Lilac (meatball42) wrote,

Consent Issues Exchange 2018 Creator Letter

Hello dear creator! I hope the structure of this letter makes sense to you. If anything is unclear, feel free to drop an anonymous comment and I'll do my best to clarify.

General likes for this exchange:

In general, I like interpersonal dynamics more than straight-up porn, especially so in an exchange like this where the issues of consent themselves are the focus. For that reason, most of my requests are either mutual dubcon, or include an external pressure. I'm not very interested in straight-up rape fic: I came here for dubcon, not noncon for the most part. I do like focus on the machanisms of the force being used: if someone is being coerced, blackmailed, drugged, I like emphasis on how that's working and how the victim is feeling about it.

Prompt set-up: I'll have a prompt or a few for each pairing, but if they don't grab you then just hit the tropes. I won't be at all unhappy with that.

Favorite tropes for every fandom:

Succubus/Incubus: Honestly if you're down to write this, feel free to toss out everything else I've said. Succubus/Incubus fics are like my favorite ever, so don't feel bound to any other prompts if you go with this. Canon compliant or AU, established relationship or get together, heats, mental manipulation, making the victim like it, sooo much good stuff for this exchange!

Any specifically intentionally cruel tropes: I like it when fics milk out the really mean stuff, like humiliation or drugged and made to beg, or forced to keep going until victim orgasms. Cruelty doesn't have to be a focus of the fic, especially if it's an mxcon or an accidental dubcon in a consensual relationship style fic, but if it is in there, turn it up!

Any coercive tropes: Anything like 'Dubious consent to due victim's unconditional loyalty to the person' or 'Victim tries to stay quiet while being raped semi-publicly in hope no one notices,' I'd like the manipulation or gaslighting aspects to be turned up as well, that's my jam.

Any unintentional tropes: If the story is about accidents in a consensual relationship, like Character unable to use safeword or Character Doesn't Realize Partner Doesn't Want To Have Sex, then I'd like the focus to be on the trust in the relationship, where it's strained or broken, whether it recovers or can heal.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Any xcon Vision: There's a great opportunity for innocent dubcon here because Vision might have a very different understanding of sex and consent than the other party, who might take advantage of him without realizing. There's also an opportunity for a darker take, where someone intentionally takes advantage of anything they can use to manipulate or train Vision.

SHIELD makes Natasha Romanov xcon Steve Rogers: Does SHIELD want for Steve to be more attached to their organization? Or does Hydra have a plan to break him down?

James "Bucky" Barnes & Natasha Romanov mxcon: Depending on how you view the timeline in the MCU, their relationship in the Red Room could basically be viewed as mutual dubcon, with one or both constantly mentally manipulated and the other possibly underage. I'd like to see something exploring any of the the various layers of power dynamics, including Natasha's training, or something set after the Avengers when they meet again and have to come to terms with what they've done/what the other did to them.

Red Room makes Natasha Romanov xcon James "Bucky" Barnes: Training, testing, or torture? All of the above? Set during their time in the Red Room, or after Avengers. What, if anything, does Natasha tell Steve? Clint? Anyone else? How does she deal with it? How does he, once he starts to remember? How does this impact either of their relationships after?

Red Room makes James "Bucky" Barnes xcon Natasha Romanov: Training, testing, or torture? All of the above? Set during their time in the Red Room, or after Avengers. What, if anything, does Natasha tell Steve? Clint? Anyone else? How does she deal with it? How does he, once he starts to remember? How does this impact either of their relationships after?

Steve Rogers & Tony Stark mxcon: I'm interested in power dynamics, miscommunications, keeping secrets and/or intentionally misleading each other. I'm also interested in externally imposed mxcon, like sex pollen, ABO, etc.

Any makes Thor+Valkyrie mxcon: I'd prefer this after Ragnarok, and literally any dirty tropes you like, I'll eat it right up. There's no way to go wrong with these two hotties.

Natasha Romanov xcons Tony Stark: As part of her undercover mission, out of spite, because she's trying to manipulate him, by accident- this is one of my favorite rare pair ships, so there's not a lot I won't dig. Any AU would also be great, like no-power AU or even identity porn.

SHIELD makes Natasha Romanov xcon Tony Stark: Specifically, I'd like it if this was part of her assignment with SHIELD. Either she was assigned to seduce him, and it's xcon due to lying about identity, or she's specifically sent in to fuck him up and does her job well. Whether she agrees with the orders, or has her doubts? Who knows.

Tony Stark xcons James "Bucky" Barnes: I would dig this anywhere from fluffy mistaken kink in an established relationship through revenge rape. I honestly dig this ship, so whatever you're feeling, I'm sure I'll feel it too.

Marvel 616

James "Bucky" Barnes & Natasha Romanov mxcon: My fav ship in the comics, so much good angst and trauma to dig into and take advantage of for this exchange! I think the only thing I want consistently is for there to be a strong bond between the two of them. Whether this leads to the dub/noncon within a consensual relationship, or something attacking that relationship, the emotional center should be their bond.

Any makes Natasha Romanov xcon James "Bucky" Barnes: Same as above.

Any makes James "Bucky" Barnes xcon Natasha Romanov: Same as above.

Steve Rogers & Tony Stark mxcon (616): I don't usually like Hydra!Cap fic, but I think I could appreciate it here. This is another relationship where there is a strong bond that I really like digging into. Whether you want to set something in the early days, and that bond is pure friendship, or more recent stories, where it has struggled under the weight of many conflicts, that's where I want the emotional core of the story to be.

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Clint Barton & Natasha Romanov mxcon: Close partners, split apart by this undercover assignment that pitted them as enemies. I'd be down for anything set during or after Natasha's assignment, when they're trying to regrow that trust. I have a particular soft spot for the accidental xcon tropes for this ship.

Hydra makes Natasha Romanov xcon Clint Barton: Natasha was willing to get Clint locked up in a supervillain prison to protect her mission, but not to let him be killed. What about something in between? How far would she go to save the world from Hydra? And would she be able to communicate that to Clint, or does he remain angry and in the dark?

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