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Rare Pairs Exchange Letter 2019

Hello, dear intrepid creator of rare gems! I'm so glad to have you here. I hope you have a great time with this fest :)

Things I always like:
-Misunderstandings and miscommunication
-Trust issues, insecurity, a non-excessive amount of woobiefication
-Snark or banter
-Hurt/Comfort. I like emotional more than physical, but both are good
-Polyamory of pretty much any sort, with a vibranium star bonus for sedoretu.
-Happy endings
-Background characters, friendships, or pairings.
-Issuefic, especially queer issuefic. If your character has an obscure orientation/etc. and wants to explain it to their whole office, I'm here for it.
-Any inclusions of: specific recipes or dishes, marijuana, or cats.
-That random thing you've been working on but never had an excuse to finish.
-Crack or crack taken seriously.
-Structured kink. Casual kink is fine as well, but I like fics about people discussing their play, BDSM worlds, etc. I do not need for fics about kink to also include sex. Kink is great on its own, though if you want to write sex that is welcome! This is a list of kinks I like.

My favorite AUs:
-Professional workplace AUs, from a landscaping business to the UN (landscaping for the UN, hmm...). Massive bonus points if the author has RL experience in said setting
-Sports AUs are my jam, especially if the writer knows the sport and goes into detail about it <3
-Any gender-system-based worldbuildings, including ABO or D/s that's more than just kink (although just kink works fiiiiine as well)
-Pack AUs
-Animal-Human hybrid AUs
-Any kind of scent-based biology changes, canon-compliant or otherwise
-Racebending AUs are not often to be found, which is sad because they are awesome!
-Any magical realism AUs, especially those where characters are fantasy creatures; my favorite is incubus or succubus fic

Do Not Wants:
Instantaneous or inexplicably fast attraction/relationship/sex, unless you're intentionally going for PWP.
Psychological horror or psychological torture being thoroughly described in the text, chracter dealing with trauma is fine.
Extensive description of physical torture. I like H/C, but I prefer focus on the C rather than whump.
RPF in general, including the use of photos of actors for artworks.
Use of the words 'cum' in any context, 'broken' when referring to people (i.e. 'his broken past,' 'How can you love me when I'm so broken?'), anthropomorphizing adjectives for genitalia (i.e. 'his proud cock').

Prompts and fandoms are in no particular order:

[Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes]

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Carol Danvers/Janet Van Dyne: Jan was sooo happy to finally have another woman on the team! Maybe she was sick of the sausagefest, or maybe she's been over-compensating with Hank. I don't mind if you retcon her relationship with Hank, break them up, make them open, whatever works for you.
Jan thinks it's really hot how fast Carol can beat her when they spar. Of course, she's won once or twice.
Carol's been in the military all her life, and she's never experienced anything like this tiny woman dragging her out shopping with all the force of a drill sergeant.
After so long working with mostly men, Carol is just as happy as Jan to get to partner with another woman.
Due to some unequal practice, Carol and Jan break off from the Avengers in protest. Unexpectedly, their two-woman team is wildly successful.
Working on how their abilities and fighting styles mesh.

Maria Hill/Natasha Romanov: I actually really liked Maria's portrayal in this show, although she was set against the team on several different occasions. Some things I like about her, she's Latina, she's angry, and she's belligerent and critical. She seems to actively hate Tony Stark, yet she has no trouble fighting alongside him when civilians are in danger, and she shouts at him even while she saves his life. A woman getting to be belligerent and intelligent and disagree with people and not be portrayed as a villain, just opposed to the heroes? I want All Of It!! Natasha's run on the show was fantastic because she did objectively bad things. Helping Hydra! Framing Hawkeye! Yet they were, extremely subjectively, good things. She's actually morally gray, while the worst thing we ever see MCU Natasha do is not tell Steve that Fury gave her a secret mission.
Natasha doesn't like Director Hill, and Director Hill doesn't like her, but you don't have to like your allies, or even your lovers.
Hill is new, but she's one of the few people at SHIELD who Natasha actually likes.
Some days Natasha wants Clint. Other days, she needs Maria.
It's not safe to be in love at SHIELD. That's why nearly everyone thinks that the Black Widow and Maria Hill politely don't get along.
When Natasha joins the Avengers, she thinks Maria won't want anything to do with her anymore.
Maria wants the Avengers tied down, and she knows just the person to help her get that done.

