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Chocolate Box 2019 Letter

Hi Chocolatier! Thanks for participating this year! This letter is still in progress, but it's on its way finally complete!

Most of my prompts are copy-pasted from larger exchanges, so please don't feel pressured into doing longer stories. If a prompt can be adapted, or addressed just in part, in a short fic, I'll love that! Or, if nothing I've prompted strikes your fancy, go with what inspires you.

For this exchange, I signed up for fandoms with just fanfiction rather than fiction and fanart, but art treats are welcome for all of my requests!

My standard likes/dislikes list:

  • Misunderstandings and miscommunication

  • Trust issues, insecurity, a non-excessive amount of woobiefication

  • Snark or banter

  • Hurt/Comfort. I like emotional more than physical, but both are good

  • Friends-to-lovers or frienemies-to-lovers

  • Polyamory of pretty much any sort, with a gold star bonus for sedoretu.

  • Crossovers are cool: Here is a list of my fandoms:

  • Sex is cool: Here is a list of kinks and tropes that I like, though you are under no obligtion to include any of them if you write sex:

  • Happy endings

  • Anything way out there. Crack or crack taken seriously is cool. Creativity is great. Give me whatever it is you've been thinking about :)

My favorite total AUs:

  • Professional workplace AUs, from a landscaping business to the UN. Massive bonus points if the author has RL experience in said setting

  • Sports AUs are my jam, especially if the writer knows the sport and goes into detail about it <3

  • Any gender-system-based worldbuildings, including ABO or D/s that's more than just kink (although just kink works fiiiiine as well)

  • Racebending AUs are not often to be found, which is sad because they are awesome!

  • Any magical realism AUs, especially those where characters are fantasy creatures; my favorite is incubus or succubus fic

Do Not Wants:

  • Instantaneous or inexplicably fast attraction/relationship/sex, unless you're intentionally going for PWP.

  • Psychological horror or psychological torture being thoroughly described in the text, chracter dealing with trauma is fine. Extensive description of physical torture. I like H/C, but I prefer focus on the C rather than whump.

  • RPF in general, including the use of photos of actors for artworks.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Prompts and fandoms are in no particular order.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Tony Stark/Sam Wilson: Sam Wilson is the eternal Marry of my constantly shifting game of Avengers fuck-marry-kill because he is a hot, smart, funny, sane, competent person who kows how to handle other peoples' shit on top of his own without getting pulled under. Not saying I want to see him not getting deflected by all of Tony's antisocial behaviors, but being able to see Tony's actual problems and having the patience to work wth him rather than manage him. Actually, I wouldn't mind even if this weren't shippy, I just want them to interact. Of course shippy is great too :) :) (Also they're both super sexy. Just putting that out there.)
Prompts: Sam is actually a fucked up vet too, even though he spends most of his time helping other people. Put him in fandom!Bruce's shoes: Stark Industries is a great place for secure work that helps people while he can help himself.
College AU: No one expected Steve's new best friend and Tony Stark to get along.
Bruce and Sam become besties. Tony becomes aware of this with a massive surge of jealousy.
Tony decides to haze the new guy. It doesn't go according to plan.
Dating Tony doesn't make the tension between him and Steve go away, as much as Sam wishes it would.
The making of Redwing.
Tony's never had someone willing to just fly with him.
Civil War: They agreed not to let work affect their private relationship, and vice versa. That doesn't make fighting on opposite sides any less painful.

Sharon Carter/Ava Starr: Two SHIELD operatives with high security clearances, around the same age and employed by SHIELD at the same time. It's quite likely they'd have met; what's less clear is how their different routes to working with SHIELD would have led them to interact. Did Ava believe in SHIELD while she worked for them, and only become soured afterwards? Or was she an unwilling participant from a young age, with study and treatment of her quantum issues held in random for her work? Did the pair work together? Was Sharon aware of Ava's history, and how she felt about SHIELD? Were they rivals?
Sharon and Ava were the first participants in a program (polarizing within the upper echelons of SHIELD) to train promising agents starting quite young.
Sharon discovers that Ava had supported Hydra in the takedown. After the fall, when Ava's SHIELD file is revealed along with all the others, she can't blame her.
They meet up (again?) after Infinity War for... world-saving things

Harry Potter

Sirius Black & Harry Potter: Once I was challenged to describe the Harry Potter series in one sentence, and what immediately came to mind was 'Abused child recieves no help.' I'd love to read some AU where circumstances actually let Harry have an adult he can rely on- in person! It's also my personal headcanon that Harry's abusive childhood wasn't really addressed in the series. He probably has some maladaptive behaviors or thought patterns that might be improved with the presence of a consistently present, caring parental figure in his life. I feel like there were probaby a lot of Muggle social norms he knows very differently to others in the Muggle world, that were never touched upon because he was essentially entering another culture in the books.
Prompts: Harry's first time shopping for clothes for himself.
It's hard to get used to asking for things- a broom, more dinner, a treat when they're out.
Family vacation
The way Sirius treats Kreacher brings back bad memories
Harry accidentally breaks something extremely valuable
Getting to order a real meal for himself at a restaurant rather than whatever appetizer is cheapest.
Harry gets a Troll in Herbology one semester
Anything else you can think of!

