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Hate Exchange Letter 2019

Hello Hateful Creator!! So nice to see that your evil ways have brought you to me 😇 This is a low-minimum exchange, so my hope is that you just have fun with this! Hate is supposed to be fun!!! If none of my prompts work for you, feel free to create something inspired by my likes, or whatever idea drove you to make your offer. If something is not in my DNWs, like kidfic or past relationships or background characters or rare kinks, please feel free to write it if you are so inspired.

This letter is currently in progress, but I'm aiming to finish it up shortly. complete!

Things I always like:
-Misunderstandings and miscommunication
-Trust issues, insecurity, a non-excessive amount of woobiefication
-Snark or banter
-Hurt/Comfort. I like emotional more than physical, but both are good
-Polyamory of pretty much any sort, with a vibranium star bonus for sedoretu. Always feel free to make any pairing I've requested poly.
-Happy endings
-Background characters, friendships, or pairings.
-Issuefic, especially queer issuefic. If your character has an obscure orientation/etc. and wants to explain it to their whole office, I'm here for it.
-Any inclusions of: specific recipes or dishes, marijuana, or cats.
-That random thing you've been working on but never had an excuse to finish.
-Crack or crack taken seriously.
-Structured kink. Casual kink is fine as well, but I like fics about people discussing their play, BDSM worlds, etc. I do not need for fics about kink to also include sex. Kink is great on its own, though if you want to write sex that is welcome! This is a list of kinks I like.

My favorite AUs:
-Professional workplace AUs, from a landscaping business to the UN (landscaping for the UN, hmm...). Massive bonus points if the author has RL experience in said setting
-Sports AUs, especially if the writer knows the sport and goes into detail about it <3
-Any gender-system-based worldbuildings, including ABO or D/s that's more than just kink (although just kink works fiiiiine as well)
-Pack AUs
-Animal-Human hybrid AUs
-Any kind of scent-based biology changes, canon-compliant or otherwise
-Racebending AUs
-Any magical realism AUs, especially those where characters are fantasy creatures; my favorite is incubus or succubus fic

Do Not Wants:
Instantaneous or inexplicably fast attraction/relationship/sex, unless you're intentionally going for PWP.
Psychological horror or psychological torture being thoroughly described in the text, character dealing with trauma is fine.
Extensive description of physical torture. I like H/C, but I prefer focus on the C rather than whump.
RPF in general, including the use of photos of actors for artworks.
Use of the words 'cum' in any context, 'broken' when referring to people (i.e. 'his broken past,' 'How can you love me when I'm so broken?'), anthropomorphizing adjectives for genitalia (i.e. 'his proud cock').

Prompts and fandoms are in no particular order:

[Avengers: Earth&apos;s Mightiest Heroes]
Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes
Clint Barton/Natasha Romanov
Hate that ends:
Clint really does understand why Natasha did everything she did, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to get over it.
They were in a relationship before her mission, but now they have to start from the beginning again.
The other Avengers accept Natasha as one of their own before Clint is ready to forgive her
He stays angry until it starts to look like she’s moved on from him. (That may have been her plan all along.)

[Marvel Comics]
Marvel Comics
Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Hate that ends:
I would like a happy ending, and not pure dark!fic before that. Those are pretty much my only firm requests. There is so much canon to draw on if you want to write angsty or h/c miscommunication because these are dumb people who do dumb things. I'm down with alien torture, forced marriage, infidelity, messing with peoples' memories, truth serums, like, literally anything tropey and ridiculous or out there and questionable. If it's not in my DNWs, go for it.
Literally any dating tropes, especially if they include pining.
Earning forgiveness.
They were together before [something or other]. Now they want to start again, but there's a lot of baggage.
Something with them mentoring younger Avengers or having pets would also be neat.
I like the arc of them teaming up in Civil War 2.

[Crossover Fandom]

Crossover Fandom
Bobbi Morse (Agents of SHIELD)/Eliot Spencer (Leverage): I have seen all of Leverage, but only up through S3 of AoS. If you incorporate anything from later seasons, that's totally fine, but if so I'd appreciate it if you note them at the start or end of the fic so I can read up on a wiki to get full context.
Hate that starts, ends, or stays:
I could see these two hooking up for delicious hate sex whenever they're in the same city.
Maybe Bobbi runs into the Leverage team on a case and the others get grossed out by her and Eliot's fight/flirting the whole time.
Mysterious backstory?
Eliot will only take SHIELD consulting gigs if they're with Bobbi, but that's because he knows she's competent, not because he likes her.
Alternately, Eliot will only take SHIELD consulting gigs if they're with [any], but [any] becomes indisposed after he's signed the contract. Bobbi is the replacement.
After ages of sniping and vicious 'sparring,' what finally brings them together? Is it Bobbi's divorce? Is it because Eliot is finally free of Moreau? Or is it just because Leverage Consulting finally feels like something he could build on?

Natasha Romanov (MCU)/Sameen Shaw (Person of Interest): Any rating is fine with me.
Hate that starts, ends, or stays:
The inciting incident: why do they hate each other? Professional rivalry? Professional disapproval? Were they once rivals for someones' affections, or for a position? Maybe they know each other throught he grapevine in a bad way. Maybe one of them snubbed and/or shot the others' friend. Maybe one of them snubbed and/or shot the other.
I am always down for frenemies with benefits.
They hate each other, but work very well together, so they constantly get put on missions together. Professionalism keeps it working, but no one involved is especially happy.
They've butted heads for years, but a mutual friend helps bridge the gap.
Undercover dating/married to break the tension?
Bonus for one or both of them not realizing they were attracted to women until after they met.

