Lilac (meatball42) wrote,

Age Gap 2019 Letter

Hello creator!! Thanks for participating this year! This letter is still being built! Please check again later!

My standard likes/dislikes list:

  • Misunderstandings and miscommunication

  • Trust issues, insecurity, a non-excessive amount of woobiefication

  • Snark or banter

  • Hurt/Comfort. I like emotional more than physical, but both are good

  • Friends-to-lovers or frienemies-to-lovers

  • Polyamory of pretty much any sort, with a gold star bonus for sedoretu.

  • Crossovers are cool: Here is a list of my fandoms:

  • Sex is cool: Here is a list of kinks and tropes that I like, though you are under no obligtion to include any of them if you write sex:

  • Happy endings

  • Anything way out there. Crack or crack taken seriously is cool. Creativity is great. Give me whatever it is you've been thinking about :)

My favorite AUs:

  • Professional workplace AUs, from a landscaping business to the UN. Massive bonus points if the author has RL experience in said setting

  • Sports AUs are my jam, especially if the writer knows the sport and goes into detail about it <3

  • Any gender-system-based worldbuildings, including ABO or D/s that's more than just kink (although just kink works fiiiiine as well)

  • Racebending AUs are not often to be found, which is sad because they are awesome!

  • Any magical realism AUs, especially those where characters are fantasy creatures; my favorite is incubus or succubus fic

Do Not Wants:

  • Instantaneous or inexplicably fast attraction/relationship/sex, unless you're intentionally going for PWP.

  • Psychological horror or psychological torture being thoroughly described in the text, chracter dealing with trauma is fine. Extensive description of physical torture. I like H/C, but I prefer focus on the C rather than whump.

  • RPF in general, including the use of photos of actors for artworks.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Prompts and fandoms are in no particular order.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Ava Starr/Sam Wilson (MCU): These two haven't met, though they easily could through Sam's involvement/friendship with Scott or a further introduction of the Pym Particle crew and the Avengers. Or even Ghost encountering/joining the Avengers herself at any point in the canon; she was canon SHIELD agent, so it's just a matter of canon AU. I like this pairing because I think Sam might be better able to reach Ava through her issues than, perhaps, the people in the Ant-Man and the Wasp movies. I'm also down for any and all non-canon AUs.
Canon or AU, the team's reactions when people notice them getting closer or when they start dating.
Feel free to write Sam actually acting as Ava's therapist as an extra layer of :/
If you do a mundane AU where they start dating and make a pun about 'ghosting' it's an automatic win.
Art prompts: Cozy, flying, secret, guilt, wedding, crime-fighting partners, comics-style

Ava Starr/Janet van Dyne (MCU): Honestly I think both of them are going to have a pretty difficult time after the end of Ant-Man and the Wasp (if you ignore the Infinity War ending, which you can if you wish). Jan lived in a wasteland for 30 years? How did she survive? And now her husband is 30 years older, technology (of which she used to be on the cutting edge) is 30 years older, and she's basically been in solitary confinement for the whole time. She'd have to have massive culture shock. Meanwhile Ava's socialization has been in a quasi-military organization, and she's been living with intense pain which may or may not suddenly disappear post-canon.
Intense codependence because they each feel no one else can understand what they've been through.
The experience of transferring the quantum energy binds them together, either just because it's intimate, or in a soul-bond kind of way, or because of some sort of ~magic~ that may be fine, or may be seriously fucked up.
I'm interested in this relationship for its own sake, because there's a lot of twisted possibilities, but also because of how Jan's family and Scott and Bill migth react to this relationship. This could go from them just thinking it's nto cool, because Ava is younger than Hope, to reasonably horrified because Jan and Ava won't acknowledge that something seriously freaky is going on.
Art prompts: Magic, bonded, vacation, flying, secret.

