Lilac (meatball42) wrote,

Marvel Femslash Exchange 2019

Hello creator! So psyched to meet you in this here wonderful exchange. I hope you enjoy yourself!

My standard likes/dislikes list:

  • Misunderstandings and miscommunication

  • Trust issues, insecurity, a non-excessive amount of woobiefication

  • Snark or banter

  • Hurt/Comfort. I like emotional more than physical, but both are good

  • Friends-to-lovers or frienemies-to-lovers

  • Polyamory of pretty much any sort, with a vibranium star bonus for sedoretu.

  • Crossovers are cool: Here is a list of my fandoms:

  • Sex is cool: Here is a list of kinks and tropes that I like, though you are under no obligtion to include any of them if you write sex:

  • Happy endings

  • Anything way out there. Crack or crack taken seriously is cool. Creativity is great. Give me whatever it is you've been thinking about :)

My favorite AUs:

  • Professional workplace AUs, from a landscaping business to the UN. Massive bonus points if the author has RL experience in said setting

  • Sports AUs are my jam, especially if the writer knows the sport and goes into detail about it <3

  • Any gender-system-based worldbuildings, including ABO or D/s that's more than just kink (although just kink works fiiiiine as well)

  • Racebending AUs are not often to be found, which is sad because they are awesome!

  • Any magical realism AUs, especially those where characters are fantasy creatures; my favorite is incubus or succubus fic

Do Not Wants:

  • Instantaneous or inexplicably fast attraction/relationship/sex, unless you're intentionally going for PWP.

  • Psychological horror or psychological torture being thoroughly described in the text, chracter dealing with trauma is fine.

  • Extensive description of physical torture. I like H/C, but I prefer focus on the C rather than whump.

  • RPF in general, including the use of photos of actors for artworks.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Prompts and fandoms are in no particular order.

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Carol Danvers/Janet Van Dyne: Jan was sooo happy to finally have another woman on the team! Maybe she was sick of the sausagefest, or maybe she's been over-compensating with Hank. I don't mind if you retcon her relationship with Hank, break them up, make them open, whatever works for you.
Jan thinks it's really hot how fast Carol can beat her when they spar. Of course, she's won once or twice.
Carol's been int he military all her life, and she's never experienced anything like this tiny woman dragging her out shopping with all the force of a drill sergeant.
After so long working with mostly men, Carol is just as happy as Jan to get to partner with another woman.
Due to some unequal practice, Carol and Jan break off from the Avengers in protest. Unexpectedly, their two-woman team is wildly successful.

Maria Hill/Natasha Romanov: I actually really liked Maria's portrayal in this show, although she was set against the team on several different occasions. Some things I like about her, she's Latina, she's angry, and she's belligerent and critical. She seems to actively hate Tony Stark, yet she has no trouble fighting alongside him when civilians are in danger, and she shouts at him even while she saves his life. A woman getting to be belligerent and intelligent and disagree with people and not be portrayed as a villain, just opposed to the heroes? I want All Of It!! Natasha's run on the show was fantastic because she did objectively bad things! Helping Hydra! Framing Hawkeye! Yet they were, extremely subjectively, good things. She's actually morally gray, versus the worst thing we ever see MCU Natasha do is not tell Steve that Fury gave her a secret mission.
Natasha doesn't like Director Hill, and Director Hill doesn't like her, but you don't have to like your allies, or even your lovers.
Hill is new, but she's one of the few people at SHIELD who Natasha actually likes.
Some days Natasha wants Clint. Other days, she needs Maria.
It's not safe to be in love at SHIELD. That's why nearly everyone thinks that the Black Widow and Maria Hill politely don't get along.
When Natasha joins the Avengers, she thinks Maria won't want anything to do with her anymore.

Natasha Romanov/Janet Van Dyne: Jan was so excited to have Carol on the team; how does she react to getting a third!!! woman on the Avengers?
Things are icy when Natasha joins the Avengers, mostly because Clint isn't happy about it and the rest of the team is stands by him. Jan tries to figure out whether her loyalty comes first, or whether she ought to side with a woman who's basically been cast as the villain for doing her job.
Everyone thinks Natasha and Clint are a couple. Jan is privately (and dramatically) devastated and pining.
Natasha joins the Avengers with no?!?!?! cute?!?!?! outfits?!?!?! Even for an undercover agent, it's horrendous. Jan fixes it, though.
On their first date, Natasha isn't sure what persona she's supposed to be using.
Since the team still doesn't fully trust her, Natasha decides it'll be easiest to win the trust of the bubbly Wasp.