Sameen Shaw (Person of Interest) & Eliot Spencer (Leverage)
Hate that starts, ends, or stays:
Just like Eliot and Bobbi above, I picture these two as more or less getting along, but in a very antagonistic way. Like maybe they fuck, maybe not, but they definitely aren't friends. Except, they will recommend each other for work, and one or two times there have been emergency calls that were heeded, and they admire each other, but they definitely don't like each other as people.
Disdain/dislike at first sight? A misunderstanding? Someone slept with the other's date?
Shaw calls up Eliot out of the blue and asks to hang around with him for a few days, 'as an alibi.' While she's there, she happens to foil someone who wants one of the Leverage group dead.
They don't get along because their favorite teams are rivals in literally every sport. Their friends think this is a dumb reason for two like-minded people not to get along, but it makes perfect sense to them.
Shaw will clean her plate when Eliot cooks, and then find something to criticize. Eliot always swears that this dish will be the perfect one.


Marvel Cinematic Universe
Carol Danvers&/Yon-Rogg: Any rating, shipy or gen, as seen by the &/ request.
Hate that stays the same:
Carol’s new mission post-CM runs directly again Yon-Rogg’s. It would be cool to see them meeting again sometime over the next decade. I’m not a fan of hugely adversarial, but the dynamic of two people who used to be close friends and teammates now morally opposed is super cool.
Carol and Yon-Rogg (and others? Avengers, Skrulls?) have to team up against a larger enemy. They part ways on opposite sides once again.

Hate that ends:
Yon-Rogg joins the good guys? Not necessarily voluntarily, probably because of events beyond his control, but they’re on the same side again, after so many years. (An AU version of this would also be interesting. Maybe they're not aliens, but mercenaries? Or opponents in a sports league?)

Steve Rogers/Tony Stark (MCU): I’d prefer not to get a gift that’s mostly smut. No-power AUs are totally cool! I’m down for any inspiration from the comics.
Hate that starts:
At any point, a mind-reading spell or truth spell or something lets one find out that the other has been keeping a secret/doing something they don’t approve of
Established relationship, Tony actually did kill Bucky in Civil War
Established relationship, End of Civil War doesn’t happen and Bucky slips away. Tony sees the video later.
Some other hate-inspiring event you can think of!

Hate that ends:
Post-Avengers, forced to work together
Civil War AU where half of the Avengers aren’t imprisoned, working together again.
The 5 years in Endgame, how Tony came to not let resentment fester

Wanda Maximoff/Tony Stark: Any rating is fine, I’m also cool with gen where they end up friends, as long as there’s no father-daughter vibe. Any inspiration from the comics is great! I also wouldn't be opposed to a dymanic like Peter/Tony has in fic lately.
Hate that ends:
Any trope you love for getting people to not hate each other anymore. Huddling for warmth, trapped in an elevator, undercover married, whatever you like!
A truth spell or some mind-reading shakes up their carefully distant relationship.
Being forced to work together is an eye-opening experience.

James "Bucky" Barnes/Sam Wilson
Hate that stays/ends:
The reason my 'hate that stays' and 'hate that ends' prompts are the same is because the insults/banter are one of the things I love about this ship, and I don't care whether the constant sniping remains their dynamic and just becomes less actually combative, or whether the 'end' is that they settle into something else.
Post WS, Any version of enemies to friends to lovers.
The tropiest shit you can think of. Can diverge from canon at any point you want, or be compliant.
They start to get along once they have to go on a long-term mission together and start actually admiring the other’s abilities
Any sort of universe AUs, like ABO, BDSM, pack AU, hell I could go for a Sentinel/Guide AU for this pair
Something exploring how they went from ‘I hate you’ in Civil War to private smiles in Endgame

James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers/Tony Stark: Most of these prompts are big ideas to tackle, but I’m completely fine with a light treatment, feel free not to dig too far into the angst unless that’s your thing. Even fluffy kid of hate is great. My prompts aren’t great but I’ll honestly love anything for this ship, any rating, any level of canon compliance or AU.
Hate that starts:
The classic where Steve is dating Tony when Bucky comes back. Hate can spring from that, or from Tony finding out that the Soldier killed his parents

Hate that stays:
Post Civil-War (like a lot post, I guess?), Tony wants to date Bucky, but he’s still super pissed at Steve. It’s kind of awkward because Bucky is also dating Steve.

Hate that ends:
AU to the end of Civil War where the two ‘sides’ go back to being one team. How they go from being unable to stand the sight of each other to a relationship

Natasha Romanov/Tony Stark: Totally down for any rating and any AU setting for any of these, including mundane AUs
Hate that starts:
AU of their first meeting
Maybe they got off on the wrong foot and it kept getting worse from there. The undercover gig, then ‘Tony Stark Not Recommended,’ what if they never settled into the team? Bonus points for all the other Avengers headscratching from the sidelines. If people do start taking sides, I’d like to see it without outright bashing.
The canon ending of Civil War, or divergent from there. What if they had to keep working together after that?

Hate that stays:
Dial up the personality mismatch that seems to come through at some parts of canon, but they still have to work together.
Enemies with benefits

Hate that ends:
Finally getting over the bad beginning
Post-Civil War, coming to some sort of agreement for the sake of the team
At any point, explosive dislike culminates in an ill-advised (drunken?) one-night stand, which actually makes things a lot better

James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson
Hate that stays/Hate that ends:
I just want to see Steve trying to deal with both his boyfriends constantly sniping at each other. That can remain their dynamic or it can settle into something else.
Or, at any point, Bucky and Steve fighting each other over who Sam should date. Sam can try and make them stop, or sit back and enjoy the fireworks.
Canon compliant, canon divergent, any sort of AU, I’m here for it.
//I love Sam, please don’t insult/bash/yell at Sam?
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