Natasha Romanov/Janet Van Dyne: Jan was so excited to have Carol on the team; how does she react to getting a third!!! woman on the Avengers?
Things are icy when Natasha joins the Avengers, mostly because Clint isn't happy about it and the rest of the team is stands by him. Jan tries to figure out whether her loyalty to the team comes first, or whether she ought to side with a woman who's basically been cast as the villain for doing her job.
Everyone thinks Natasha and Clint are a couple. Jan is privately (and dramatically) devastated and pining.
Natasha joins the Avengers with no?!?!?! cute?!?!?! outfits?!?!?! Even for an undercover agent, it's horrendous. Jan fixes it, though.
On their first date, Natasha isn't sure what persona she's supposed to be using.
Since the team still doesn't fully trust her, Natasha decides it'll be easiest to win the trust of the bubbly Wasp.
Officially black-balled by SHIELD (for now, at least) and working with a team highly unlikely to backstab her, Natasha relaxes for the first time in several years. So much so that she... develops a crush?

Bobbi Morse/Janet Van Dyne: These two never met in canon that I remember, but I thought Bobbi had a lot of gumption, and if there's anyone who would appreciate a stylish female superhero who just loves beating up bad guys, it's Jan.
Bobbi gets assigned to assist the Avengers on a mission and by the time it's over, she and Jan are inseparable.
Bobbi is Clint's plus-one to an event, but she ends up with Jan by the end of the night.
SHIELD throws some sort of event to help reduce recent tensions with the Avengers; nothing is going well until someone catches Mockingbird and the Wasp making out in a closet.
Due to an Avengers mission crossing a SHIELD mission or some other miscommunication, the Wasp and Mockingbird end up fighting. Jan is torn up over her crush on a villainess, until the truth comes to light.

James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers/Tony Stark: The MCU fandom has a lot of tropes that they tend to use for these combinations of ships: Up All Night to Get Bucky, Stony where Tony thinks Steve will break up with him when Bucky shows up, ABO, Tony fixing the arm. I'd love to see any MCU-type tropes for this ship tried out on this universe, with its different backstory for Bucky and different characterization for the characters. On a different note, these three have been through various shit in this 'verse. Any sort of H/C will be much appreciated. I like woobifying charcaters, though not excessively. Prompts:
Soulmark AUs are A+
Stony divide over Tony's concern that the Winter Soldier is a threat and Steve's desire to save him.
Tony helps Steve out with the search for Bucky and it takes an unexpected turn.
Post-Winter Soldier recuperation at the Avengers Mansion- interactions with different teammates, does the Soldier become an Avenger? How does that go in the field?
Bucky lays down some hard facts so Tony will stop blaming himself for Emperor Stark and for not literally being a seer.
Steve has to be strong for the team, but he does have doubts, and it's good to get them off his chest with people he trusts.
Tony is determined to give Steve and Bucky a fantastic Christmas for their first not-brainwashed holiday in the 21st century. (optional: Steve is disappointed by consumerism over piety, and Bucky is Jewish)

Clint Barton/Natasha Romanov: Their plotline was so fantastic to me. The lying and betrayal, the way they understand each other, the way Clint stands up for her even after everything, that last scene in the alley... *sighs* You can't really go wrong with this one. Prompts:
Now that they're back together, it's still hard to overcome the pain her last mission caused.
Natasha calls for help and Clint ditches the Avengers. Mixed reactions from his teammates.
Natasha gets a shovel talk when she joins the Avengers.
Living and working together as Avengers is different from anything they've done before: shifting a relationship from partners to teammates, having to rely on multiple parties rather than a small team.
For some reason, they try to go on a 'normal' date. It goes about how you might expect.

Bruce Banner | Hulk/Clint Barton: I love how Clint and Hulk have this great relationship, and meanwhile Clint and Bruce get along like a cat and a dog. (Actually this is the only iteration of Hawkeye I see as a cat person instead of a dog person, huh.)
Prompts: Ugh my prompts are so subpar, but basically anything you want to write for this ship will make me happy.
How did Bruce and/or Hulk feel about the team after being freed from the shock collar in S2? Did their long imprisonment affect the way they felt about Clint and/or the team?
Hulk POV is also sweet. As is any addition whatsoever of Betty Ross to this universe, as a ship or a mention.
Clint picks Bruce for Secret Santa. Not Hulk, Bruce. His quest to find an even okay present.
Hulk tries to flirt. Needless to say there are mixed results.

