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Unconventional Fanworks 2019 Letter

Hi brilliant creator! I hope you have a great time making something new and interesting for this exchange. I have a lot of prompts, but they are intended as inspiration, I really want you to have fun creating outside the box :)

This letter is still in progress, but I'm working on it!

Things I always like:
-People taking care of each other, emotionally or physically.
-Misunderstandings and miscommunication
-Polyamory of pretty much any sort, with a vibranium star bonus for sedoretu. Always feel free to make any pairing I've requested poly.
-Structured kink. Casual kink is wonderful as well, but I like fics about people discussing their play, BDSM worlds, etc. I do not need for fics about kink to also include sex. Kink is great on its own, though if you want to include sex that is welcome! This is a list of kinks I like.
-Crack or crack taken seriously.
-That random thing you've been working on but never had an excuse to finish.
-Any inclusions of: specific recipes or dishes, marijuana, or cats.
-Background characters, friendships, or pairings.
-Happy endings

My favorite AUs:
-Professional workplace AUs of absolutely any stripe. Bonus points if the author has RL experience in said setting
-Sports AUs, especially if the creator knows the sport and goes into detail about it
-Any gender-system-based worldbuildings, including ABO or D/s
-Pack AUs
-Any kind of scent-based biology changes, canon-compliant or otherwise
-Racebending AUs
-Magical realism AUs, especially those where some characters are fantasy creatures; my favorite is incubus or succubus fic

Art likes:
I am not good at writing art prompts, but I have adored every art gift I've gotten, so please just do whatever inspires you!
I really like light in artwork, natural or otherwise
I love the color blue
I like realistic body features, like body hair, wrinkles, birth markes, tan lines, etc.
I'll adore art from G to E
If there's a new style or technique you've been dying to try out, do it now!
Art DNW: Use of photos of actors when they are not acting as their characters, or groomed/dressed in a similar style to their characters

Do Not Wants:
Instantaneous or inexplicably fast attraction/relationship/sex, unless you're intentionally going for PWP.
Psychological horror or psychological torture being thoroughly described in the text, character dealing with trauma is fine.
Descriptions of physical torture that go on for more than a few lines.
RPF in general, including the use of photos of actors for artworks.
Use of the words 'cum' in any context, 'broken' when referring to people (i.e. 'his broken past,' 'How can you love me when I'm so broken?'), anthropomorphizing adjectives for genitalia (i.e. 'his proud cock').

Unconventional Fanworks Exchange notes:
There are so many innovative kinds of works in this tagset! There are many that I'd love to see even if they didn't make my requests. I'm open to recieving treats in any medium/style in the tagset, even if I haven't requested them, and especially if they're giving you an opportunity to try something you never have before or haven't in a long time.

Prompts and fandoms are in no particular order:

[Any fandom]Any fandom: I've requested things I'd love in any universe, or things that I might especially love in a fandom I don't know. If you want to create in a fandom we share, that's awesome! But I'd also be very interested in seeing/reading some of these mediums in a totally new fandom.

Comic: I like reading fancomics for the art because there's so much diversity of styles and symbols. But I also like reading ones where the story is the main point and the art is the 'illustration' and isn't as complex.

Podfic: I have just started getting into podfics and would love to hear some new readers! Bonus points if you haven't done it before or haven't done it in a while.

Recipe: I've recently gotten extremely thirsty for recipes, so I'll love anything. Your character's favorite dessert? The entree passed down from their great-grandma? Something they've been tinkering with? Something I haven't thought of?

Tarot Card Design: I'm amazed by how many pretty decks are out there. I'm interested in cards featuring characters, or, if it strike you, the kind of deck a particular character would own or use.

In-Universe Personal Documents - Artwork: I'd love to see art created by a character!

In-Universe Personal Documents - Postcards: Postcards are fun because they can be just about anything. A majestic landscape, a statue, a toucan? Where is your character and what do they have to say to whomever they want to talk to?

Relationship Contract: There is nothing about this I won't like. Kinky or everyday, open relationship or monogamous, the ships I nommed or turned into 3+somes, a form off the internet or something written in pencil on the back on an important document.

Shopping List: I feel that this works best with a specific theme in mind, like Character X is hosting a party, or Character Z is repairing a certain kind of car, etc. Any other kind of list also works! A list of destinations Character Y wants to visit, or a pro and con list for getting a pet. Literally anything.

Job Posting: I'm imagining this as a position at an organization established in a canon, or maybe a job that ought to have existed, but didn't, like a therapist for a group that needs one, or a personal assistant for someone very busy and absent-minded.

Menus: I want to read what your favorite character would sell at their restaurant. Or what foods they would have at their wedding. Or whatever inspires you!

Real Estate/Rental Listing: I'm imagining listings for residences around places where things happen in your canon, or maybe rental listings for characters' spare rooms or the spooky house they don't live in.

