Lilac (meatball42) wrote,

Bingo! My Love Bingo Card

List of fic:

3. V-day: One of Those Days. Sherlock. Sherlock is having a very strange day.

8. Love Story: Steps of a Slow Dance. Torchwood. Three ways Ianto and Jack make a good couple, and a few reasons they do not.

13. Beach scene: Fair Recompense. Torchwood. Life works in mysterious ways, and the afterlife even more so. Written for the prompt 'Ianto arrives at the Pearly Gates and is sent back to give the viewers a steamy sex scene before he's allowed to pass on.'

18. Romantic getaway: Shelter from the Storm. Torchwood. Two Time Agents are stranded on a beach.

23. Loved ones: Conflicted, or Blues and Grays. Doctor Who. “He’s like you, but with datin’ and dancin’,” she’d said. She’d also said that she trusted him, but... that was before she knew just how flexible he was.
Tags: category: masterlist, challenge: love-bingo

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