Bruce Banner | Hulk/Clint Barton/Natasha Romanov: Clint and Bruce/Hulk's relationship is the best thing on this show to me. And the relationship between Clint and Natasha, made up as it is of duty, betrayal, hate, romance? Super awesome. Basically anything for this ship will make me very happy.
Natasha and Bruce | Hulk get trapped in a cave-in and the team has to- very carefully- get them out. Predictably, Clint loses his shit. Underground, however, Bruce | Hulk and Natasha have a real conversation for the first time.
Natasha is surprised (not that she lets it show) when she joins the team to be the recipient of two shovel talks: a loud, angry, green one, and a quiet one that sounds more like begging her to treat Clint right. Clearly, she must take control of the situation.
Clint's new boyfriend and his old girlfriend are both willing to share, mainly because Clint annoyed them into it.
If you write Bruce | Hulk/Clint/Invented EMH Betty/Natasha sedoretu you get first dibs on my firstborn.

[Avengers Academy]

Avengers Academy

Captain America 2099/Peggy Carter: I really like both of these characters and I think their moral codes would match up very well, along with their sheer enjoyment of punching people. Honestly anything with this pairing will make me so happy.
People think Peggy and Steve were an item, and indeed they might have been- if Steve had been a woman. When Peggy meets Roberta, she finds herself falling very quickly.
Peggy is surprised by how forward Roberta is about asking her out and being seen with her in public. Peggy's not quite used to the future being accepting of queer relationships, but Roberta has never known any different.
Ideal date: Nazi-punching

Tigra/Wasp: A fashion designer and a model, both superheroes, both main storyline characters... how are there no fics for these two?!?!?
People expected Greer and Jan to be friends... they didn't expect them to be spectacularly gay all over campus.
Greer becomes Jan's muse
Jan and Greer go shopping together, get their nails done together, spar together, sit together in all their classes, talk about cute boys... yet no one seems to realize they're a couple? Everyone is confused, but it makes perfect sense to them.
Someone says they can't be gay because they're both too feminine.
Greer and Jan are besties... until one night after too many drinks at a Stark Tower party. What will happen now?!
Tigra/Steve/Jan/Thor sedoretu, with a focus on the women in the spirit of the fest.

Ghost Rider 2099/Winter Soldier: I have such a massive crush on GR2099 and I don't even feel bad about it. His voice is amazing and he's so damn punk that I can imagine even metal Bucky blushing and nervously asking Kenshiro if he wants to join their band, or maybe go shoot things together at the Firing Range, or even just stand in the rain together. Bonus points if Ghost Rider convinces Bucky to try out the Post-Apocalyptic hot tub. Basically some hard-core emos being emo and also fluffy. Like, exchanging black flowers. Lighting things on fire, but, like, romantically.

Captain America/Taskmaster: During Taskmaster's story, he sort of has a hate/idolize relationship with Cap? Like 'do I want to be(at) you (to a pulp) or make out with you?' is how I read it. Cap agrees to fight him so that Tasky can pick up his moves, but still beats him when they battle it out for real. Tasky is shocked, Cap is a tiny bit smug. Anyway Taskmaster is a villain going on 'redemption' in AvAc, and I think that if Cap saw something redeemable in Tasky he'd try to nurture it. With dates. Fighting dates. Which both of them like. Okay this got away from me. But, unnecessarily violent and agressive courting FTW. Taskmaster bringing Steve a bouquet of wooden stakes he carved up himself during Halloween. Steve maybe letting Tasky win a fight (or maybe not). Stupid cute, you know?

Shuri/Riri Williams: These two are sooooooo frigggenn cuuuuuute. If you don't know what I mean LOOK AT THESE (brief) SCREENSHOTS!!!! They are both brilliant and badass and adorable and have cute as hell costumes in AvAc. Literally what is not to like?
They each design their own superhero outfits... what kind of costumes do they come up with for different holidays/events/occasions? (OMG what do they wear to T'Challa and Nakia's wedding?!)
H/C when one of them is hurt in battle.
Working together at the Wakandan workshop thing Shuri has, or in the Stark Tower lab where Riri works.
Passing notes in class
Getting drunk together at a party or the Wakandan embassy. Does T'Challa find out? What about teachers?!
Quiz Bowl!!
They start an African Diaspora Club. (T'Challa has mixed feelings about it, but Nakia has very firm opinions about it.)
Double date!


Crossover Fandom

Tilda Johnson (The Defenders)/Wanda Maximoff (MCU): Wanda's family was torn apart by war, and she volunteered for experiments with Hydra to destroy the man she blamed for it. Tilda grew up with a family who loved and supported her, but she knew her mother, and the more she learned, the more she wanted to get away. But she did love her mother enough to try to build a relationship, only for it to go very dark, very quickly. Now that what was keeping them anchored is gone- for Wanda, her brother and their dream of revenge, and for Tilda, her belief that she could be a healer- what's stopping them from wreaking the havok that's in their blood?
Wanda researches her roots and meets another witch just beginning to learn her power.
Like calls to like.
Part of Tilda still wants to pretend that she's never killed anyone. Part of Wanda still wants to pretend she doesn't ache to kill again. Together, they're good. For a while.
Tilda makes herself a potion and sees an incredibe future.