Steve Rogers/Tony Stark (MCU): We've read a lot of stories that explore the differences in the eras these two grew up, and a lot about how their personality differences affect their relationship, but it would be cool to see how their age difference, specifically, would affect things, not related to those other qualities.
Do other peoples' perceptions of the age difference affect advice they got when they were getting together- or whether they should?
Are either of them tentative about getting into a relationship for this reason?
Assuming a new or established relationship, how does the way other people see or talk abotu them affect the relationship.
There are things Tony understands simply because he's been around the block more- he's been in more relationships than Steve, more long-term ones especially, and for all that he was never great at them, he's not a beginner.
People assuming that Steve must only be dating Tony for his money or influence, or to help control him on the team; people assuming Tony must only be dating Steve because of a Cap kink or for his body; because there's no way they could just... like each other? Get along?
I don't have any more specific prompts, but if something is jumping out at your for this pairing go for it!
Art prompts: Shared hobbies, beach bodies, working out at the gym, golf

Natasha Romanov/Tony Stark (MCU): I fuckin love this pairing and it never gets written, so sad! But it's a similar thought ptorcess to what I wrote for Steve/Tony above, when people do write this pairing it's generally about how different their personalities are. I only know of one author who I've actually seen look at it from the lens of how others would view them because of the age difference, or how either of them consider it.
When people find out they're dating, some assume Natasha is planning to kill Tony for his money. Others assume Tony's only in it for the sex.
How does Pepper feel about her ex dating a younger redhead?
Reactions from Steve or other Avengers or Avenger adjacents.
Anything you think of!
Art prompts: Fine dining, paparazzi, yoga (or something like that), shopping.

Brunnhilde | Valkyrie/Sif (MCU): Two super hot BAMF warriors. What's not to like? But there's sooooo much to unpack here! Brunnhilde was already an adult (or however Asgard decides people are qualified to be part of special forces) so long ago that the existence of the Valkyries' greatest enemy was completely wiped fromt he memory of Asgard. Sif is roughly Thor and Loki's age. There could be massive cultural differences between the Asgard Brunnhilde grew up in, and the one Sif grew up in. Not to mention that Sif is relatively young, and Brunnhilde has spent the intervening time being out in the rest of the universe, while Sif has probably spent most of her time in Asgard. There's so much to explore there!
Also Brunnhilde has probably picked up lots of kinks over the years, just saying.
Art prompts: Fighting style, ancient ritual, Pegasus, introducing new kinks.

Crossover Fandom

Root | Samantha Groves (Person of Interest)/Toshiko Sato (Torchwood): There is sooooo much potential goodness here. First, there are lots of options for them meeting, from Root running a variety of cons, to the Machine introducing them for some reason, to darkweb hacker chatrooms, really anything. And then- do they compete? Do they like to code together? How does Tosh deal with having all this knowledge based in alien technology that she isn't allowed to share? Or does Root already know about these things? Or does the Machine read her in? Is Tosh jealous of Root's relationship witht he Machine? Tosh and Root have very different moral standards as well- not the least of which is the fact that Root has no problem killing humans. Does this cause issues between them? Or does Tosh also bow to the wisdom of the ASI? Does their relationship take place mostly over the web, or does Root travel to Wales? Or has Tosh left Torchwood? I'm open to any sort of canon divergence, pre-canon, complete AUs where they're both hacker-thiefs a la Leverage, absolutely anything for these two brilliant characters!
Art prompts: CYBERPUNK, anything about coding, gamers AU, alien tech, romance, fighting

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Rosa Diaz/Adrien Pimento: I thought these two made a hilarious couple. I'd love to see the confortntation that would have taken place if Adrian had gotten to meet Rosa's parents like he was practicing for before she broke up with him, or a concerned conversation with Terry about whether Adrian was a good fit for Rosa. Or, a nigth at the bar with Jake and Gina riffing off Rosa dating an old man. Maybe someone made a comment to Adrian and it came out that he literally doesn't know how old Rosa is. I'm especially down for crack or humor for this fandom, there's so many jokes to make!
Art prompts: Violence, matching outfits, Spanish, dancing, kinky, hair care, showering together, crazy shit (tm)

