August 1st, 2019


Pollen Exchange 2019 Letter

Hello fellow flower-lover! Wonderful to have you here. I hope you have a fantastic time with this letter and creating your work! This is a low-minimum exchange, so my hope is that you just have fun with this! That's what psycho-actively compelling pollen is for!

I've put in prompts for some of the tags, but many of them I felt were fairly self-explanatory. A tag not having any further prompts/explanation doesn't mean I want it less than the others! If the freeform itself is not enough, please feel free to create something inspired by my likes, or whatever sparks your interest when you look at the ships and freeforms. If something is not in my DNWs, like kidfic or past relationships or background characters or rare kinks, please feel free to include it if you are so inspired.

This letter is currently in progress, but I'm aiming to finish it up shortly. done, I believe!

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