarter and less of
a douchebag than a lot of the people Jess interacts with normally, and Claire has patience but also is not afraid to tell superheroes when
they're doing shit wrong. I realize it can be hard to develop a ship in a 500 word fic, so feel free to start with established, or just
write pre-relationship fic.
Claire brings Jess a case from her hospital
Undercover girlfriends/married
Sparring together
They haven't told the other Defenders about their relationship
AU of any sort

Jessica Jones/Patricia Walker: I just finished Season 3! Feel free to include that canon or ignore it. I've always found it very easy to
read these two as on-and-off or former lovers who mututally split. I'd love to see something from one of the 'on' phases, or perhaps how
that aspect of the relationship affects them during the 'off' phases. Alternately, anything where they get to be two superheroes working
together (so like, ignore the last few eps of season 3) would be awesome.
Buying gifts for each other (has always been difficult)
Training together
Secret relationship
Hellcat has some more abilities that weren't shown on the show

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