Original Work

For the OW requests, I'm just copy-pasting what I had in my sign-up, because I feel like I said it all there (except I added some art prompts bc I forgot this exchange allows art):

For all the sports requests, I am open to any and all sports! Extra x1000 bonus points if you write a sport you know, with details from that sport: training, technique, competition schedule, politics, culture, anything and everything, I am fascinated by it all!
Although some of these requests have specified genders, I don't care about that either, if you're feeling a veteran journeyman sportsman and a rookie superstar sportswoman, or vice versa for whichever prompts, or trans or nonbinary sportspeople, go for it! I'll love it the same.
Literally anything for art, though I'd prefer it not be NSFW unless the characters are still wearing their uniforms/practice gear. Prompts: On the field/pitch/rink/etc., in the training room, recovery, physical therapy, championship.
For the last request, I just love this so much I'll adore anything, as long as there's a relatively happy ending. Crack is fine, taking it extremely seriously is fine, ovi is fine, platonic life partners is fine. As an art prompt, I would pay cash to see a peppy spider soldier with a helmet crooked on its 'head'. A comic of any style would also be fun!

Luke Cage

Shades Alvarez/Mariah Dillard (Luke Cage TV): I loved this relationship so much. These two were good matches in terms of temperament, intelligence, creativity, similar motivations and ethics (at least for a while), but they were also very much individuals, with their own stories and their own dreams. I'll take literally anything for this ship, but I'm actually really interested in canon divergences. And I love how twisted these two are, but I also do have a soft spot for the genuine ffection between them, so however you want to play it is great.
Maybe Mariah's plans for the Center actually took off and she moved out of the criminal business back into politics, or was elected for higher office. How would this change the dynamic with Shades? Would he support her? Would he 'go straight' too? Or keep a hand in, or stay all the way in? Would he keep it from Mariah, or would they work as partners, above and below board? How would the media view the relationship? What about Shades' old friends, when he's not only dating an older woman, but one who's not 'in the life' anymore?
Assuming no deaths or imprisonment, how would their relationship continue long-term? If Mariah and Tilda hadn't grown apart, how would she view the relationship between her mother and a man only a few years older than she is? What if he and Mariah moved in together? Would Mariah want Shades and TIlda to bond? Would they simply stay out of each others' way, or come to some sort of agreement?
Art prompts: Relax, fire, dancing, power play, luxury, cold hard cash

Shades Alvarez/Mariah Dillard/Darius "Comanche" Jones (Luke Cage TV): I loooooooooved the introduction of Comanche and all the implications for the character dynamics. I wish he could have stuck around longer, but for once I really feel like a show's killing their gay was justified by the narrative. But let's pretend that didn't happen!
Maybe something spurred Comanche to confess to Shades before he figured it out himself- Shades and Mariah had a big argument and he thought he had an in, or Captain Ridenhour did something hinky and lost Comanche's confidence. How would that have changes Shades' reaction to the deception? Would he have tried to get Comanche out of debt with Ridenhour? Would he have told Mariah, or tried to protect Comanche? And would it have worked?
Mariah is possessive, but I could also see her viewing Shades and Comanche's relationship as an opportunity for some power play. She is certainly not above playing them against each other or others, or manipulation. It would be so interesting to see her and Comanche compete for Shades' attention.
I'm not super interested in this as a three-way relationship, more of a V on Shades, but if you can make it work, feel free to convince me otherwise!
While I am interested in the dynamics with this three-person relationship, I don't necessarily need to see them all in the story. If you want to tell a story about Comanche trying to sabotage Mariah so Shades will trust him more, but it's told through a confrontation between Shades and Mariah only, that's perfectly fine.
Art prompts: Fire, bullets, light of day, alcohol

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