/r/AmITheAsshole post: There's no way for this to go wrong xD

/r/relationships post: Same as above, anything modelled off the real posts will be wonderful. It would be nice to read something cracky and ridiculous, or serious and complicated, where maybe there isn't a right answer. Or something obvious that a character who isn't good at relationships wouldn't get right off the bat.

Dating App Profile: I'd love this however it happened, but bonus points for a character you wouldn't expect to see on a dating app.

Wikipedia Article Talk Page: I've only ever seen nice, organized, calm Talk Pages, but I have heard that this is not always the case. I'll enjoy something with your characters giving issues due consideration and debate, or something with a bunch of people arguing endlessly. Alternately, the in-universe Talk Page for a famous character's article could be fun!

Poetry - Haiku Collection (3 or more), Poetry - Haiku Series (3 or more): Haikus are short and sweet, but also graceful. These can be in-character if you like, or just about the fandom/characters. Natures themes won't ever go wrong.

Poetry - Sonnet, Style - Soliloquy: Probably about half of the poetry I've read has been Shakespeare, so I really like sonnets, and I've also read several of his plays, so I like soliloquies and monologues. I just really like the styles, so I'm not as picky on the subject matter.

Poetry - Written from Perspective of Character(s): Whatever style and subject matter you think your character would prefer, at whatever realistic level of competence as well! If your character would put four syllables in a haiku, that's what I want to read!

[Marvel Cinematic Universe]
Marvel Cinematic Universe:

James "Bucky" Barnes/Sam Wilson
James "Bucky" Barnes/Tony Stark
James "Rhodey" Rhodes/Tony Stark
Pepper Potts/Tony Stark
Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Group: Superheroes
Group: The Avengers
Tony Stark/Sam Wilson
James "Bucky" Barnes
Natasha Romanov
Pepper Potts
Sam Wilson
Steve Rogers
Tony Stark

I'm completely fine with canon-based or AU. Prompts are here for inspiration, but please just have fun creating whatever you think is cool!

Recipe: literally anything, characters making their own recipe or trying to bake/cook, something themed for a character, etc

Relationship contract: Kinky or everyday, open relationship or monogamous, the ships I nommed or turned into 3+somes, a form off the internet or something written in pencil on the back on an important document.

Shopping lists: Also literally anything. Is Pepper planning a party, or a quiet night in? Is Nebula planning a hit? The shopping list for one (1) week of the Avengers living at Stark Tower? Additionally, this isn't in the tagset, but I'd love literally any kind of list. Someone's list of things to do that day? A list of fanfics one of the characters wants to write? The sky is not the limit.

Menus: Also literally anything. The menu for Tony and Pepper's wedding, or the party Sam threw when Steve graduated from art college. Did Nebula open a gastropub? Is Bucky a caterer? The answer is please yes to all of it.

Real Estate/Rental Listing: YOU and up to seven friends can rent Tony Stark's cliffside chalet in Switzerland for only $3,600 a night! Units in Avengers' Tower are going fast. NR puts an ad in the paper for a roommate, must be very clean and quiet and discrete, pay in cash, no questions asked.

Museum Exhibit Brochure: I'm not picky at all about formatting, do as much or as little as you like. Contemporary or future exhibits on any group or individual character or event.

Dating App profile: I don't have any headcanons on characters' sexualities or gender identities or etc., so feel free to stick your own headcanons in there if you like. I dig silly details.

GoodReads Review: I'd love to see reviews of something written by a character, or reviews written by a character, or both. Canon universe or AU.

Yelp Review: Also canon universe or AU. Characters writing reviews of places, or reviews written about places characters own/work at. Do you think Steve Rogers would be a good waiter? What about house painter? Nebula's copy center?

Musical playbill: A movie as the play, or a certain event? Or a musical a character has written or performed in? Really anything here.

Screenshots captioned...: This is a perfect genre, so anything will be excellent.

Pokémon-Style Card Designs: I think this is hilarious. I'd love to see cards for the superheroes, &/or the 'supporting characters,' including anyone you like who wasn't nominated.

Tarot Card design: "

Cards Against Humanity: Avengers-themed CAH sounds like a cursed request, but I'm ready.

Baseball card designs: Like the Pokemon cards, I just find this idea really cool. I'd love some made-up stats or trivia. Feel free to make up teams as well :)

In-Universe RPF: I'm a sucker for fics where a character writes RPF about their friends or teammates. Whether it's a character insert or a 'knock their heads together' scenario or something completely different, let your id fly free!

In-Universe Artwork: I was imagining art created by a character for this request. Not picky on who it is, or how good of an artist that character would be!

Blind item: Ooooh, the drama! This can be from canon or a made-up event in a canon verse, or you can go complete AU, I'll love whatever!

Review (Musical/Dance/Theater Performance): If you can think of a way to do this in a canon verse, go for it! Otherwise, I'd love to see any of the requested characters in any of these type of performances.