Jeri Hogarth (The Defenders)/Wanda Maximoff (MCU): As we saw with Pam in JJ s1 and Inez in s2, Jeri is drawn to beautiful young women who have a spark, but are also vulnerable to her due to power imbalance. I kind of want to see Jeri being attracted to Wanda while she, for example, consults as a lawyer to the Avengers, and how that ends up going for her. Wanda might appreciate a strong woman to love her and support her, but she also may have issues with feeling manipulated. Plus, all of Jeri's relationships end up pretty immoral one way or another. Also, intermittent mind-reading? But Jeri is pretty good at twisting things to her advantage.
Angsty or dark porn would be 1000% cool

Wanda Maximoff (MCU)/Angel Salvadore (X-Men ATM): One of the reasons I like Wanda is that you can interpret her character a variety of different ways; I feelt lik the movies went for the blandest version. But Wanda volunteered for the experiments that created her powers, along with her brother. Why? Revenge? Ambition? Fear? Did she believe in Hydra's creed? And after the events of Ultron, is she angry about her brother's death? Torn apart by grief? Who does she blame? We never see that in the movies. Similarly, Angel has a whole life that never got explored. Was she kicked out by her family when her wings grew in? Or did she always have them? Did she run away to protect them? Is there anyone she left behind to go with the people she met who were like her?
"People keep dying around me." "That's why I never stay in one place too long."
The kind of power they have is isolating. It's nice to meet someone who understands.
They're Avengers, right? So they should avenge.
Maybe they were meant to be the bad guys. Or maybe they just have to start all over.

Angel Salvadore (X-Men ATM)/Ava Starr (MCU): Angel gets a bad rep for basically not wanting to die, I feel. And Ava spends most of her movie trying to not die. Both of them might have made different choices if they had been supported, or at the very least not exploited.
People who have never had nothing don't understand self-preservation.
Angel sees the girl flicker, but she doesn't think 'she's like me' until she sees how much it hurts.
They both end up at SHIELD's and/or the Avengers' secret 'training camp' for people whose powers or personalities aren't considered good enough.
SHIELD likes to pair their numbered agents up occasionally to see who's compatible. The trick is not seeming too compatible, because then you'll never see each other again.
Sometimes, it's kill or be killed. They both understand that.

Karolina Dean (Runaways TV)/Shuri (MCU): I just *sniffs* love them so much. My glowy gay girl and the smartest person on the planet (I mean, I haven't heard otherwise). I would love some smut fic or art for this pairing, but I also have plotty ideas.
The Runaways hear about a place up in Oakland that will disappear people with gifts before they disappear otherwise. The metal throughout the building reacts of Karolina's presence, earning her labtime with the big boss.
Shuri's instruments detect something strange going on in California.
Karolina might not know anything about her heritage, but Wakanda does.

Rumiko Fujikawa (Marvel Comics)/Tony Stark (MCU): I really liked Rumiko in the comics and thought she was a great foil for Tony on a number of levels. How would that work with a different version of Tony? How would MCU Tony do with someone in his life encouraged him to embrace his impulsive, hedonistic self, but also demanded that he be the hero he knows he can be, and didn't take no for an answer on any of it? How would she gel with the rest of the Avengers? What about with Pepper? How would she feel about Ultron or the Accords? How would she react to having Extremis? What would she say when Tony mentioned he was calling a press conference to announce that a 15-year-old was the newest Avenger? I feel like there'd be some shouting going on there. Basically anything I will love you forever!!!
Any sort of interdimensional shenanigans are great, or you can create an MCU version of Rumiko, that's also cool.
Rumiko was originally supposed to be in Iron Man 2, so any AU version of that or changed scenes would be cool.
How Civil War would go differently if even one of the Avengers had had an SO there to shout them into communicating.
Cute kidfic would also be sweet.
Rumiko would totally accept her own armor.
Art prompts:
Either of them doing the others' make-up
Motorcycle fic
Flying together

Villanelle | Oksana Astankova (Killing Eve)/Sameen Shaw (Person of Interest): I have only seen the first season of Killing Eve at the moment, so my prompts are based on that, but feel free to incorporate plots or characterization from the second season, I'm sure I will finish it by the time this exchange opens.
From what I've seen so far, it seems like Oksana has developed her strong divorce from things like guilt or normal attachment through a traumatic childhood. Meanwhile, Shaw's very low level of attachment and emotions seems to be an inborn quality. If one of Villanelle's targets came up as a number, would their overlapping atypical mindsets help or hinder Shaw in stopping the assassination? What if Oksana was the number? What if someone on Team Machine were the target?
They meet undercover. Someone gets stabbed, but they both have a good time.
It definitely threatens OpSec when Shaw picks up a stalker, but other than that... Shaw can't say she minds.
The Machine decides that the team needs Oksana's skills. Oksana is willing to abide by the team's no-kill rules, as long as she gets paid... but she needs to get out the violence somewhere.