Bobbi Morse/Janet Van Dyne: These two never met in canon that I remember, but Ithought Bobbi had a lot of gumption, and if there's anyon who would appreciate a stylish female superhero who just loves beating up bad guys, it's Jan.
Bobbi gets assigned to assist the Avengers on a mission and by the time it's over, she and Jan are inseparable.
Bobbi is Clint's plus-one to an event, but she ends up with Jan by the end of the night.
SHIELD throws some sort of event to help reduce recent tensions with the Avengers; nothing is going well until someone catches Mockingbird and the Wasp making out in a closet.
Due to an Avengers mission crossing a SHIELD mission or some other miscommunication, the Wasp and Mockingbird end up fighting. Jan is torn up over her crush on a villainess, until the truth comes to light.

Avengers Academy

Crimson Dynamo/Sif: Both of these women are ass-kicking warriors and I think they'd both really appreciate dating someone who will appreciate an all-out brawl. I think it'd be fun for a mutual friend to set them up on a date, and/or they fight each other for a date at the arena, or something like that. Or maybe a double date where they team up!

Kate Bishop/Quake: Quake is super powerful but uncertain, shy, and sometimes afraid of herself. Kate has been in the superheroes game for a while and has very powerful friends. Maybe Quake is assigned to work with the Young Avengers, or they get put together on a mission. I want to see Quake becoming a bit more comfortable with herself, or Kate getting to be the mentor. Of course, they're both also about as cute as pixels can get, so if Quake settles into the team by being taken on a date, that's fine by me.

Singularity/Viv: These two have such unique perspectives on life and life on Earth. I'd love to see something where they fit together better than either of them fits into the rest of the world. Along similar lines, they both have optimistic outlooks, but aren't shy about kicking ass when necessary. I think they'd get along very well! It doesn't necessarily need to be romantic, as that simply may not be how either or both of them conceive of things or want to do things; I'll be happy if they're happy!

Captain America 2099/Peggy Carter: I really like both of these characters and I think their moral codes would match up very well, along with their sheer enjoyment of punching people. Honestly anything with this pairing will make me so happy.
People think Peggy and Steve were an item, and indeed they might have been- if Steve had been a woman. When Peggy meets Roberta, she finds herself falling very quickly.
Peggy is surprised by how forward Roberta is about asking her out and being seen with her in public. Peggy's not quite used to the future being accepting of queer relationships, but Roberta has never known any different.
Ideal date: Nazi-punching

Black Widow/Wasp: These two are the game's earliest female characters! They've had lots of time to get together in extremely tropey ways:
Jan gets starry-eyed every time Natasha shows up in a new outfit; either out of attraction, or jealousy that she didn't make it herself.
Jan needs a plus one to an event where Natasha is trying to sneak some intel. One thing leads to another.
A battlefield romance
Natasha suspects that Wasp may be the Academy's mole. This means that she has to watch Wasp very closely. That's the only reason she's doing it.
Natasha was suspicious of absolutely everyone when she joined the Academy. After a few years, she's let a select few in.

Black Cat/Silver Sable: Two smart, skilled, morally ambiguous, exceedingly pretty... heroes, on one campus? Absolutely! I don't have much in the way of prompts because I don't know them that well, but feel free to do anything tropey, or throw all of your abandoned Silver & Black headcanons at me.

Silver Sable/Spider-Girl: Honestly I shipped these two as soon as I got them in the game, before I knew anything about the Spider-man section of comics lore. They're both very smart and very talented, and also put together and stylish. I was really drawn to Silver's mercenary backstory and moral ambiguity contrasted against Anya's more classic hero arc. I'd like to see them teaming up, or having fun on campus, becoming friends, and then maybe having to think about how their friend has a different moral perspective or worldview.

Tigra/Wasp: A fashion designer and a model, both superheroes, both main storyline characters... how are there no fics for these two?!?!?
People expected Greer and Jan to be friends... they didn't expect them to be spectacularly gay all over campus.
Greer becomes Jan's muse
Jan and Greer go shopping together, get their nails done together, spar together, sit together in all their classes, talk about cute boys... yet no one seems to realize they're a couple? Everyone is confused, but it makes perfect sense to them.
Someone says they can't be gay because they're both too feminine.
Greer and Jan are besties... until one night after too many drinks at a Stark Tower party. What will happen now?!
Tigra/Steve/Jan/Thor sedoretu, with a focus on the women in the spirit of the fest.

