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Whoniverse Masterlist

Doctor Who/Torchwood crossovers will only be listed here, but crossovers between one of these fandoms and another fandom (such as Leverage/Torchwood) will be listed on the Non-Whoniverse Masterlist as well.

Doctor Who/Torchwood

Just Right. Written for the prompt, ‘Jack/Alonso, How did you know how I take my coffee?’
Sleeper. "My loyalty is to her!" wasn't entirely accurate.

A Load of Goat's Testicles. A Surprise Sexswap™ occurs in the midst of a perfectly normal day in Cardiff.
Dancing Non-Traditionally. When Ianto asks after one of Jack's stories, he gets an anthology. Five people/aliens Jack slept with whose gender identities can only be explained with complicated flowcharts.
Overcoming the Past (And the Future. And, If There’s Time, the Present). I'm not quite sure how, but I've somehow ended up as the on-call couple's counselor to the most infuriating three-person couple you could imagine.
The Sequel of Sex. 1. A sequel to A Load of Goat's Testicles. 2. A really biased, barely edited ramble about the logistics of Hawt Tardis Console Sex™, sex-aids that are really good for your serotonin levels and how to deal with 'It’s Complicated’ when you don’t have a Face book (I’m kidding. That’s not in here. Or is it?!).

Catching Up With The Sun. In the fall of 1974, Jack Harkness, Owen Harper and Toshiko Sato are captured while they investigate a string of disappearances that stretch back to the forties. In a horrifying twist of fate, they find themselves transformed into inanimate objects, and there is no help in sight. Unable to speak, move independently or even breathe, what can Jack the pocket watch do to save the world from invasion, his team from insanity, and himself from a broken heart?
If At First You Don't Succeed. Jack would let the whole universe die, just not him.

University: The Next Frontier Series:
Prologue: College Counseling with Donna Noble
Study Skills with Ianto Jones

Other crossovers
Cross Jurisdictions. Sherlock/Torchwood Jack visits London on Torchwood duty and makes a new friend. Written for the prompt 'Captain Jack Harkness/DI Lestrade, "Well then, what is your division?"'
Temporal Grace. Doctor Who/Merlin. It reminds her of reaching into the deep magic of her soul.

Howl to the Heavens. Doctor Who/Supernatural. Two servants of the Plan are the only ones who can understand each other.
The Annual Job. Leverage/Torchwood. Eliot’s old partner shows up one day, in his customary manner.
The EverRegenerating Story. Doctor Who/The NeverEnding Story. AU. The stars are going out; the Universe needs a hero to fight an evil beyond imagination.
The Sword of Damocles. Doctor Who/Rocky Horror Picture Show/Torchwood. It’s Jack’s turn to choose the Tardis’s destination, so of course he wants to go to the planet of Transsexual in the galaxy of Transylvania. However, instead of a 24/7 hedonist’s paradise, the Tardis crew stumbles upon something terrible. Will Rose, the Doctor and Jack escape Transsexual alive, or will Jack’s attachment to an attractive stranger doom them all?

Doctor Who
How to Spread True Christmas Cheer. Rose and the Doctor inform Jack of her culture's traditional holiday celebration.
If At First. Eleven remembers Martha.
Technically On Time. He's not really late, honest!
The Dreams That Give Us Pause. 'Once the wall closes, she goes back.'
The Impossible. There is one thing that will never, ever happen.
True Immortality. Written for the prompt 'the Doctor is/was Merlin.'
Conflicted, or Blues and Grays. “He’s like you, but with datin’ and dancin’,” she’d said. She’d also said that she trusted him, but... that was before she knew just how flexible he was.
Don't Pay No Mind to the Demons (They Fill You With Fear). ‘There was something in the air, something tight and tense, like the sky before it broke open and rained. Like the fabric of the universe, stretched close to tearing.’
Five Times Someone Wanted Out. The night before their wedding, Jack and Rose reminisce over their relationship while they try to write their vows for the Doctor.
Mend Your Life, Break Your Heart. Marriage is different where Jack comes from.
The Shadow. ‘She would open her mouth to call out to them, or to whisper, and would close it again, the silence around her undisturbed by her presence.’