Villanelle | Oksana Astankova (Killing Eve)/Natasha Romanov (MCU): I have only seen the first season of Killing Eve at the moment, so my prompts are based on that, but feel free to incorporate plots or characterization from the second season, I'm sure I will finish it by the time this exchange opens.
Natasha sees far too many parallels between her and the new assassin who's caught the Avengers' attention. Worse that that, they see the similarities, too. Things Natasha has been keeping hidden start to show.
The one target Natasha never managed to kill turns up on the radar again.
Villanelle's new target is an Avenger. Obviously, Natasha can't let that happen, but it's going to take some creativity to dissuade Villanelle.
Villanelle agrees to help the Avengers on their mission... for a price. And it's not only money.

[Marvel Cinematic Universe]Marvel Cinematic Universe

Shuri/Ava Starr: Two very different upbringings! Shuri grew up with everything she could want, protected at the center of her country. Ava grew up as an agent of SHIELD, wracked with pain every day, her only protection herself and a single father-figure scientist. Can they find any middle ground at all?
When she looks at Shuri Ava sees everything that she could have had if her father's project hadn't gone awry. It makes her angry, it makes her envious, it makes her... covet.
The royal family of Wakanda has a secret project: finding all of the country's children spread out across the world and inviting them back. They don't want to make the same mistake twice. Shuri refuses to let one of her new citizens live in pain. They work together to find a cure for Ava's quantum issues.
A brand new member of the Dora Milaje under Wakanda's new immigration scheme, Ava wants nothing more than to protect the innocence she sees in Shuri; the innocence she never got to have.
On her first (extremely classified) mission outside of Wakanda, Shuri meets a young woman who none of her technology can understand.

Wanda Maximoff/Ava Starr: So much destructive potential here. Both of these women have been through a lot- lots of science experiments, lots of loss. They see the world very differently than the people around them. They'd be very powerful together, for better or worse.
Wanda is the only person who's ever understood how much Ava wants to watch the world burn.
When their two youngest members first start getting close, the other Avengers think it's wonderful. That feeling... changes.
Wanda is learning how to use her powers to interrogate. Ava helps her do it slowly.
Ava is damaged inside. Wanda thinks her powers can help.
The more Wanda overhears Ava's dreams and thoughts, the more she feels like she's going crazy inside her own skin.
Wanda has never really trusted the Avengers, not completely. Ava has never trusted anyone. They do some investigation, and what they find could tear the whole thing down.

Brunnhilde | Valkyrie/Wanda Maximoff: Brunnhilde has a laid-back personality (aka drunk or Done with this cruel world, however your hcoose to interpret it) that I could see gelling well with a post-Ultron Wanda.
While most everyone Wanda knows is somewhat wary of her powers, Brunnhilde just wants to find out the biggest thing she can blow up with them. It's... nice.
Brunnhilde is the only one who realizes that Wanda's not only mourning a brother.
They get along because Brunnhilde doesn't look afraid when Wanda tries something new and creepy.
Brunnhilde was looking for a pick-me-up, and the sliver of a Midgardian witch is perfect.
Magic is relatively normal on Asgard. Brunnhilde doesn't know why these Midgardians aren't more appreciative of the witch who goes around blessing their rooms/countries.

Sharon Carter/Wanda Maximoff: Two underutilized, underdeveloped characters. Screw 'Steve and Sharon don't have chemistry,' maybe that's because Sharon doesn't have any fucking lines. Anyway. Let's take these informed abilities and let em play out.
Sharon is used to having a lot of eyes on her, a lot of expectations- for better or worse. She helps Wanda get used to it and focus on being who she wants to be and carving her own path.
When things with the Avengers get too tense, Wanda can always count on Agent 13 to show up with a mission.
Wanda learns sparring from someone who doesn't have superpowers, but does have kind eyes.
Because of her name and her shiny-clean record, people don't realize that Sharon is the kind of person who will charge the Winter Soldier or steal confiscated superhero costumes to get the job done. When Sharon joins the Avengers Initiative, her new teammates mostly aren't willing to look past her unsupposing smile. But Wanda has always known that nice-looking women can be the most vicious fighters.