Black Cat/Elektra: I don't remember if these two interacted, but I think they'd just tear the campus up.
When Felicia and Elektra leave campus together and vanish into the underworld... no one is really surprised.
Their courtship is responsible for a long list of damage across campus.
Their tag team wins the intramural volleyball competition. Blood is drawn.
They each have their relationships and flirtations, but at the end of the day, this is the one bond they know they can rely on.
They're each others' back-up.

Crossover Fandom: For this category, I am 100% down for AUs for any of the ships I've requested. If you want a couple to get rival bakers on a reality show, I want to read it. If they're dryads working together to shore up a riverside, I'm there.

I'm also completely behind canon-type fics though, just with the commentary that I'm kinda in the mood for moral ambiguity and gray area. Normally I like happy endings, but if one of the characters requested is an asshole, like Jeri Hogarth, and that means the story is full of manipulation and ends with someone devastated or dead, so be it. If you want to write disillusioned and angry characters, I'm here for it. Part of the onder of this femaslash exchange, I'm finding is the opportunity to read about women expressing a range of emotions and actions that we don't get to see normally. I'll watch a woman cheating on her girlfriend or wife. I'll watch a woman take advantage of someone for ambition or self-preservation. Let's see what they can do, for real.

Bobbi Morse (Agents of SHIELD)/Patricia Walker (The Defenders): Hot blondes who fight in their own ways, what's not to love?
Trish is determined to be a hero. Bobbi helps her do it without destroying herself.
SHIELD gets reports of a cat-themed hero running around New York. Bobbi is sent to make contact, one way or another.
Bobbi's long-distance, on-and-off lover still thinks she works for an upper-crust art insurance company. When she gains superpowers... things have to change.
Trish has to keep her girlfriend a secret because of publicity. Bobbi has to keep her girlfriend a secret because it's not safe otherwise.

Christine Everhart (MCU)/Patricia Walker (The Defenders): Gorgeous, abmbitious, dedicated, underestimated career women who will stop at nothing to get answers.
Christine is Trish's idol when she's getting into the reporting field, for her award-winning writing, but also for the way people tear her down. Trish knows what it's like to be the media's darling one day and get savaged the next.
They meet at a networking event and make a very strong connection.
Christine helps Trish get an honest-to-God journalism gig. Trish thanks her.
There are a lot of things they disagree on, but they respect each other a lot. At the end of the day, that's what's most important.
One of Christine's passions is nurturing young women getting into the field.

Misty Knight (The Defenders)/Pepper Potts (MCU): These women are each very impressive in very different ways. Pepper runs a massively successful company and Misty holds a respected position as a dedicated protector of her community. It'd be interesting to me what happened when their paths crossed.
Misty and Pepper are seated far apart, but they meet at the bar at an NYPD charitable gala. Sensing another woman who's just as Done(tm) as she is, Pepper invites Misty out for stronger drinks somewhere else.
After striking up a casual, polite friendship, Mistyx doesn't know what to expect when she's invited to 'Girls' Night' at Stark Tower.
When the paps find out that Detective Knight of the 29th is dating the Pepper Potts, shit gets real for a while.
Misty isn't comfortable taking her arm off. This isn't Pepper's first time around a hero with some extra hardware.
Pepper stops in to oversee R&D's tests on a prosthesis prototype, but she picks up more than a progress report.

Peggy Carter (MCU)/Misty Knight (The Defenders): I don't know how this would happen, but I desperately want it. Both of these women have had to prove themselves many times over throughout their lives. They both love shooting guns and punching people. They both have a strong sense of justice. They're both gorgeous, that's not very relevant but it is to me. These prompts aren't that great, I'm sorry, but really any fic or art for this pairing will make me very happy!
Misty doesn't skimp when she teaches Peggy about the future.
For someone from seventy years in the past, Peggy understands more than one might expect.
Misty doesn't know what to think when a British woman is assigned as her new partner, but she can say two things for Peggy: she knows when to follow Misty's lead, and she's got a solid right hook.
This isn't where Peggy expected her life to take her, but she's happy where she ended up.