Correspondence via Post-It Notes: I'd love banter, arguments, and/or sweetness on post-its for any of the requested ships or any combination you care to make with the requested ships/characters.

In-Universe Pinterest Board: I'd love to see what kinds of things these characters consider worthy of pinning! Does one of them have a secret account of things they wouldn't let anyone else see? Does a couple have a shared board?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Group: Avenger's Tower
Group: New Avenger's Facility
Group: Stark Industries
Group: Superheroes (MCU)
Group: The Avengers
Group: Wakandan Community Center in Oakland

For this request I'm interested in anything related to any of these organizations or the immediately surrounding locations that would be affected by them. I haven't requested characters here because I'm fine with any or no characters, or OCs. I'm looking for anything that grounds these fantastic organizations in the minutiae of real daily life, or some crack taken kinda seriously. I have a few ideas just for inspiration, but really, create whatever you think is fun!

Stark Industries is still the job of choice for many young graduates, but there are some downsides.

A job posting for the Burger King on the 80th floor of Avengers Tower that offers hazard pay and requires three different background checks.

The Avengers Initiative is looking for a full-time physical therapist. Studio apartment with extensive security provided in White Plains.

Would you want to live in a lakeside cabin two miles from the Avengers Headquarters? Two and a half bathrooms, but a spaceship did crash into a nearby farm last year.

The Sensitivity Policy for residents of Avengers Tower is, by necessity, cross-cultural and complicated.

The menu in the Avengers cafeteria has gotten a little out of hand. Asgardians can't eat dairy, Wanda keeps kosher, Tony's doing a gluten-free thing, Vision is still learning how to eat...

Someone has to conduct open interviews for the Avengers' new 'Magic Expert'

The first contact between a lot of curious Wakandan scientists and Oakland's best cuisine

How does the presence of the Wakandan Outreach Center affect the real estate in the immediate area? What do they do to support their neighbors?

[Avengers Academy]Avengers Academy:

Black Widow
Captain America
Iron Man
Kamala Khan
Pepper Potts
Winter Soldier
Black Widow/Winter Soldier
Captain America/Iron Man
Iron Man/Pepper Potts
Or literally any other character or ship you want, I'm not picky

Podfic: I'd love a podfic of anything from AvAc at all! My preference is something that's shippy, that involves game mechanics or details in interesting ways, or something with less-common characters

Screenshots Captioned with Incorrect Quotes: I'd love anything either funny or in-character.

Merchandise: I would love to see any and every kind of merch for your favorite student, teacher, or villains! (or penguin, minion, etc)

Bad Song Lyrics: One of the Winter Soldier's best singles!

In-Universe Artwork: There are several characters in AvAc who are artists! Or, send someone who's not usually an artist to an art class and then grade them on their work xD

Relationship Contract: Just because of the younger age of these characters, I wouldn't prefer a kinky kind of contract in this fandom, but something more along the lines of 'Character X will attend 1 date a week regardless of training schedules and Character Y will put ALL of their clothes in the laundry hamper'

In-Universe Shopping List: What does your favorite character get at the weekly QuinJet trips to Walmart? Any other kind of list also works! Black Cat's list of things she's going to steal on this campus, Natasha's list of people who Know Things, Loki's list of nicknames for characters who didn't get one in canon, or who have new ones that you like!

Academic Exam (Complete Corrected And Scored): This doesn't have to be super complicated. Maybe Tony didn't study for a history test and makes up all his answers, or Steve did study but is still not entirely right. Maybe Bucky or Natasha's understanding of certain parts of history is... different to the teacher's. Or, like, it doesn't have to be history, that just worked for prompts.

Homework Assignment: What kind of things would Madame Hydra assign? Pym? Ares?

In-Universe Job Posting: How would they advertise for new teachers at this school? How about support staff, like medics or landscapers or animal attendants for all the horses and penguins?

In-Universe Library Catalog: What are some of the shelf titles at the Timeless Archives? :D

In-Universe Real Estate/Rental Listing: I'm imagining either someone trying to rent/sell a property right outside the walls of the Academy, or a list of the amenities at particular dorms, like you'd see for dorms when you look at a college website.

Advice Column: Anyone writing a column, openly or anonymously, but bonus points for Jan writing one completely openly.

In-Universe Publication - Review: A review of anything any students do for extra credit. So it could be a Winter Warlock concert, or someone's slam poetry at the Wonder Auditorium, but it could also be Shuri unveiling a new and improved QuinJet and all of its features, or Miles and Gwen an unknown student or students putting some new graffiti on Avengers Hall, or anything!

Dating App Profile: I want the cringiest teenage dating profiles. Is someone trying to be edgy? Is someone really thirsty? Is someone desperate? Is Steve's profile exceedingly wholesme?

Group Text: Choose your favorite characters!

Social Media Posts and Private Messages: Maybe some people planning an event, plotting something, or having some drama.

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