Maya Hansen/Wanda Maximoff: An interesting overlap of the two sides of human testing. Though Maya came to Tony with concerns over AIM's activity, that doesn't mean she was against all of it. There's a lot of gray morality between these two.
There's a new member of the science division at Avengers HQ, and she doesn't seem to have any friends. Wanda introduces herself and discovers they have more in common than anyone expected.
Wanda had more say in the way Hydra's experiments went than the Avengers know. She and Maya get along very well.
The Avengers seem to think that friendship will keep Wanda on the side fo the angels. She lets them think that. When she meets Maya, who's in the same situation... it's an opportunity.
What happens when you combine Extremis with the power of the Mind Stone? The world is about to find out.

Tony Stark/Sam Wilson: Sam Wilson is the eternal Marry of my constantly shifting game of Avengers fuck-marry-kill because he is a hot, smart, funny, sane, competent person who kows how to handle other peoples' shit on top of his own without getting pulled under. Not saying I want to see him not getting deflected by all of Tony's antisocial behaviors, but being able to see Tony's actual problems and having the patience to work wth him rather than manage him. Actually, I wouldn't mind even if this weren't shippy, I just want them to interact. Of course shippy is great too :) :) (Also they're both super sexy. Just putting that out there.)
Prompts: Sam is actually a fucked up vet too, even though he spends most of his time helping other people. Put him in fandom!Bruce's shoes: Stark Industries is a great place for secure work that helps people while he can help himself.
College AU: No one expected Steve's new best friend and Tony Stark to get along.
Bruce and Sam become besties. Tony becomes aware of this with a massive surge of jealousy.
Tony decides to haze the new guy. It doesn't go according to plan.
Dating Tony doesn't make the tension between him and Steve go away, as much as Sam wishes it would.
The making of Redwing.
Tony's never had someone willing to just fly with him.
Civil War: They agreed not to let work affect their private relationship, and vice versa. That doesn't make fighting on opposite sides any less painful.

Sharon Carter/Ava Starr: Two SHIELD operatives with high security clearances, around the same age and employed by SHIELD at the same time. It's quite likely they'd have met; what's less clear is how their different routes to working with SHIELD would have led them to interact. Did Ava believe in SHIELD while she worked for them, and only become soured afterwards? Or was she an unwilling participant from a young age, with study and treatment of her quantum issues held in random for her work? Did the pair work together? Was Sharon aware of Ava's history, and how she felt about SHIELD? Were they rivals?
Sharon and Ava were the first participants in a program (polarizing within the upper echelons of SHIELD) to train promising agents starting quite young.
Sharon discovers that Ava had supported Hydra in the takedown. After the fall, when Ava's SHIELD file is revealed along with all the others, she can't blame her.
They meet up (again?) after Infinity War for... world-saving things

James "Rhodey" Rhodes/Sam Wilson: UGH the 'trying to keep these idiot from killing themselves' club is a combination of two of my favorite people in this 'verse. They're both the sort to think about things before they make decisions, and they're both intelligent enough to have legitimate considered discussions (as seen in their ONE scene together *cries*). I'd love anything for this ship from pre-series, post-Ultron, all the way through post-Endgame. I'd also like it if Rhodey were called something other than Rhdey, like his first name or a nickname thereof, but I do understand if that's too weird for you and you'd prefer to call him Rhodey.
Prompt: I'd love for these two to be that one extremely solid relationship on the team. You know the one. They're so much more mature than you and your pining or your tentative flirtation, or that on-again-off-again couple, and they just sit over there calmly holding hands and offering sage advice and making investment portfolios (I have a weakness for mature adult relationships).
Canon missing scene: Sam and Rhodey's first training session or first meeting or first actual talk over drinks after the first training session.
When the new Avengers team forms, people pair off quickly. Steve and Natasha spend half their time gossiping about their lost loves (or whatever), and Vision and Wanda are clearly working their way up to weird magical semi-solid banging. Sam and Rhodey become friends almost by default.
Trying to keep their relationship quiet for (publicity? career?) reasons while also trying to see each other in between Avengeing and searching for the Winter Soldier and working for the Air Force.
Unexpectedly, they've gotten no kickback from any of their colleagues, former teammates, or superiors in the Air Force or Air Guard about being an extremely visible gay representation of the military. The Avengers, on the other hand, have had some mixed reactions.

When Bruce snaps everyone back... it's still been five years. That's no small thing.
For any of these prompts or as its own prompt, I'd also like any kind of exploration of their experiences as Black superheroes, soldiers, gay men, on the Avengers, in private life, in media, or anything else. Current events as a backdrop is great, or whatever the MCU's political spectrum looks like rn, idek.