Tilda Johnson (The Defenders)/Wanda Maximoff (MCU): Wanda's family was torn apart by war, and she volunteered for experiments with Hydra to destroy the man she blamed for it. Tilda grew up with a family who loved and supported her, but she knew her mother, and the more she learned, the more she wanted to get away. But she did love her mother enough to try to build a relationship, only for it to go very dark, very quickly. Now that what was keeping them anchored is gone- for Wanda, her brother and their dream of revenge, and for Tilda, her belief that she could be a healer- what's stopping them from wreaking the havok that's in their blood?
Wanda researches her roots and meets another witch just beginning to learn her power.
Like calls to like.
Part of Tilda still wants to pretend that she's never killed anyone. Part of Wanda still wants to pretend she doesn't ache to kill again. Together, they're good. For a while.
Tilda makes herself a potion and sees an incredibe future.

Jeri Hogarth (The Defenders)/Wanda Maximoff (MCU): As we saw with Pam in JJ s1 and Inez in s2, Jeri is drawn to beautiful young women who have a spark, but are also vulnerable to her due to power imbalance. I kind of want to see Jeri being attracted to Wanda while she, for example, consults as a lawyer to the Avengers, and how that ends up going for her. Wanda might appreciate a strong woman to love her and support her, but she also may have issues with feeling manipulated. Plus, all of Jeri's relationships end up pretty immoral one way or another. Also, intermittent mind-reading? But Jeri is pretty good at twisting things to her advantage.
Angsty or dark porn would be 1000% cool

Wanda Maximoff (MCU)/Angel Salvadore (X-Men ATM): One of the reasons I like Wanda is that you can interpret her character a variety of different ways; I feelt lik the movies went for the blandest version. But Wanda volunteered for the experiments that created her powers, along with her brother. Why? Revenge? Ambition? Fear? Did she believe in Hydra's creed? And after the events of Ultron, is she angry about her brother's death? Torn apart by grief? Who does she blame? We never see that in the movies. Similarly, Angel has a whole life that never got explored. Was she kicked out by her family when her wings grew in? Or did she always have them? Did she run away to protect them? Is there anyone she left behind to go with the people she met who were like her?
"People keep dying around me." "That's why I never stay in one place too long."
The kind of power they have is isolating. It's nice to meet someone who understands.
They're Avengers, right? So they should avenge.
Maybe they were meant to be the bad guys. Or maybe they just have to start all over.

Angel Salvadore (X-Men ATM)/Ava Starr (MCU): Angel gets a bad rep for basically not wanting to die, I feel. And Ava spends most of her movie trying to not die. Both of them might have made different choices if they had been supported, or at the very least not exploited.
People who have never had nothing don't understand self-preservation.
Angel sees the girl flicker, but she doesn't think 'she's like me' until she sees how much it hurts.
They both end up at SHIELD's and/or the Avengers' secret 'training camp' for people whose powers or personalities aren't considered good enough.
SHIELD likes to pair their numbered agents up occasionally to see who's compatible. The trick is not seeming too compatible, because then you'll never see each other again.
Sometimes, it's kill or be killed. They both understand that.

Brunnhilde | Valkyrie (MCU)/Jessica Jones (The Defenders): Disillusioned, angry drunks. This could end really well, or really badly.
"I'm not gay." "Didn't realize you had to be gay to get drunk and fuck away the day." "...I live two blocks over."
Hilda shows up every so often with a bottle of the best liquor Jess has ever had. The dress up to the nines and go out to beat up catcallers.
Sometimes, Brunnhilde says someone else's name in bed. Jessica doesn't call attention to it.
Jess has only fucked one person who she hasn't had to worry about breaking. Brunnhilde has had a horrible dry spell since coming to Earth, and she's more than happy to put an end to it- loudly, and oftten.
Both of them are running from things. That means that sometimes their nasty pasts intersect painfully.

Brunnhilde | Valkyrie (MCU)/Vanessa Carlyle (Deadpool Movies): Not gonna lie I requested this for smut, but if you want to do something with Vanessa's powers THAT SHE HAS I will be absolutely down for that. Or they could just party togetehr and paint the town red, you know?

Karolina Dean (Runaways TV)/Shuri (MCU): I just *sniffs* love them so much. My glowy gay girl and the smartest person on the planet (I mean, I haven't heard otherwise). I would love some smut fic or art for this pairing, but I also have plotty ideas.
The Runaways hear about a place up in Oakland that will disappear people with gifts before they disappear otherwise. The metal throughout the building reacts of Karolina's presence, earning her labtime with the big boss.
Shuri's instruments detect something strange going on in California.
Karolina might not know anything about her heritage, but Wakanda does.

