Lilac (meatball42) wrote,

Artful Tuesday Reclist for Stony Fanart

There is so much incredible art for Stony on Tumblr! I hope this list brings others as much enjoyment as I have had from the incredible generative and creative power of these fandoms!

Nothing on this list is explicit, but several of the works include nudity, which are at the ends of eat section and labelled.
Apologies for any failures to properly utilize art terms.
I've tried to use titles or at least labels provided by the artists, but when not apparent, I made up references rather than have multiple 'Untitled's.
I've also tried to use the original posts, but sometimes I went for better image quality or Tumblr had deleted the original.


Based on a true story: Tsum and Unknown Universe, G. Adorable art, super cute short visual story.

Happy Valentine's Day!: MCU, G. Watercolor-esque? Linework is lovely, colors are sigh-worthy. Tony smooches everyone, but especially Steve.

Physical!: AvAc, G. Cutie high schooler couple goofing off.

Shipping Names Illustrated: MCU, G. Several ships drawn as their ship names, including Stony.

Tony and the Cap: Unknown Universe, G. Really incredible use of lighting.

tsumtsum is the BEST: Tsum and Unknown Universe, G. Super cute, good use of non-verbal communications.

Inspired by Relativistic Heat Conduction: Comics, G. Fanart for a fic. Great body positions, great coloration, just plain quality.

Christmas present: MCU, G. Funny and cute, good use of a meme.
Careful Consideration: Comics, G. Excellent use of black, great coloration as well. I could just stare at this...
Dilf seducing the Lifeguard: Unknown Universe, T for swimsuits? Please someone write fic of this I’m begging you. Great framing, unique pallette, fun!

Attention: Unknown Universe, T for nudity. High-key adorable.
Tony Stark. Genius. Sometimes.: Unknown Universe (but I think comics?), T for nudity. Very funny plot and comic timing.
Captain "punk" America: MCU, G? for shirtlessness. I am mostly gay as of late, but... goddamn. Also, like, very excellent art skills.

Boys boys boys: MCU, M, nudity and non-explicit sex. Some lovely smooches in various settings, wonderful body proportions and coloration.

Not shippy or verging on shippy:

T-Rex Civil War: MCU, G. Really incredible detail and paint effects. I want to buy a print of this.

t'challa is the best dressed avenger and he knows it: MCU, G. This is the Met Gala we deserved, and not the one we got. Fantastic fashion design.

Happy birthday, Captain!: MCU, G. Heartachey short comic.

Commander and his Director: Comics, G. Very crisp with really nice colors.

Civil Blood Makes Civil Hands Unclean: MCU, G. Shakespeare-inspired fancraft! Really really cool.

Promise: MCU, G. Awesome use of light, grabs you by the heartstrings

And my singular non-tumblr rec: Tripperfunster on AO3, a gifted artist and webcomic creator. Highly encourage any Stony fan to go through their work! Warning that not all of their art works are tagged as such.


Tags: category: recs, fandom: avengers, fandom: avengers academy, fandom: marvel cinematic universe, fandom: marvel comics
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