James "Bucky" Barnes/Natasha Romanov/Tony Stark: I love when people put Tony and Natasha together because they are complex characters whose relationship could go so many ways depending on their circumstances. I love Natasha and Bucky in the comics, and I really like all the Stuckony fic I've read. That being said, I realize you have a limited amount of canon interaction to work with here, so really anything you come up with for this ship will be great. I have a few prompts which you can modify as you wish, but if they don't inspire you, anything H/C, fluffy, or even just chilling out and talking or playing a board game will make me happy. Bonus points for Steve being approving if it's fluffy, but if it's not feel no need. You can accept Civil War or completely ignore it and start with 'After SHIELD fell, they brought Bucky to Avengers Tower after a week of hide-and-seek.'
The Soldier is put on trial, and Natasha and Tony are the only Avengers allowed to see/guard him. They try to make it as not-traumatic as possible. Up to you if Bucky turned himself in or not, and how Steve feels about all this.
Natasha and Tony haven't told anyone on the team that they've tentatively started a relationship, which is complicated when Bucky announces he and Natasha used to be in love- which she doesn't remember at all.
Natasha and Bucky are sickeningly sweet in love, but they are for some reason willing to put up with Tony moping around them after he and Pepper break up for the last time. Then, for some reason, they decide to be more proactive in making him happy.
Any modern AU would also make me squee all around town. I have this idea where Natasha is a professional Secret Shopper, anything with that would be amazing.
Sedoretu with Pepper?

Ava Starr/Sam Wilson (MCU): These two haven't met, though they easily could through Sam's involvement/friendship with Scott or a further introduction of the Pym Particle crew and the Avengers. Or even Ghost encountering/joining the Avengers herself at any point in the canon; she was canon SHIELD agent, so it's just a matter of canon AU. I like this pairing because I think Sam might be better able to reach Ava through her issues than, perhaps, the people in the Ant-Man and the Wasp movies. I'm also down for any and all non-canon AUs.
Canon or AU, the team's reactions when people notice them getting closer or when they start dating.
Feel free to write Sam actually acting as Ava's therapist as an extra layer of :/
If you do a mundane AU where they start dating and make a pun about 'ghosting' it's an automatic win.
Art prompts: Cozy, flying, secret, guilt, wedding, crime-fighting partners, comics-style

James "Bucky" Barnes/Nebula/Sam Wilson: My babies. I love Sam and Bucky's Civil War dynamic, and their Endgame dynamic, so whichever you like better, I'm there. I also love Nebula's character development and would love to see her with a new purpose in life to focus on.
Are these three part of the new post-Endgame Avengers team? What kind of difficulties do they face in establishing some sort of team dynamic, since they all have very different histories insofar as teamwork go. Also, as far as relationships go, I'm sure.
Maybe they aren't an official team. Sam and Bucky plegde to crush Hydra once and for all, and Nebula is more than happy to join them on a killing spree long-term mission.
None of them have any energy for lies and dissembling. The truth can cleanse even when it hurts.
OMG what I would give for a mundane AU about these guys working through their traumas.
Canon or mundane AU with an established couple, and how they go form a pair to a group of three, in any configuration. Probably not the most 'functional' lot, but a lot of potential.
Some sort of dynamics AU, like Pack or ABO or D/s, especially if Nebula's approach is different from the human way, or if Bucky's experience with Hydra/growing up in the 30s gives him a different perspective, or both!
Honeslyl I love all three of them so I'd be happy with anything.

Nebula/Pepper Potts/Tony Stark: I'm seeing something right after Infinity War where Nebula stays on Earth instead of heading into space with Rocket. Nebula's age is not given in canon (I checked) so while I do love the Dad!Tony vibes, I could also see this ship sailing if you make the argument that Nebula is older, she just never got good socialization. Anyway, Some hand-wavey reason for Nebula staying on Earth—Tony wants to hire an expert in alien tech for the Avengers or SI, she's gonna be a consultant for the new SWORD in the MCU, she needs extensive repairs after the torture in Endgame, etc—and there you have it!
Nebula has no idea how to function in a relationship. But that's okay, because Tony and Pepper are still figuring that out as they go. OR, Nebula does have an idea of how to function in a relationship- and it's kinda fucked up.
They're in a relationship by the time Pepper becomes pregnant. How do you deal with that?
The relationship actually works pretty well for them; it's everyone else's reactions that can be hard to handle.
If Tony knew that all he had to do to get Pepper to start training with one of his armors was start dating a blue space assassin, he would've found one years ago.
Pepper isn't sure about dating Nebula at first, but when Tony sells it as being a Sugar Mama to a woman who has never gone on a shopping spree in her life, she's onboard pretty damn fast. Nebula gets showered with love and luxury and is surprisingly okay with it.