Mariah Dillard (The Defenders)/Olivia Octavius (Into the Spiderverse): These two are fantastic disasters for everyone in the vicinity. Mariah's greed and passion prove to be her undoing, and Olivia literally cares more about interesting science than the possibility of collapsing her own universe. Both are extremely smart, and extremely manipulative. Together, they would set the world on fire and laugh while it burned. Whether they would get caught up in it is to be seen.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Ava Starr/Janet van Dyne: Honestly I think both of them are going to have a pretty difficult time after the end of Ant-Man and the Wasp (if you ignore the Infinity War ending, which you can if you wish). Jan lived in a wasteland for 30 years? How did she survive? And now her husband is 30 years older, technology (of which she used to be on the cutting edge) is 30 years older, and she's basically been in solitary confinement for the whole time. She'd have to have massive culture shock. Meanwhile Ava's socialization has been in a quasi-military organization, and she's been living with intense pain which may or may not suddenly disappear post-canon.
Intense codependence because they each feel no one else can understand what they've been through.
The experience of transferring the quantum energy binds them together, either just because it's intimate, or in a soul-bond kind of way, or because of some sort of ~magic~ that may be fine, or may be seriously fucked up.
I'm interested in this relationship for its own sake, because there's a lot of twisted possibilities, but also because of how Jan's family and Scott and Bill migth react to this relationship. This could go from them just thinking it's nto cool, because Ava is younger than Hope, to reasonably horrified because Jan and Ava won't acknowledge that something seriously freaky is going on.
Art prompts: Magic, bonded, vacation, flying, secret.

Brunnhilde | Valkyrie/Ava Starr: I love that both of these women have trauma in their past and the movies didn't shy away from showing it having effects on their personalities and the way they view the world. There's a lot fo nuance to each of them and I think it woul dbe cool to see them together, whether that's romantic or not.
Ava doesn't want to be a hero. Brunnhilde can relate.
They both wake up from memories of watching their loved ones die.
Ava has seen a lot of atrocities during her time withSHIELDRA, and she has a list of people who deserve to be torn apart. Brunnhilde isn't fitting in too well with modern Asgardian society. Going on a crusade sounds like a good deal.
Brunnhilde comes across a ghost-girl who's got a familiar relationship with alcohol. Maybe, for Ava's sake, she can be a hero again.
You're not supposed to get a date at an AA meeting.

Nakia (Black Panther)/Ava Starr: I love both of them and they're very different anxd that makes for great shipping potential. Nakia's life is secure- she has a great job, her country is stable politically and economically, and her pirvate life is uncomplicated. It'd be interesting to see how that perspective intersects with the garbage fire that is Ava's entire life.
Ava hates the world and wants to watch it burn. Nakia has a lot of problems with the world that she wants to fix. They find a middle ground.
The royal family of Wakanda has a secret project: finding all of the country's children spread out across the world and inviting them back. They don't want to make the same mistake twice. Some of the people they find aren't suited to the general population. Some of them join the Dora Milaje, or one of the tribe's warrior contingents. Nakia takes one angry, hurt young woman who doesn't fit anywhere under her wing.
Only two people have ever successfully stolen vibranium from Wakanda. Nakia hunts down the second. What she finds isn't at all what she expected.

Shuri/Ava Starr: Two very different upbringings! Shuri grew up with everything she could want, protected at the center of her country. Ava grew up as an agent of SHIELD, wracked with pain every day, her only protection herself and a single father-figure scientist. Can they find any middle ground at all?
When she looks at Shuri Ava sees everything that she could have had if her father's project hadn't gone awry. It makes her angry, it makes her envious, it makes her... covet.
The royal family of Wakanda has a secret project: finding all of the country's children spread out across the world and inviting them back. They don't want to make the same mistake twice. Shuri refuses to let one of her new citizens live in pain. They work together to find a cure for Ava's quantum issues.
A brand new member of the Dora Milaje under Wakanda's new immigration scheme, Ava wants nothing more than to protect the innocence she sees in Shuri; the innocence she never got to have.
On her first (extremely classified) mission outside of Wakanda, Shuri meets a young woman who none of her technology can understand.