After Your Eggs Have Hatched. Christmas didn't turn out the way they all planned.
Awaiting the Coming. Jack's looking to wait out a lonely Christmas.
Boiling Over. Ianto is stressing about an important dinner.
Cessation. Gwen would have noticed she was dying if it weren’t for the fact that she was, you know, dying. Written for the prompt ‘Slow death’.
Christmas Surprise. A scary misunderstanding turns into a happy surprise.
Craving. Nobody touched Ianto’s desserts. She was only going to look…
Desperate Times. Written for the prompt 'Torchwood, Gen, the team plays the longest game of Monopoly ever.'
Dishing It Out. Ianto has a cold surprise for Jack.
Domestic Bliss. Written for the prompt 'Jack/Ianto, they buy curtains for Ianto's flat.'
Extinguish. Ianto’s seen his share of fire and ice. Written for the prompt ‘"Fire and Ice" by Robert Frost’.
Family Eccentricity. Gwen's mother told her all the women in their family had visions.
First Hurdle. Jack ponders Gwen after her first day.
From Cardiff With Love. Things to cut back on: Bond movies. Inhaling unidentified fumes.
Hiring Policy. Jack always picked up strays.
Honor the Dead. There is a time to remember, and a time to move on.
How Ianto's Cocoa Saved Christmas. The team is trapped inside the base on Christmas- and it just got worse.
Ideal.Toshiko's dreams, prompt: 'sunflowers.'
Moving Forward. Breaking a heart doesn’t stop it, even if Ianto sometimes wishes it did.
On the Fifth Day of Christmas… Jack wants to know what Ianto's hiding, but he doesn't know the rest of the story.
Parting. AU moment of Captain Jack Harkness.
Reconstruction. After the Beacons, Ianto could use a little TLC.
Red Tie. Written for the prompt 'The five minutes between waking up and realizing that the person you love is still gone.'
Serendipity. Written for the prompt 'Friendly aliens wish Ianto a Happy Birthday. Maybe arrive to Cardiff just for that.' I may have taken liberties with 'friendly.'
Take It With You. Written for the prompt 'In exchange for a photograph.'
Taking a Night Off. Jack tries something new.
The Opposite of a Train Crash. Years of sexual tension have led up to this… Written for the prompt ‘I have to go too. I um... I left my apartment on fire.'
This is the world we live in. Written for the prompt ‘Ianto, He caught a glimpse of a man in a greatcoat’ on comment-fic and also for the song ‘Land of Confusion’, the Disturbed version.
Timing Isn't Everything. Written for the prompt 'Jack/John, reunion in a bar: how it might have gone if John hadn't had an agenda.'
To the Rescue! ritten for the prompt ‘Jack/Ianto, He really doesn't mind being Jack's 'damsel in distress.' Really.’ Turned out rather cracky.
Together. There is one timeline, dusty and forgotten like the book that falls behind the shelf in the library. Written for the prompt ‘If the world ends, I did it for you.'

True Love, Torchwood Style. Ianto finds true love at last. Written for the prompt 'Ianto &/ Myfanwy, cuddling with a dinosaur’.
Two steps back, but a step in the right direction. Jack’s date with Ianto isn’t going well, and he’s getting nervous. Written for the prompt ‘Jack Harkness, "I'm on my own for the next 20 - 30 years"’ on comment-fic.
White Wedding. First comes love, then comes...