Nebula/James "Rhodey" Rhodes: I loved that these two were put together in Endgame. I think there are a lot of different facets to be explored between them. Nebula has a bloody and traumatic history, but she has recently been on a path toward a different kind of life: one involving close relationships, a new understadning of the universe, and healthy ways of living and looking at things. Rhodey has been career Air Force, but in just the last few years (before Endgame) superheros have appeared, he became an Avenger, and his life turned around. Aliens are new, too. I would like to see something set after the events of Endgame (though you can change them as much as you'd like, it's the setup and dynamics I like), involving these two building on the camaraderie or friendship that were built there. If you wanted to write gen, I honestly wouldn't mind.
Rhodey is the new leader of the Avengers, and they could use a member/consultant/contact who knows about the wide variety of species and cultue that they may soon meet.
Bonding over Tony's death.
The bracers Tony made for Rhodey are in dire need of repair, but no one, not even Rhodey himself, can make sense of the methods Tony used to build them. To Nebula, all of this Terran stuff is child's play.
After all the shit that's gone down, it's really nice to have someone else willing to just race you through the sky.
It's Rhodey's job to make Nebula ready to go in front of cameras as the newest member of the Avengers. He's got his work cut out for him.
Or anything you can think of! Honestly ignore the prompts if you're not feeling them, I kinda feel like they're a bit lackluster. If you offered this ship, write the story/create the art you were thinking of!

Wanda Maximoff/Nebula/Ava Starr: I can see this going very dark, very fast. Or, to a place of healing, if that's your drift. Possibly the most traumatized tri in this universe, these three have abilities beyond the understanding of those around them, whether that's literal in Wanda and Ava's cases—their poweres are beyond current science— or Nebula's—people can't understand why or how she is the way she is. Together, they might tear the Earth apart, or be its greatest champions.

Wanda Maximoff/Ava Starr/Sam Wilson:

[Marvel Comics]
Marvel (Comics)

Rumiko Fujikawa/Steve Rogers/Tony Stark: I love Rumiko and thought she was really great for Tony, while they lasted. She was a breath of fresh air and relaxation when things had been getting too dark and stressful. She reminded him to loosen up, and wasn't afraid to be stubborn and demand what she wanted. Meanwhile, both Tony and Steve at different points play the self-sacrificing, job-comes-first attitude and are all manly and straight-backed, while having their no-homo all over the place. I think that this mix of personalities- dedication and flexibility and stubbornness and passion and love for life- could really servce to make all of them more stable and happier. I'd love get-together here, or someone supporting the others or offering advice or even just backrubs during a difficult time. The difficulties of a three-way relationship as public figures would be interesting, or you can go the other way, with a universe where threesomes are the norm, and have them work to fit their weirdo jobs and what they actually want in with society's expectations of relationships. I also would like to see Rumiko get some credit for the certain difficulties of putting up with these two in an enclosed space.

James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers/Natasha Romanov: Most of what I know about Natasha is from the Black Widow Comics, most of what I know about Bucky is from there, Civil War, and the recent stuff with Kobik, and most of what I have on Steve comes from Stony meta readings of various comics. What I mean by this is that I love these characters individually, but I haven't read them together much, so while my prompts may be a bit ishy, I'm going to love whatever you write because I do love these characters. Natasha and Bucky's relationship is so sweet, in spite of everything, and I think that Steve might be a lot more stable if he had some strong support more consistently at his back. These three would be a powerhouse.
Steve and Bucky are open about their relationship, at least within their tight-knit community. Natasha doesn't want anyone to know she's involved, too.
Natasha's apartment is the place they both go to let everything else float away.
"So when's it my turn to be Captain America?"
Any Steve-focused H/C. Poor baby's had a rough few runs these last couple of years.
It's only with his lovers that Bucky's playful side comes out.
Natasha's amnesia storyline: She remembers being in a relationship wth Steve, but not with Bucky.
AU where these three rule/govern the superhero community as a triumvirate.

James "Bucky" Barnes/Natasha Romanov/Sam Wilson: I haven't gotten to read any comics with Bucky and Sam working together, sadly, but I'm a huge fan of Bucky/Nat in the comics, so I imagine this would be kickass. I'd like to see a getting-together fic or an established relationship fic where the three of them are working a mission together, or slice-of-lifeing it up.

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