Wanda Maximoff/Ava Starr: So much destructive potential here. Both of these women have been through a lot- lots of science experiments, lots of loss. They see the world very differently than the people around them. They'd be very powerful together, for better or worse.
Wanda is the only person who's ever understood how much Ava wants to watch the world burn.
When their two youngest members first start getting close, the other Avengers think it's wonderful. That feeling... changes.
Wanda is learning how to use her powers to interrogate. Ava helps her do it slowly.
Ava is damaged inside. Wanda thinks her powers can help.
The more Wanda overhears Ava's dreams and thoughts, the more she feels like she's going crazy inside her own skin.
Wanda has never really trusted the Avengers, not completely. Ava has never trusted anyone. They do some investigation, and what they find could tear the whole thing down.

Brunnhilde | Valkyrie/Wanda Maximoff: Brunnhilde has a laid-back personality (aka drunk or Done with this cruel world, however your hcoose to interpret it) that I could see gelling well with a post-Ultron Wanda.
While most everyone Wanda knows is somewhat wary of her powers, Brunnhilde just wants to find out the biggest thing she can blow up with them. It's... nice.
Brunnhilde is the only one who realizes that Wanda's not only mourning a brother.
They get along because Brunnhilde doesn't look afraid when Wanda tries something new and creepy.
Brunnhilde was looking for a pick-me-up, and the sliver of a Midgardian witch is perfect.
Magic is relatively normal on Asgard. Brunnhilde doesn't know why these Midgardians aren't more appreciative of the witch who goes around blessing their rooms/countries.

Sharon Carter/Wanda Maximoff: Two underutilized, underdeveloped characters. Screw 'Steve and Sharon don't have chemistry,' maybe that's because Sharon doesn't have any fucking lines. Anyway. Let's take these informed abilities and let em play out.
Sharon is used to having a lot of eyes on her, a lot of expectations- for better or worse. She helps Wanda get used to it and focus on being who she wants to be and carving her own path.
When things with the Avengers get too tense, Wanda can always count on Agent 13 to show up with a mission.
Wanda learns sparring from someone who doesn't have superpowers, but does have kind eyes.
Because of her name and her shiny-clean record, people don't realize that Sharon is the kind of person who will charge the Winter Soldier or steal confiscated superhero costumes to get the job done. When Sharon joins the Avengers Initiative, her new teammates mostly aren't willing to look past her unsupposing smile. But Wanda has always known that nice-looking women can be the most vicious fighters.

All the Maya ships: This short meta is a good explanation of what I love Maya. She's actually brilliant, morally ambiguous but with her heart in the right place, and if the movies had done her better we'd have one of the MCU's best villains instead of Tony stark's side piece who gets shot by the perv at the end. I like to be of the opinion that Maya's movie counterpart has a lot of those qualities, and they simply weren't shown on screen. I also can't find it, but I once read a fic that interpreted her single-minded drive on her research and the way she considers the morality of her experiments as less important than furthering the science as a trait of Aspergers, and it was very well done, so if you can fit that in without being prolematic, I'd love to read that as well.

Maya Hansen/Wanda Maximoff: An interesting overlap of the two sides of human testing. Though Maya came to Tony with concerns over AIM's activity, that doesn't mean she was against all of it. There's a lot of gray morality between these two.
There's a new member of the science division at Avengers HQ, and she doesn't seem to have any friends. Wanda introduces herself and discovers they have more in common than anyone expected.
Wanda had more say in the way Hydra's experiments went than the Avengers know. She and Maya get along very well.
The Avengers seem to think that friendship will keep Wanda on the side fo the angels. She lets them think that. When she meets Maya, who's in the same situation... it's an opportunity.
What happens when you combine Extremis with the power of the Mind Stone? The world is about to find out.

Jane Foster/Maya Hansen: Bruce/Tony has over 4k fics on AO3, now I want some science girlfriends.
They fall into bed together and sleep for 12 hours after a science marathon.
When Bruce and Tony are the voices of reason, science has gone too far!
Jane's research is taking her away from Earth. Maya decides she can always find something else to study in space.
None of the other scientists will talk to Maya since news of her work with AIM has spread. Jane has never been one to follow the herd.
Together, they're revolutionary.
Tony might be the best at making weapons, but the world hasn't seen the kinds of toys a bio-programmer and a theoretical physicist can put together. (Optional: The Avengers! Now more over-powered than ever!)
Maya pulled a Bruce and tested her research on herself.