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers/Tony Stark: The MCU fandom has a lot of tropes that they tend to use for these combinations of ships: Up All Night to Get Bucky, Stony where Tony thinks Steve will break up with him when Bucky shows up, ABO, Tony fixing the arm. I'd love to see any MCU-type tropes for this ship tried out on this universe, with its different backstory for Bucky and different characterization for the characters. On a different note, these three have been through various shit in this 'verse. Any sort of H/C will be much appreciated. I like woobifying charcaters, though not excessively. Prompts:
Soulmark AUs are A+
Stony divide over Tony's concern that the Winter Soldier is a threat and Steve's desire to save him.
Tony helps Steve out with the search for Bucky and it takes an unexpected turn.
Post-Winter Soldier recuperation at the Avengers Mansion- interactions with different teammates, does the Soldier become an Avenger? How does that go in the field?
Bucky lays down some hard facts so Tony will stop blaming himself for Emperor Stark and for not literally being a seer.
Steve has to be strong for the team, but he does have doubts, and it's good to get them off his chest with people he trusts.
Tony is determined to give Steve and Bucky a fantastic Christmas for their first not-brainwashed holiday in the 21st century. (optional: Steve is disappointed by consumerism over piety, and Bucky is Jewish)

Clint Barton/Natasha Romanov (A:EMH): This plotline was so fantastic to me. The lying and betrayal, the way they understand each other, the way Clint stands up for her even after everything, that last scene in the alley... *sighs* You can't really go wrong with this one. Prompts:
Now that they're back together, it's still hard to overcome the pain her last mission caused.
Natasha calls for help and Clint ditches the Avengers. Mixed reactions from his teammates.
Natasha gets a shovel talk when she joins the Avengers.
Living and working together as Avengers is different from anything they've done before: shifting a relationship from partners to teammates, having to rely on multiple parties rather than a small team.

Bruce Banner | Hulk/Clint Barton (A:EMH): I love how Clint and Hulk have this great relationship, and meanwhile Clint and Bruce get along like a cat and a dog. (Actually this is the only iteration of Hawkeye I see as a cat person instead of a dog person, huh.)
Prompts: Ugh my prompts are so subpar, but basically anything you want to write for this ship will make me happy.
How did Bruce and/or Hulk feel about the team after being freed from the shock collar in S2? Did their long imprisonment affect the way they felt about Clint and/or the team?
Hulk POV is also sweet. As is any addition whatsoever of Betty Ross to this universe, as a ship or a mention.
Clint picks Bruce for Secret Santa. Not Hulk, Bruce. His quest to find an even okay present.
Hulk tries to flirt. Needless to say there are mixed results.

Bruce Banner | Hulk/Clint Barton/Natasha Romanov (A:EMH): Clint and Bruce/Hulk's relationship is the best thing on this show to me. And the relationship between Clint and Natasha, made up as it is of duty, betrayal, hate, romance? Super awesome. Basically anything for this ship will make me very happy.
Natasha and Bruce | Hulk get trapped in a cave-in and the team has to- very carefully- get them out. Predictably, Clint loses his shit. Underground, however, Bruce | Hulk and Natasha have a real conversation for the first time.
Natasha is surprised (not that she lets it show) when she joins the team to be the recipient of two shovel talks: a loud, angry, green one, and a quiet one that sounds more like begging her to treat Clint right. Clearly, she must take control of the situation.
Clint's new boyfriend and his old girlfriend are both willing to share, mainly because Clint annoyed them into it.
If you write Bruce | Hulk/Clint/Invented EMH Betty/Natasha sedoretu you get first dibs on my firstborn.

Avengers Academy

James "Bucky" Barnes/Natasha Romanov: Bucky's crush on Natasha was super cute! I imagine that once he gets a bit more level in the brain-pan they become friends. Natasha migth appreciate Bucky's skills in the field, and Bucky would appreciate her giving him the time of day.
Clint gives a shovel talk to a confused Winter Soldier
Bucky starts bringing Natasha dead/captured Hydra agents/other Academy enemies as gifts
Bucky dedicates a song to Natasha. It's an instrumental. She is pleased.
Really anything grossly cute for this ship, this fandom is pretty much the one plae where I like gross amounts of fluff.

