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World-building Exchange Letter
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Holly Poly Letter to Author
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A Tempest a Day: A Non-Ship-Focused Clint and/or Natasha Reclist
I hope you all appreciate that I had to reread several of these stories so I could best advertise them. The struggle was real. Also, I included some of my own fics that I didn't realize I could put on this comm.

IF YOU COMMENT ON ONE OF THESE FICS, LET THE AUTHOR KNOW WHERE YOU LINKED FROM. It always drives me crazy when I get a sudden surge of readers on one story and have no idea why.

Pieces of Her, by Roar_Ra (Clint/Natasha, MCU). Mutually unrequited, painful to read in a good way. Good imagery, creative development and inclusion of the Avengers team. Don't read if you're a stickler for punctuation or standard page style.
Head Over Feet (Was Always the Plan), by qwanderer (Clint/Natasha/Bruce, MCU). Undercover couple, undercover wedding, polyamory, a little bit of angst.
ART: fanart: Black Widow and Hawkeye in action, by AstridV (Clint & Natasha, MCU). Great tone and atmosphere, good attention to detail, love the use of the medium.

ART: Weekly Check In in Tony's Shop, by MissHammer (Natasha/Tony, MCU). Android!Natasha, great details in the art, palpable dynamic.
Best Laid Plans, by Meatball42 (Natasha/Tony, MCU). Fake dating, mild angst, sneaky!Pepper, happy ending.
can’t choose which skin it stains, by sandyk (Natasha/Tony, MCU). Minimalist writing style makes stellar characterization come through even better. A unique perspective, and a very fun read.
ART: Untitled (NSWF BuckyNat kiss), by maxkennedy24 (Natasha/Bucky, MCU). Kinky, sexy, reat lighting and coloration.
ART: Untitled (AvAc mush), by kelslk-art (Natasha/Bucky, AvAc). Cutesy, their faces make me aww inside, fluff.
Here Because I'm Not All There, by theleaveswant (Natasha/Bucky, MCU). MCU assuming 616-esque history. Great characterisation, good pacing, believeable within the canon.
Kitten invasion, by MedeaV (Natasha/Bucky, 616). Spies trying to be domestic, Liho has kittens and the cuteness gets into every nook and cranny.
Shades., by VictoryCandescence (Natasha/Bruce, Natasha/Bucky, MCU). Brilliantly crafted plot and dialogue. Comes at Natasha from a very difficult angle of approach and hits the nail on the head. Best interpretation of Natasha/Bruce in Ultron I've found.
Cafecito, by lindmere (Natasha/Bruce, MCU). I reread this fic rarely because it's a lot of quality for one sitting, like really good chocolate mousse. Natasha decides to seduce Bruce after Avengers 1, but she lets him know she's doing it. Bruce's dialogue is 100% in character.
Slow Tide, by Meatball42 (Natasha/Bruce, MCU). Sick!Nat, adorbs!Bruce.

Ohana Means Family, byTheColorBlue (Clint/Hulk, EMH). A fluffy, sort of thoughtful, relaxing series. One of the oneshots is a Lilo and Stich crossover, but I've never seen that and understood it fine.
The Only John Wayne Left in This Town, by gyzym (Clint/Darcy, MCU). This is one of those crack-taken-seriously, endlessly awesome fics every fandom needs.
The Proper Care and Feeding of Mad Scientists, by somanyopentabs (Clint/Bruce, MCU). Handbook style, cute and fluffy.
Two Thousand Times One, by Meatball42 (Clint/Bruce, MCU). If you like trauma recovery and cuddles, you have reached your destination.
Rules of Courting, by ifeelbetter (Clint/Sam, MCU). The Avengers only want what's best for Clint and Sam. Clint and Sam just want them to go away. A nice flufflet.
If I Don't Wake Up Dead, by copperbadge (Clint/Steve, MCU). D/s, self-confidence issues, sexy and sweet and hurt-your-chest angsty, but H/C.
hold to be steady and in the day, by harcourt (Clint/Steve, Clint/Coulson, MCU). These are not technically paired, by thematically they are similar, and I like to read them in this order because hold to be steady is non-con and in the day is, like, pro-con. Both are very thinky and exceedingly well-written.
FANCOMIC: Fancomic - Sincle Agent Seeking Love Interest, by johanirae (Clint/Coulson, MCU). Good emotions, funny, very rentertaining :)
Let Them Call It Mischief, by infiniteeight (Clint/Coulson, MCU). Loki transforms the Avengers partially into their 'spirit animals'. A fun, sweet, eventually very sexy story with a nice short fluffy sequel.
Without A Net Upon The Wire, by torakowalski (Clint/Coulson, MCU, Hawkeye Comics). If you like longfic, this is your jam! Two 40k+ stories, both with great plot development and relationship building, good pacing, creative. The first reads very complete AU, the seuqel reads like a canon AU and is more enjoyable after seein a season or two of Agents of SHIELD, though its not necessary. I want to hug both of these fics and then also the author because torakowalski usually rocks.
Mission Reports, by raiining (Clint/Coulson, MCU). Adorable, nice tie-in with canon, structural creativity. The summary will make you say 'aww'.
Won’t You Please (Leave Your Mark On Me), by torakowalski (Clint/Coulson, MCU). Emotional H/C, a good amount of angst, kink, relationship troubles, hawttt.