Maya Hansen/Maria Hill: Two women at the top of historically male fields. A geek and a jock. A femme and a butch? Idk, however you want to play it, I just like them both.
Maria doesn't usually spend much time around the science division, but Dr. Hansen can hold her liquor as well as any STRIKE agent.
Maria is the only woman on the East Coast division who has a high enough clearance to supervise the scientist coming over from AIM. She's expecting greedy ambition and amorality, but she find that, for better or worse, Maya Hansen fits in at SHEILD.
Maya may or may not have a crush on the Deputy Director who looks like she could take Maya down in half a second. Not that she wouldn't enjoy that.
When Maria starts working at Stark Industries, one of Stark's R&D nerds commiserates with her on finding out that your life's work has been used for terrorism.

Maria Hill/Hope Van Dyne: I feel like thse two would be kindred spirits as soon as they meet. Or maybe they've already met, back in canon.
Hope is introduced to Maria when she meets with Fury about being in the Avengers Initiative before the first Avengers movie.
High school and/or college sweethearts.
When Hope joins the Avengers, she wasn't expecting to fall hard for her new handler.
Maria's deepest secret is her celebrity crushes. When the stylish, always-composed face of Pym Technologies is suddenly a member of a very small community of superheroes that Maria gets to manage... she gets tongue-tied for the first time in a decade.
They managed to keep their feelings under wraps while Maria was handling Hope's team. But when Maria [is super-fied] and joins the Avengers, things come to a head very quickly.

Sif/Hope Van Dyne: Two proud, powerful women who have fought for their right to punch bad guys in the face. I think these two would hit it off in a flash, and everyone in the vicinity would have to watch out.
When Asgard lands in Kansas, the Warriors Three and Sif join the newly founded West Coast Avengers. It's not long before Hope and Sif are voted in as co-leaders.
In the great battle of Endgame (you know there's going to be one. If there somehow isn't just make it up) Hope and Sif end up fighting side by side without knowing who the other is. Options: One is gravely wounded, they are split apart and don't meet until they're back on Earth, they end up soul-bonded in the middle of battle, whatever.
Any doubles sport AU: Wrestling tag teams, volleyball, ballroom dancing, tennis, synchronized diving, whatever, but very very publically gay about it.

Natasha Romanov/Hope Van Dyne: I don't have a lot of Natasha ships here because I'm not a huge fan of how the movies have portrayed her. But I still think she could be fantastic if done right (pun not intended).
Wanda is a great friend, but it's not until Hope joins the team that Natasha stops feeling like the odd one out.
Dating Hope is the first time in a long time that Natasha has been able to relax. She's just as honest and reliable at Steve or Clint, but... actually attractive.
Now that there's another woman on the team who the press isn't calling a monster every ten minutes, Natasha can ease back into her preferred skillset just a little. She didn't expect that Hope would be so eager to join her in the shadows.
Hope has been waiting and waiting and waiting for her share of danger for years. While the newly-reinstated Avengers are grounded... maybe playing with fire will do.

Maria Stark/Janet Van Dyne: Two women who have been forgotten in the shadows of their husbands' genius. People don't realize how much can be accomplished when all the eyes in the room are looking elsewhere.
Once upon a time, Manhattan society politely acknowledged the women who ruled the town.
While Howard and Hank are arguing in the basement laboratory long into the night, Maria and Jan keep themselves occupied, as any obedient wives would.
Jan is the daredevil, but Maria wants to make a mark on the world as well. They work together to start the Maria Stark Foundation.
They are very close friends for a very long time. Everyone says they might as well be sisters, with how close they are.

Christine Everhart/Maria Hill: These two are here to get shit done, and they don't care who they have to go through or maneuver around. I would love to see them on the same side... but as opponents they'd be pretty great, too :D
Christine knows there's a story... if only she could get past this 'Hill' to get the details.
A reporter managed to uncover some highly contentious information that cannot get out. Maria has to... convince her, somehow.
Maria Hill has a favorite investigative journalist contact who always gets the story Maria needs.
On the job, sometimes they're on the same side, and sometimes doing the best they can means they work against each other. But the rule is, off the clock, they are always a team.

Tags: category: challenge letter, challenge: other challenge, prompts: avengers, prompts: avengers academy, prompts: emh, prompts: femslash, prompts: mcu
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