Crossover Fandom

Sif (MCU) & Torunn Thorsdottir (Next Avengers): Torunn wants nothing more than to meet her father... but what about her mother? Presumably Torunn didn't know much about her mother because Tony didn't know her. Or, you know, the creators not caring about the female parent, or just focusing on the money-maker Avengers. But I'm cynical, ignore me.
Thor can't come down from Asgard, but once Ultron is defeated Sif can.
A young warrior who has given up on ever becoming a mother falls through some [timey wimey portal thing] and meets her alternate-universe daughter.
There are parts of Asgardian culture that are only taught to the women. After years of venerating her father, Torunn gets to learn the other half of her heritage.
Art prompts:
Asgardian fashion
Moher-daughter bonding (however that may look)

Tony Stark (MCU) & Runaways Team (Runaways): MCU Tony is training up Spider-Man, 616 Tony has the All-New All-Different Avengers and RiRi, and then a bunch of kids show up on the radar with superpowers and running from bad-guy parents?!??! Just saying these kids would be immediately set up in some fortified mansion with training and supervision and therapy and pizza parties. [I have only seen the first season of Runaways at this time. I'd prefer no spoilers, please?] Basically just fluff and h/c.
Tony slaps together a lab for Chase, and maybe comes to doa  project or two with him. Despite both of their bad histories with working on tech with their fathers, it turns out okay.
Molly is happy because Tony speaks Spanish and is all for helping her learn to punch things really really hard. [Latino Tony headcanons are A++++]
Alex starts poking around Jarvis/Friday/the latest baby bot, and the others don't see him or Tony for two days.
Tony doesn't like magic, but he makes a few calls for Nico, and now a designated area of the extensive backyards are blocked off for her and her new teacher.
Tony helps Karolina learn how to fly.
Art prompts:
Team movie night
Self-defence lessons
Ice cream!
Pool party

Rumiko Fujikawa (Marvel Comics)/Tony Stark (MCU): I really liked Rumiko in the comics and thought she was a great foil for Tony on a number of levels. How would that work with a different version of Tony? How would MCU Tony do with someone in his life encouraged him to embrace his impulsive, hedonistic self, but also demanded that he be the hero he knows he can be, and didn't take no for an answer on any of it? How would she gel with the rest of the Avengers? What about with Pepper? How would she feel about Ultron or the Accords? How would she react to having Extremis? What would she say when Tony mentioned he was calling a press conference to announce that a 15-year-old was the newest Avenger? I feel like there'd be some shouting going on there. Basically anything I will love you forever!!!
Any sort of interdimensional shenanigans are great, or you can create an MCU version of Rumiko, that's also cool.
Rumiko was originally supposed to be in Iron Man 2, so any AU version of that or changed scenes would be cool.
How Civil War would go differently if even one of the Avengers had had an SO there to shout them into communicating.
Cute kidfic would also be sweet bc idk if the MCU is going to give us that.
Rumiko would totally accept her own armor.
Art prompts:
Motorcycle fic
Flying together
Someone doing someone else's make-up

Natasha Romanov (MCU)/Sameen Shaw (Person of Interest): I like this pair because they're both kickass spies, but what I like even more is that neither has a problem with straight-up killing someone, even if they're not immediately putting someone in danger, if it's for the greater good, even on limited/redacted intel. I think it would be interesting to see them meet while Natasha worked alone after leaving the Red Room, or while she works for SHIELD, or afterwards, with the varying levels of a moral compass at each era.
The similarities and differences in their histories.
For all the secrets they allow each other to keep, Natasha and Shaw (whatever names they may go by) know exactly how far they can trust each other.
They can't be together all the time- work won't allow it. But they have meet ups, and lines of contact, and an unspoken, unrushed, someday.
They used to be a perfect match. Back then, Shaw enjoyed a job well done, and Natasha enjoyed the kill, and they both enjoyed each other. But lately, Natasha's made some new friends, and she starts to want things- emotions, promises- that Shaw can't give.
After one of Clint's many injuries, Natasha calls in a friend to act as team sniper for one op.
Following the latest number, Shaw recognizes the suspect's ditzy girlfriend.
Art prompts:
Actually causing each other injury
Fighting against each other
Cuddling while watching a movie
Sharing food
All dressed up

Toshiko Sato (Torchwood)/Tony Stark (MCU): I'm offering some prompts, but I'll be happy with almost literally anything for this pair. They have so much in common and so much that is different, but they both will sacrifice their lives to protect people.
(Something along the lines of) Tony's soulmark says 'Did you hack my program?' Toshiko's says 'If I said I only did it to meet you, would you forgive me?'
Instead of the Ministry of Defence/terrorists, Tosh was working for SHIELD before Hydra made her betray them. Now, the Avengers require her skills.
Tony falls in love with an incredibly graceful and efficiently-written and extremely illegal international data mining program.
When Toshiko accidentally soulbonds to one of the most notorious celebrities in the world, she doesn't think there's any chance her life will turn out happy. D/S or ABO AU.
The Avengers are very surprised by Tony's date to the New Year's party.
Art prompts:
Hacking together
Creating a new AI
Going out somewhere fancy
In the field
Eating sushi

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