A Crime Against Humanity. Someone has stolen something extremely valuable from Torchwood, and Jack’s team must try to find it while their captain is incapacitated.
By Any Other Label. Written for the prompt ‘Given how open and accepting Torchwood is, Gwen thought she'd have an easier time convincing her teammates she's bisexual.’
Calendar of Counting Rings. ‘Ianto has aged so much since the first time Jack truly saw him, eyes huge targets of red and blue and black after his lover had been vanquished… He's aged so much, but he's still got so far to go.’
Calling Card, or Something to Remember Me By. On the day of her wedding, something comes to take Gwen's baby.

Communication/Translation. Jack discovers that there's been an error in translation.
Controlled Descent:
Ianto has a difficult discussion with his girlfriend, and the Cyberman plans.
Cycles of Expediency. A night at Torchwood...
Divergent. Five Torchwood members who were surprised by the form their daemons took when they settled.
Fair Recompense. Life works in mysterious ways, and the afterlife even more so.
Friendly Presence. Written for the prompt 'Owen/Tosh, 5 times Tosh gave Owen flower/candy/edible arrangement/etc and the 1 time Owen accepted the gift.'
Half-Life. Ianto returns to a dark flat every day and hopes that his husband will be there.
Home Is... Jack and Ianto have just bought a house, but instead of celebrating, they're barely getting along.
Home of Mirrors.
‘Most of the time, Ianto feels a mix of friendship, awkwardness, and jealousy around Gwen. Sometimes, the times he doesn’t remember, he loves her.’ An unusual kind of affair.
In an Instant. The universe likes to surprise him with new and interesting ways to fall in love with people who will later hurt him.
Meant to Be. Written for the prompt ‘Jack/Ianto, They meet at Torchwood University.’
Mood Swings and Midnight Cravings. Jack hasn’t been the nicest person the last few months. Has he finally crossed the line?
Perception Filter. Rhys isn't a CSI, but he can tell when something's not quite right.
Reclaiming the Past. The Rift drops a therapy device into Cardiff, and we all know that Team Torchwood could use it!
The first thing that pops into Owen's mind is, of course, 'Fucking hell,' and after checking Jack's pulse and finding it sluggish-to-gone, the second is, 'But he'll come back.' Then, he sits back on his heels, stares at the fucking dent in the side of Jack's head, and thinks, 'I killed a man.'
Restless. 'During the first week of June, Jack was acting strange.'
Shelter from the Storm. Two Time Agents are stranded on a beach.
Steps of a Slow Dance. Three ways Jack and Ianto make a good couple, and a few reasons they do not.
Surrender. I know you think that I shouldn't still love you, or tell you that/ But if I didn't say it, well I'd still have felt it, where's the sense in that? Songfic for Dido's 'White Flag.'
The Evolution of the Bean. Written for the prompt 'Jack, Finding a good cup of coffee throughout the 20th century.'
The Present and the Future. An ominous warning sends Jack running for comfort.
The Secret Santas. Ianto's Christmas has been terrible for a week in advance. Could the very source of his displeasure bring about happiness?
The Tail of Torchwood. Jack’s team is complete, he’s not hiring. So why is he being stalked all over Cardiff? And why is he slowly changing his mind?

A Matter of Choice. Jack is back, but his team has lost faith in him. Jack has to decide how dedicated he is to Torchwood in order to earn back their trust. Meanwhile, he’s trying to cultivate a new relationship with an attractive barista who’s hiding a secret of his own. Will Jack and Ianto be able to balance the hidden parts of their lives, or will the secrets they’re keeping tear them both apart?
Defining Ianto. Torchwood Three is blackmailed into accepting a London agent into their midst, and they're not happy about it. Meet Ianto Jones, friendly archivist who's trying to figure out who he is and find a place in Cardiff.

Playtime series (NC-17):
Restrained. The effects of the Valiant don’t disappear overnight. Ianto helps make things a little better.

Unmasked. For one night, Jack lets himself go.
Off-Script. Jack’s game gets side-tracked in an unexpected manner.
Crisis Averted. Jack makes a mistake. Ianto does not think it’s funny.
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