[Gen fic]
Gen Fic
ART: Untitled (Clint Veteran-HR Barton), by kingbirdkathy (Clint & various, MCU). Clint as he takes in almost all the strays. Adorbs.
Thorns for Flowers, by Valikirin (Clint & Daredevil, MCU, Daredevil (TV)). A comedy of errors :) Clint's voice is great, the whole fic is extremely, just, enjoyable. Daredevil is kickass.
Frequently Asked Questions, by Mad_Maudlin (Clint & Kate, Hawkeye Comics). Clint has amnesia and Kate is stuck explaining this fact to him ad nauseum. I have read this story wayyy too many times.
FANCOMIC: Hawkguy fancomic: Afternoon Stroll, by AstridV and neveralarch (Clint & Kate, Hawkeye Comics). If you liked Fraction & Aja's Hawkeye, you will like this. Exact canon Hawkeye, for our virtues.
Strength of Materials, by harcourt (Clint & Coulson, MCU). If you like Clint!whump, this is the place. If you like Coulson, it is not.
Apartment H, by Rodimiss (Clint & Bucky, MCU). Clint is the best person to run into Bucky. Weirdess, snark, a pretty chill read, despite lots of explosions and murder.
Leader of the Free World, by copperbadge (Clint, MCU). Similar to The Clint/Darcy story above, this is one of the crazy-yet-fantastic fics everyone has to have one or two of. Herein, Tony decides Clint should be the POTUS because he doesn't like Drumpf or Clinton. Things get more hilarious from there.
This Story is Note About Ukuleles, by Araceli (Clint, MCU). The best roll-your-eyes-every-ten-seconds story ever. The whole team is great.
FANCOMIC: Comic: Team Natasha, by potofsoup (Natasha, MCU). Nicely-drawn and feelsy fancomic about Natasha and her support system.
ART: Untitled (Natasha in a summer dress), by malaikat (Natasha, MCU). Tasteful, great coloring, and an unusually luxurious view of Natasha.
ART: Untitled (Natasha in #7), by mushroomtale-fanart (Natasha, MCU). Gorgeous digital painty-style (I am not artist) portrait of Natasha.
ART: Untitled (Bucky apologizes), by the-stonedsoldier (Natasha & Bucky, MCU). A drawble, pen on lined paper, but very cute :)
All the Young Graves Filled, by CryptoHomoRocker (Natasha, MCU). A hard read at times, but a very believable and in-character story of Natasha's upbringing as a trans woman.

Public Call Letter
Hello fellow Companion! WHo'd have thought I'd run into you here?

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Yuletide Letter
Hello Yulethor! Nice to meet you. Apparently we have something in common, that's always a nice way to break the ice.

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Best Laid Plans
Title: Best Laid Plans
Fandom: Avengers, Marvel Cinematic Universe
Rating: G
Characters/pairings: Tony/Natasha, Pepper
Warnings (including spoilers): None
Wordcount: 1,603 words
Author's note: Written for
rarepairfest 2016 for flipflop-diva, and inspired by a wonderful prompt from my friend h-c---n.
Summary: Tony isn't unhappy when he's informed he'll have to date the Black Widow to keep up his face to the media; in fact, he's looking forward to it. Too bad she isn't as interested as he is.

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